Room for Rent and other rental scams
#94810 by Lauwer Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:20 am
This guy is very active in the Netherlands as well, he keeps posting several scams per day in Amsterdam. I found this forum by searching on the emailaddress [email protected], which is a 'previous tenant who just moved to the US', according to him. His advertisements are recognisable as he uses the same words all the time and the apartments are just too good to be true for what it costs. Also he uses google translate often to make Dutch languaged advertisements, but they are recognisable because its non-readable Dutch.
If you respond to one of the advertisements, you'll get a long story as a reply, that he/she lives in London for work or study, and that the keys will be sent by mail, blabla.
Also the pics he uses are often obviously not taken by himself but taken from a website or googlemaps.

I really hope you'll get your money back in some way soon!

#94915 by Bubbles Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:53 am
Welcome to ScamWarners Lauwer and thank you for posting up this additional information on this scammer. It helps keep the information current.

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

Rest in Peace 24 June 2015.

Gone, but never forgotten.
#96085 by fox Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:25 am
My name is Nancy Wink & I came across this site whilst browsing my name, I looked into it further & found that someone has frauded my details - Name & passport due to a copy of proof I had to email years ago. Please know that that person who is doing this horrible stuff has stolen my id. I own no home & dont like share rentals.
When I spoke to the cops, they mentioned its usually a scammer who advertises for a tenant or sells a product from overseas & then uses the id given at purchase or at the signing of lease.
They then recycle the person they have scammed or plain use their id at a latter date.
Due to being outside of Australia the police cant do anything about it!!!!!
#97949 by chicaboom Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:46 am
Aiya wrote:Guys, you arent gonna believe that I was scammed as well... Originally I am from Central Asia, but I am studying in Italy. So, as my summer holidays were going to finish, I began to look for an apartment for staying during my coming back Italy for school. I registered in one web-site, and then received some e-mails. One of them I found truly interesting: beautiful room in the center of town, with all conditions, +bills included, parking, private bath room, and the price was so good! That is why I decided to get this room. The owner - Alexandra Galasso, 22 y.o. female, [email protected], sent me an e-mail, the same e-mail which was sent to Toybox! At that time I didnt know about all this stuff, and just was doing everything she said me. Of course first time I suspected her, but after getting her scanned passport I was sure that everything was fine. She said that I have to send her the deposit in amount of 600 euro and rent for 1st month living, 400 euro, totally 1000 euro. I said that I would send her 400 euro, and would hand her myself the deposit, when I come to the room myself. She said that then I'd better send the deposit first, and would hand another 400 euro at the time of coming. I agreed. She also told me the same story about her faher death and her mom's living in UK, that is why I wasnt chocked with her "good english", cuz actually Italian guys do not speak English well... So, I just went to Western Union office and sent her mom 600 euro (she said that mom is the owner of the flat, thats why I had to send the money to UK, where mom's living), then I gave her all information. She said she would send me the keys and contract to my country by post as soon as her mom get money, after that I have never received any mail from her. I mailed her one million two thousand times, but there is no any reply! After two weeks of muting, I took my laptop and carefully began to check all information through google. Actually I had done it before sending money, but there wasnt any bad information, seems I wasnt so careful, but when I did it second time when money already was sent, I wrote in goole the adress in UK, where I sent money (Saffron Hills blah blah blah), as a result I found you guys! OMG, I didnt want to believe to my eyes! I was sure that Alexandra left Italy and couldnt reply me or may be had holidays, cuz I know how much Italian guys are lazy (Scuza mi Italiani... Sorry, Italians, but its true). But now I know everything... The worst thing that I study in Europe through Internation Program of my Country, and the government pays for my utilities, cuz for me its impossible to pay such money, so, I took that goddamned 600 euro from the government, and now the government will not give me money for first 2 months, cuz I already took them! It means that I will be hungry in stranger country for 2 months! I have no idea what to do... The money which I have earned in the summer time is so poor for living in Italy for two months! I dont know what to do... I have never wished and done something bad to anyone, and now I dont know why it happend to me? Do I deserve it? Just know one thing that God will punish that person so hard! I am even not sure if I can go to police, they never pay attention to foreigners... Is there any authority, which could help me?...

