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#412914 by Jeff Roddy Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:11 pm
Scammer's Phone number: ‪(631) 352-0935‬

Update1: This scammer attempted to contact me at a new number just now:
Transcript: Message by ‪(513) 901-3718‬:
Good morning bro hope you had a good night you need a puppy, Sunday, June 28 2020, 1:08 PM

They never gave me their address, but insist they are in Anderson. I'm half tempted to visit that area and call them, as I'll be near there next week, but as I'm certain they're not actually there it would be largely a wasted trip. They would most likely just give me an excuse as to why they can't be there, probably in the hopes that I'll give them money despite all the red flags.

This is a long conversation that took place over a long time period(12+ hours). I've removed timestamps.
The images they sent initially were just some random low quality pictures of poodle puppies probably ripped off FaceBook or Instagram. This is in response to a classified ad my wife and I placed online. As a result of this conversation, I've done some research into CashApp, which I've never used before. It appears CashApp has little to no security built-in for users, and doesn't really care about your money. What it boils down to is that if someone you don't know requests money via CashApp, it's probably a scam. If you actually send money this way, just about the only way to get it back is to contact your bank and open a fraud case with them. Often your bank will cancel the transaction on the bank's end, even when CashApp says there's no way to do so. This may very well leave CashApp in the hole, if your bank can do anything at all. CashApp doesn't even have any way to report scammers; it's likely they don't even care.

I've redacted my personal information, but left that of the scammer for posterity.

The first red flag in this conversation is that there is no community in Alaska named "Denali". There's a mountain(formerly Mount McKinley) and a State Park, but no towns.

The second is Carlile; a legitimate shipping company with no offices in the Denali tourism area. Carlile has a delivery schedule for Denali, but no offices there.

Third was actually via phone call. They told me they would ship via a company out of California. This is highly unlikely, as Denali is about halfway between Fairbanks and Anchorage on a highway with almost nothing else on it. These guys are obviously just googling stuff and throwing shit at the wall to see if anything sticks. Obviously an effective tactic, as they wouldn't keep doing it if they weren't successful.

Fourth red flag is requesting money via CashApp, which is basically an electronic version of Western Union.

Fifth red flag is how many times they called me(see below) when they thought they had a sure thing. Trying to reel in the money.

Sixth is how they tried to beg me, and make me feel bad; and then tried to offer a sweeter deal. Legitimate businesses have plenty of actual deals going, they don't need to offer you a 2 for one on a $1500 puppy.

Caveat Emptor; always verify the identity of anyone you're doing business with via a disinterested third party. I couldn't in this case, so this individual gets nothing.

Scammer: Hi
Scammer‬: attachment: Image
Scammer‬: Am a breeder
Scammer‬: attachment: Image
Scammer‬: The white want i would give to you the rest have been booked
Scammer‬: attachment: Image

Me: How much is she?

Scammer‬: 1500$,

Me: Can you ship her?

Scammer‬: Yeah for sure,
Scammer‬: I would need your full home address and gmail

Me: Are you in Anchorage?

Scammer‬: You would make a deposit 700$ then upon delivery you finish the balance
Scammer‬: Am in Denali that money incude all charges that i would pay for the delivery

Me: OK. How do you take payment? I am at [redacted]. I would gladly pay for shipping.

Scammer‬: Okay
Scammer‬: You have cash app
Scammer‬: Or zelle
Scammer‬: You know we need to round up the deal so i prepare every thing and confirm so i would prepare everything for the shipping please me mail your gmail
Scammer‬: Because when i register the pupp at the agency the delivery company would sent message to let you know it has been register

Me: [redacted email address]

Scammer‬: Okay
Scammer‬: Hope you have cash app
Scammer‬: So i can sent you my account
Scammer‬: Still waiting for you mr jeffrey
Scammer‬: I should sent my cash app account

Me: I haven't seen any emails yet.

Scammer‬: Nope how can there sent you email.just now bro i need to go and pay at their office so that they would register it
Scammer‬: You have never don shipping before
Me: Who is your shipping agency in Denali?

