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#409893 by TheDarkShenax Thu May 07, 2020 4:42 pm
I selled an Pioneer DJ Controller for 220 euros to Sheila Gilroy . They send me fake mails via [email protected]

they will ask you to send them money via amazon gift cards

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Dear ,

We want to inform you about the transaction and we hope to read back from you at LLOYDS BANK Service. And once again thank you for your understanding and effort in making this transaction successful.

We want you to know that your money is now ready to be transferred to your bank account as dated,the money is now rotating in the Germany territory and ready to be credited to your account and again we will like you to know that an error as occurred in terms of deducting from Sheila Gilroy account the sum of €480.00 EUR instead of €280.00 EUR for the item been bought from you.

We just discovered today and Sheila Gilroy sent us a message telling us that he checked his account and found out that his money as been debited by €480.00 EUR instead of €280.00 EUR this is where the problem is now and he is busy sending us some mails telling us that his client is really annoyed with this,and we hope this will affect you too,and we don't want this to happen.This transaction can't be canceled any longer, the money as to be credited to your account and because of the error that occurred during the transaction now it as to be on pending till the error as been cleared.

So we are using this forum to let you know that the money cannot yet reflected into your account because of this systematical error and the money cannot be credited back to Sheila Gilroy account (€480.00 EUR) so we are pleading to you that you should return €200.00 EUR back to Sheila Gilroy by getting Amazon gift card and get back to us with the Amazon receipt and picture of the Amazon gift card, so can alert when we are done with this,we can make the transfer of the €480.00 EUR to your own bank account and the money will reflect immediately the error is cleared and resolved immediately your bank will alert and you can now cash your funds .

Hope you can read and understand us.Once again we are sorry for the inconvenient.
We hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for using LLOYDS Bank® Online Banking System (Auction Transfer). We look forward to serving you online with better services in the future.

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