If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#422843 by scammed_and_broke Thu Jan 28, 2021 10:17 am
Hello everyone,

Recently I have fallen victim to a phone scam and lost all my money. After some research on the internet, I found some comments on a couple of scam-identification websites that possibly belong to the actual scammers. I was wondering if it is possible to track their IP addresses?

Thanks in advance

#422849 by AlanJones Thu Jan 28, 2021 10:59 am
I'm sorry to hear that you were scammed, but you are not going to be able to find or identify the scammers.

You are unlikely to get a real IP address for them and even if you do, they will most likely be located overseas and the IP address will just give you a vague location that could be miles from where they are located and will be the IP address of their ISP.

The best thing you can do is report the scam to your local police.

You should also be wary of anyone claiming that they can get your money back for you. They can't, they will just try to scam you as well by charging upfront fees.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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