If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#421926 by grimrah Tue Dec 29, 2020 1:39 pm
Scammer Info
name: Agent Benson Colbert
organization: World Bank/Federal Government/Alkermes Inspiration(images in fake documents)
email: [email protected]
phone: (725) 465-1385


Recently my mom was the target of a covid-19 relief fund scam that started on facebook. She received some messages from a friend of a friend who's account may have been compromised. These messages promised money for covid-19 relief that she could apply for.

She has given them some of her personal info name/phone/address/date of birth/gender/marital status/income via some image form sent via e-mail. This image had the Alkermes Inspiration logo on it.

She is worried about having her identity stolen. I got worried at this point and looked at the e-mail/documents closer and found IP in the e-mails was from Lagos, Nigeria and most likely a scam and for sure not to buy any gift cards for them. Shortly following they asked for steam/ebay gift cards(but not for any specific amount).

I will include what I think are the copy/pastes from their conversation in the hope that it helps others avoid this scam.

She has requested that I not reveal the identity of her friend's facebook that sent her the initial messages, but would like me to share her story to help anyone else that may be tempted by this offer.

Update: They have started sending her videos of what I can only assume are people getting their relief money(I will block/report them in gmail soon). It also has the new sender "RCF Richland County Foundation" but same e-mail address.

Facebook Messages

The World Bank in Partnership with the Federal Government of the United States Released a sum of 1 TrillionUSD COVID-19 RELIEF FUNDS for the citizens of the United States.The relief fund is to help boost back the economy and get each and every citizen back on their feet. This is specifically for all citizens both old and young,disabled and non disabled,those who are in Quarantine and those who are not Pay their Bills,Buy new home,Start up new business and even going back to school And also helping raise their children not excluding the old,disable and retired people.

This is a new program I got $110,000 delivered to me when I apply for it and you don’t have to pay it back you can also apply as well
think it’s part of life opportunity All you have to do is to mail the claim agent in charge to claim yours also, Here is the agent Agent Benson Colbert Email him at covid19relieffundclaim[email protected] send the short code "RELIEF FUNDS" as a subject and tell him that you want to claim the Covid19 relief fund money ..Mail him immediately before it gets too late or text him on (725) 465-1385 and keep me posted online.


You have to be honest with me so that i can help you get your COVID-19 RELIEF FUND. You will have to fill some information's now so that we can proceed.

You will have to type this information out via mail here one after the other because your information will be verified and saved into our database system so that your COVID-19 RELIEF FUND money will not be delivered to the wrong person.


kindly confirm that the information you provided about you are 100% real and correct information about you because we will verify it and if found not accurate you might be disqualified from claiming this COVID-19 RELIEF FUND completely. Kindly let us

know if you want to make any changes and make the changes before we have your information forwarded to our Online Information
And Record Department (OIRD). Thank you

I want you to write out your
Full Name
Zip Code
Text Number (Phone)
Date of Birth
Male or Female
Monthly Income .
Get back to me as soon as possible madam.
Thanks Agent Benson Colbert.

Several images were attached here one with Alkermes Inspiration logo. And one that looked like a diploma with
Covid-19 Relief Fund logos and a list of things you could get money for.

Congratulation, We have verified your information and it shows that you qualified to receive COVID-19 RELIEF FUND Your application was forwarded to our delivery department after the due processing by the administrative department,it shows that you are qualify to receive the FUNDS

Check the area of COVID-19 RELIEF FUND benefit you are interested in below:

You are to choose what you want to use the money for among the above list sent to you.

You can pay it by buying steam wallet gift card or Ebay gift card at your nearest store and send it to me if you want your money to be deliver to you tomorrow.

2. You can pay it by sending the fee to our cashier through bank cash deposit but it will take you next week before you get your money deliver to you at your door step because our cashier's are not available for now. They are busy delivering some winnings to our beneficiaries.

These Are Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Pay The CLEARANCE AND DELIVERY FEE.

1. It's For The Security And Safety Of Your Money. 
2. It's Exempts You From Paying Anymore Tax To The Government When You Get The Money. 
3. You Won't Be Questioned At All By The Authorities On How You Get Such Amount Of Money It Has All Been Settled By Us, So The Fedex Delivery Men Will Come To Your Doorstep. Your COVID19 RELIEF FUND PROGRAM Will Be Delivered To You In Cash Not Check.

Your COVID19 RELIEF FUND PROGRAM news must be keep secretive and confidential from third party, This is strictly for security reasons to avoid double claims or robbery case against the delivery of our grant fund, So as to ensure safe handling delivery of the acclaimed COVID19 RELIEF FUND PROGRAM.

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