Aiya i am so sorry for what happened to you but i'm thankful I found this place because right now she sent me a similar mail about transfering her money and i would never pay or transfer any money in advance so it was a bit suspicious to me was so i decided to ggogle her and look what I found. she responded to my add and i am also searching for a room for my transfer study. she asked me to give her 300 for rent and 300 for deposit. yeah right.... and she uses a real persons name...did anyone cocntact the real Alexandra Galasso and told her?
this is her second email from scam account [email protected]

Thanks for your mail. My apartment has 2 rooms and a living room,so i use one room while other is for rent and there is also a visitor room in the apartment,which I used as guest room.I have scanned the pictures of my apartment and you should find them below; the living room,bathroom and toilet that is in the rooms that I have for rent and would be for your private use and also pictures of the Kitchen where we deal with our stomach...!!!:). I have talk to my family lawyer about the security deposit and he has reduce the amount to 300euro which I believe that will be perfect for both parties.

The rent for the apartment for all of you is 300€ while you would also make a security deposit of 300€. This deposit would be refunded to you at the end of your stay in the apartment if nothing is destroyed during your stay. Before we proceed though,there are some conditions and rules and I would like us to decide on and it just requires your consent and afterwards we can proceed with the contract and for you to reserve the room and to move in soon:

1.You shall sign a document ( Tenement Agreement Document) confirming that the room has been reserved for you and thereafter you can then make your payment for the reservation and also for your immediate move in following the contract.

2.You shall have to read the agreement contract which i shall send to you firstly as an attached mail before you make your payment.

For the document to be prepared successfully, I would be needing the following details:

(1) Your Full Name

(2) Your move in and out date:

(3) Your current address and also the address where you would like the keys to the apartment,the Original copy of the contract and also the receipt of payment sent to after confirmation of payment from my family lawyer, which you shall sign and bring along with you when moving in finally as my room mate

(4) Your scanned ID passport for identification..

I hope you quite understand me and everything?

There is a gas heating and evaporative cooling. Other amenities include ADSL2 +, fridge, microwave, gas stove, dishwasher, HD TV, and also washing machine in the apartment for the laundry needs and also to the apartment has a car park....Infact,it has being allotted two car spaces.

I wait to read from you soonest to continue the contract and further details about the documents towards having you as my room mate.

Your Flatmate!

and her first email
Thanks for your mail, I can reserve the room for you until the day of your move in but only if you show me how serious you need the room. I have other offer who is also interested in the room but I think we will be a perfect match (flatmate) and I would love to give the room to you. My apartment is a Two bedroom apartment located on Via Bernardo Rucellai, 50, 50123 Firenze, Italy to be precise and I am looking for tenants for one of the rooms in the apartment. The apartment belongs to my Mother although she got it from my father after the demise of my Father last year.

The apartment is fully furnished and also the rooms am renting out so you might not need to come with any other furniture but if you intend coming with any stuff, let me know alright?... The apartment has a heating system, water, parking space, security, Electricity, Gas, Phone, Internet Connectivity (Broadband), You would have free and unlimited access to the kitchen, the store room, the guest room, and all areas and part of the house except my room of-course... :) You are also entitled to your own visitors.

The two rooms has the same amenities and are of the same size. The rent for the apartment and also the cost of the utility bills is 300€. Once again, this includes the cost of the utilities as earlier mentioned. The apartment is centrally located and is just some minutes walk to the nearest bus station and also you would have easy and fast access to other locations.

You would also be required to pay a security deposit as is the custom, the security deposit would be refunded to you at the end of your stay in the apartment if nothing is destroyed by you during your stay in the apartment. The deposit is 400€. About Me: My Name is Alexandra Galasso I am a 25 year old Female. I am the only child of my parents and I live alone in this apartment.This apartment used to be my family apartment till when my Dad moved us all to London where he eventually passed away but I alone stay here in the apartment and have being renting it out for sometime now. My last flatmate left for Italy last week hence my search for new flatmates.

I am calm and laid-back person and my hobbies are reading, swimming and also at times on Fridays/weekend, I attend social events but I have not being having the opportunity dues to my work to hang out with my friends. I work as a marketing officer and when I am free I go to the pool to relax my mind and also unwind. I also visit the gym to keep fit at times.. ;)
Let me also know more about you because I believe it is essential that we get to know each other before we become flatmates. I shall be glad to send you pictures and also the contract so that we can conclude and be good flatmates.

I await to read your response.

