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#437044 by Lane.caddo Sun Nov 27, 2022 6:21 pm
Failure to complete procedures & Monetization of Bank Letter
Front Fee Scam

November 15, 2022

Company: Savoy-Fairchild Holdings LLC

Registered Corporate Address: 1740 H Dell Range Blvd.
Suite 281
Cheyenne, Wy. 82009
(Incorporated 12 June 2018)

(Previously incorporated 23 January 2008 in Nevada which was permanently revoked listing D. L. Clifton as manager)

Personal: Sonja Copeland-Brumfield (Ms. S. C. Brumfield) Managing Member
Passport #: xxxxx5406 USA Expires: 01/08/2030 (Attached)
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 310-743-6137

Associate: Tom Brumfield (husband?)
Same email address & telephone number

Associate: D. L. Clifton (possibly related by previous marriage)

Address for Bank Wire Information: Wells Fargo Bank-Park Central Branch
Phoenix, AZ. 85041
Sonja C. Brumfield
Savoy Fairchild Holdings LLC
2214 W. Magdalena Lane
Phoenix, AZ. 85041

Savoy-Fairchild Holdings LLC (SF) received $10,000 USD by bank wire transfer on August 15, 2022, from Caddo Texas Exploration LLC for an initial fee for obtaining a $500 Million USD bank letter as collateral in funding a project with an additional four percent commission paid at closing.

SF presented/obtained a “Block Funds Letter” from T. C. Ziraat Bankasi, A. S. located in Ankara, Turkey.
I requested that SF locate a monetizer for the monetization of the bank letter. The persons involved in the arranging of a monetizer was Sonja C. Brumfield, Tom Brumfield and D. L. Clifton of SF.

The monetizer and underwriter negotiated numerous times with Sonja C. Brumfield, Tom Brumfield &
D. L. Clifton to provide necessary communication with Ziraat bank regarding SWIFT wire fees and procedures. SF failed to perform and provide any services required to move monetization forward. Monetizer offered SF a payment of $500,000 USD to send email requesting communications regarding communications and fees. Monetizer requested SF to open communications notifying Ziraat Bank that the monetizer would cover all SWIFT wire expenditures.

Sonja C. Brumfield, Tom Brumfield and D. L. Clifton delayed this project for almost two months. Monetizer and underwriter cancelled due to cooperation and non-performance by Savoy Fairchild Holdings LLC.

Tom Brumfield would answer phone but always a “put off” about Sonja Brumfield communicating and conducting business with monetizer.
Possible issues with Ziraat Bank letter including non-working telephone numbers, no email address and possible cut and pasting of bank letter information.

Demand letter was sent for return of $10,000 on October 20, 2022, and a reminder on October 23, 2022. No communication has been received to date from SF.

I have attached SF brochure my broker received.
I will add more to this report upon communication with the Bank Issuer of bank letter at a later date.

Do not conduct any business with Sonja Copeland-Brumfield of Savoy-Fairchild Holdings as she will not perform, communicate and move monetization forward.

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