Scammer‬: Carlile shipping company

Me: Carlile doesn't have any offices in Denali…

Scammer‬: They got bro
Scammer‬: This is not my first time of doing this bro okay am not a kid if you dont believer fine,
Scammer‬: All i want is good home for my pet

Me: OK. Good luck.

Scammer‬: We talk about this already

Me: Yes

Scammer‬: You can have a particular shipping company because price fluctuate
Scammer‬: I gat look for a cheaper want which is reliable is not all about money okau

Me: I think its cool that you're raising poodles in a state park bro.

Scammer‬: Hmm
Scammer‬: So are you inn
Scammer‬: Just give me some minutes please let me attend to my wife

Me: Ok

Scammer‬: Denise Franklin
Scammer‬: Please add cash app before sending
Scammer‬: Sent me the screen
Scammer‬: Sorry for delay
Scammer‬: My wife is pregnant so she needed my attention
Scammer‬: Cash app: $Denisefrank1 Name Denise Franklin

Me: Ok.

Scammer‬: Please sent me screen shot
Scammer‬: Hi
Scammer‬: Any update

Me: Athii.

Scammer‬: Still waiting
Scammer‬: Not getting
Scammer‬: I did not understand you
Scammer‬: Any issue bro
Scammer‬: Just tell me

Me: Not yet. Just need some more time, but you're blowing up my phone.
(Scammer had called me a total of 13 times between the night before and this morning, sometimes multiple times inside of just a few minutes.)

Scammer‬: Am sorry about that sir
Scammer‬: Because you didnt tell me yoy need some time but no issue
Scammer‬: After you made the payment just sent me a screen shot and i also want you to receive your puppy on time

Me: So, where are you really? Obviously not on Mt Denali.

Scammer‬: Am not on mt Denali
Scammer‬: Am in Anderson 1st Street 99744
Scammer‬: Are you there
Scammer‬: If anything keep me.posted

Scammer‬: Hi
Scammer‬: Hello good morning
Scammer‬: How was your night hope its was good
Scammer‬: Sir i dont know what is going but atleast talk to me so i can know your situation , because i have already arrange all the her things and am waiting but for you .i think we have round up the discusion but you are not resoonding to me neither are you picking my calls too

Me: I can't buy your pet. Sorry.
Scammer‬: Really
Scammer‬: Am sorry if i made you angry
Scammer‬: I know have mount you pressure okay i would deduct 100$ to compensate you for the disturbances

Me: No.

Scammer‬: I know i have made you angry am really sorry bro
Scammer‬: Just that my wife is pregnant so i wanted to give the puppy out so i could a little cash to take her to the hospital
Scammer‬: Am truely sorru forgive me my poor manner
Scammer‬: Just give me your condition

Me: No.

Scammer‬: You are mad at me
Scammer‬: Forgive me bro
Scammer‬: Okay give me 1000 for the puppy please
Scammer‬: Or you want i can give two of them for the 1500$
Scammer‬: I would give you a male and female or tell me the condtion you want

Me: No.

Scammer‬: Can call you so you can explain to me your reason boss

Me: Tell you what. Ship the puppy to me, and I'll pay you after.

Scammer‬: Where would i get the money to ship the puppy boss am been honest and real,
Scammer‬: To is okay i cant keep begging you if you dont want i cant force you i have tried to make you feel good with the price if you dont have the complete money tell me i can still leave the balance to you and anytime you have you sent it to me rather than you making me to feel like a bad person

Me: OK. If you can't do it, no problem. Have a wonderful day.

Scammer‬: Same to you sir

(2 minutes later)
Scammer‬: Okay let do is this way sent 400 so i would use to sent the pet then after recieving you would give me 1100 at thing is a great deal now

Me: No. You asked me to tell you what I want. I gave you my conditions. You said you can't do it. Have a nice day.

Scammer‬: You are not serious
Scammer‬: You are fake yeah i think so
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#412925 by AlanJones Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:08 pm
Please post the email addresses, websites and phone numbers that the scammer is using. Those are the things that other victims will be searching for.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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