If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#406029 by Malika Sat Mar 07, 2020 1:19 pm
Hi everybody :-) I'm just arriving on this forum, thanks to the administrator who validated my inscription.

Today I am here because I would like to tell my story,

I have been first invited on instagram by a person saying to be called Antonio Jaroslaw Laurence, saying being from Jacksonville, Florida, and being working as a doctor for MSF in Aiden, Yemen.

Then he invited me on hanghout and a friendly discussion began.

But after 2 days discussion, he was soudainly so, so, so much in love with me, that he couldn't live without me anymore ! Because i am so sweet and lovely, you know ..

Because of his burning love, Antonio decided that he should to come to my home immediately, not waiting a day more, he wanted to marry me, do everything for me, help me for everything i have to do, be the man who would wake me up each day with a kiss, and help me to undress at evening .. and so on and so on.

The story came to a point, he was ready to travel, but wanted to send his stuff by courrier to my house before, so he could then travel with less luggage.

I pass details, at the begining, he told me about a little boy who's parents were killed by the rebels and for who he needed me to send money .. Then about a driver, driving a truck with food and medications for the MSF cam, the driver was captured and sequestred by the rebels and the people from MSF were looking for money to pay the rebels and free the man .. I never accepted to send money, asked him questions, found that he was weird, his stories were weird, he was strange .. I began after 2 days, having doubts about this person, I was suspicious, but I also found him kind. If he was really the man he said being, he was a lovely man ...

So I wanted to clear my bad feelings and told him about my doubts ... then he called me .. and I had a so charming person online ! This person seemed to be so cultivated, so kind and intelligent ...

I couldn't get out of my doubts, but I gave my address, telling me that if necessary, i would refuse the shipment.

He was happy, telling me again and again "honey I love you so much, I'm so happy to know i will be home with you within one week or maybe less "..

Then he said he sent an aid to a courrier service to ship a box with his stuff to my address ..
One day later, I received an email with a tracking number and a forwarder details ..
Two day later, a message arrived to my mail box, from this forwarder called Swiftcargo.

The forwarder was informing me, that this man box was blocked at turkish customs : The box was containing the passeport that my lover lost suddenly just the day before sending his box .. and the box was also containing .. a brick of gold - that he was also looking for of course .. The value of the gold, was .. over 70 000 Eur ! The courrier was saying, I was the only beneficiary of the shipment and should pay 7500 Eur to clear the customs, otherwise, i would have problems...

At this point, I stopped thinking with my heart, and felt able to use my brain again .. From the beginning, i knew this man was doing too much, too much, too much .. His story was so incredible, unbelievable from the beginning to the end ..and finally, I really understood that it was a scam.

So I did a few research, found that his IP address had already been signaled 2 times, also found that Swiftcargo was a fake website.

it is thanks to Scam Warners, that I found the solution to my problem.

I think this story is a little scary, because I'm sure someone can easily fall into the trap. Sometimes this Antonio Lawrence was doing too much, but sometimes, he did it really good, knowing how to manipulate and convince.

That's why I want to share my story .. maybe it will be useful for others.

I wonder if there is really no way to locate a scammer and have him arrested by the police.
I imagine not because they are well hidden in a distant country

So good weekend to everyone here :-)
Sorry if my story was long, and sorry if my english, I'm french

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