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#115489 by Adam Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:39 am
Hello readers

I am Adam from Tunisia.
I am writing this to warn everybody of this horrible scam about gold bars from someone called General Abdullah Sable (or General Abdullah Sallam or Dr Youssef Sable etc .... they use many fake names). He says he is from Ghana. Anyway, this is how the story goes.

Initially I got an email from [email protected]
Dear Brother
I was born to a Muslim family in Accra Ghana April 22, 1940… I retired from the Military and became a civilian 1996… In the year 1998 I became a commissioner for geology and mining working in the Industries and Mines Department… I am presently working as an ambassador for United Nations.
There are many scammers and thief on the internet because I was scammed several times when I retired from the Military even thought I am an Ambassador to United Nations and a retired Army General. I have learnt not to trust any person on the internet.
I trust you as a friend and a brother… but I want you and me to make arrangement on how we can see each other on Cam through the computer… after we have see ourselves on Cam then we can discus further on other confidential issues for our mutual benefit.
Yours Sincerely,
This was then followed by a series of emails where this General Abdullah made a proposal of me 'keeping' some gold for him here in Tunisia and then we sell it together and I will get 10% of these millions. I said I was interested as long as there is no risk on me and I will not pay anything. This was the message I received:

Dear Brother
[color=#0040FF][i]I told the authorities am going to pay all the charges including the insurance here in England, I was notified you should send 4,500 usd (ONLY) to England through Western Union to enable your name appear here in the office before I will be permitted to pay the complete charges here in London England.
Attached is a photo of raw Gold… I want you to make it known to me you are capable to send 4,500 usd (ONLY)
through Western Union to London England to enable me contact the authorities to send me the details where you are going to send the money.[/i][/color]=======================================

#115499 by Adam Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:25 am
NIGERIAN GOLD SCAM - General Sable - PART 2 continued ...
The scammer kept pushing for 4,500 usd which they claim is required has to be paid in accordance to International Gold Policy (IGP) to enable the Authorities create necessary files for the transport of the gold from England to Tunisia. I refused to pay this money .. so they continued to put pressure to pay other charges ... the next amount was USD 1670 to be sent via Western Union to this information:
FLORENCE ONOKHUA London England Tel: +447031870701

This time I was an idiot and I paid it. The General Abdullah told me that they are sending the gold with the British Royal Air Force through to the Tunisian military in a super secure deal etc .. it all sounded very serious and impressive. I was contacted by the their female 'captain' upon arrival who was arranging delivery to me - she asked for money to make international phonecalls and to clear the shipment with the authorities ... strongly pushing for it - with the support of the general from England through e-mail. This is when I suspected that it is too much. I talked to my brother who said it is of course a scam and I should not receive anything from these people since they are criminals and the bag will probably contain something illegal ... or they will use it for blackmail later on.

But I decided to call their bluff ... refused to pay any more money and waited for the delivery - of course the gold never came ... they just kept coming up with more excuses and asking for money (I did pay some small amounts just to see if it will stop) ... but i got nothing - it was all a big SCAM!!!

They even used the name of Allah and Quran to swear that they are real people looking for business and not scammers ... and swearing that picture of Swiss Gold they sent to me is authentice. I am stupid for believing all this ... so this is a warning for everybody else .... DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING ABOUT GOLD OR ABDULLA SABLE OR DR THIS OR THAT - IT'S ALL A SCAM ... THEY INVENT LOTS OF FAKE NAMES .... AND NEVER EVER TRANSFER ANY MONEY THROUGH WESTERAN UNION - IT WILL ALWAYS BE A SCAM. THESE ARE CRIMINALS - DO NOT TRUST THEM.
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