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#417558 by Rsargent Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:09 am
Shirley James here is her email [email protected] claims to be a major but uses Sgt Sherri Gallagher's picture, Here is the letter I received today.
How are you? I want to thank you so much for taking your time to contact me. My friend was here to visit “ Darul Aman “ , it’s called a place of peace here in Afghanistan and that’s how I could see your profile because we spent some time together.
I mean absolutely no disrespect by the way you were contacted. It was my only option because we are not allowed access to any social media or dating site for now because of the war here in Afghanistan. Let me quickly write a little about myself before I go out.
I’m an Irish woman by birth but a US citizen for about 27 years, I’m 50 years old and as you already know I am a soldier. I’m presently in Afghanistan for peacekeeping, I have been with the U.S. Military for 25 years now and my rank is Major. I lost my husband five years ago, and I have a beautiful daughter named Faith, she is 15 years old and she is living and studying in Dublin Ireland. I have a fully employed nanny who looks after her when she’s on holidays and I’m on deployment.
l like swimming, listening to music, reading, watching football and playing golf but I have not done any of that in years since I lost my husband cause all I do now is work, work and care for my daughter. I do not want a chance to feel lonely.
That is pretty much all I can think about for now. Please, do not let the distance bother you because it’s temporary. I'd like us to have good communication based on honesty and see where it leads, I'm optimistic that it will get somewhere good.
Attached are pictures of mine, don’t have access to much now but will send more as soon as I can. Please send me a picture or more of yours, so I can get to see your handsome face again.
Best regards

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