#101640 by aws10 Sat May 12, 2012 6:52 pm
OMG... if it weren't for this blog i would've been a scam victim. Before i cancelled my summer trip, I was looking for a place to stay in Spain this summer and found this really nice apartment. I contacted the announcer with the mail [email protected] ... He is a total fraud, he even sent me pictures of the place (which of course i googled them and found a whole different website with a different owner) he sent me the following:
Thanks for your response, I am Richard Ippisch the owner of the flat you are making inquiry of. I used to stay in the flat not until i left for London for a construction job (I'm a construction engineer) I will be in London for few years so presently my flat is much available for rent and all utilities included, it is furnished and i don't mind "PETS". Hope you understand that it is not the rent that is my problem but i want you to keep it tidy at all times, hope we have an understanding. I want a tenant i can trust so i will ask for you to tell me more about yourself. Also how long do you intend to stay?"

He asked me for my current address and other details about me. Naively, i sent him the info he needed. Later he sent me this:
"I am extremely happy that we have come to the end of the whole processes of the rental protocols and i have thus attached the rental agreement contract copy for you to read and
understand the terms and conditions before you can go ahead and make the payment.
Immediately you receive this copy, and have understood all clauses indicated therein, you are to transfer the said amount within 48hrs by western union money transfer to whose information appears in the contract and for verification purposes, i state it again below:
Receiver's name:MARK ALEX
60-66 Saffron hill
England, United Kingdom
Immediately the payment is done,you are to get back to me with your payment details such as..."

Thanks for posting about this scam. there is no way he's scamming me or other people. PEOPLE, RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING ANY MONEY TRANSFERS!!!
#103821 by Veronique Tue May 22, 2012 6:33 pm
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the warning. I am looking for a flat in Barcelona at the moment and just responded to an add for rental from [email protected]. This seems to come from the same person. Be careful! Unfortunately I have already given them my details (name, address, age, my profesional website as I thought they were genuine). No payment made though (thank god!). Does anyone know if they could do anything with this information? A few people on this forum have me scared now with their stories of ID being used. What info do they use to do that?

#111976 by sarden Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:50 am
Hi All,
I register in here to give another scammer (I almost fall into it, thanks God I'm not). I looking for a room in, suddenly i found her room at river valley with price 570 (include utilities)/month. I directly email her and ask about the info. Her name is Tan Jing Wen. seems new right?

Here is her first email.
My dear lovely potential flatmate, thanks for your prompt response regarding my posted ad and how was your night sleep and everything over there with you, let me take a little time to tell you something about myself, the room & its amenities, price and conditions to rent.

Why i am renting:
I live in a 4 bedrooms flat like i told you but the 2 rooms vacant which i am offering for rent is because my previous flatmates are through with there activities and work here and has gone back to there respective states and i have only one tenant presently who uses one of the rooms but left to her Country last week after using 2 weeks into the flat because of her mother health condition and has promised to return next month ending and she really need someone to share the place with someone soonest due to the loneliness she has been going through in the flat,that's why we brought the price so low regarding to all the amenities into the rooms.So, i need people who are fun to be with, people whom we could share times and moments together,not just minding your business or going into your room after the day....but you can always have your private time and affair if you so wish and desire.

About myself
I am a young lady who was born here .My name is Tan jing . I'm currently doing my masters in risk finance after work and this makes me return home late but can't stop having fun when its necessary. I am an accountant and thus work for s brooking firm here and also a consultant,so this makes me travel often which is the mere reason why i need and search good people as flatmates so i will be rest assured that my flat is in safe hands in my absence.You'll have free and unlimited access to all part of the apartment, the Kitchen, the living room except my room :)) Your visitor are always welcome.

I got my first degree at London School of Economics, i worked in Paris as a senior accountant in a brooking firm before i went to the Barcelona to take a 3 months course in public marketing and to learn the Spanish cultures and languages.Did my internship with JT Morgan in New York in am living presently in London .what else can i say..i think when we have a will hear more..

I have a room for rent. The price is 570$ and monthly utilities charges (Inclusive of council tax and internet charges) and a security deposit of 1000$
Rent per month...........570$
Security deposit..........1000$

NB: The security deposit is refundable upon verification of the room which you rented to be in good order during your last day of move out from my apartment.

Immediately i confirm your interest and knowing some things about you,I shall send to you the current pictures of your room and my flat in general with the kitchen and other pictures aswell before we proceed with the necessary details to prepare the tenement contract necessary for your move in.

Yours sincerely,
Tan Jing

here is my reply
Hi Tan Jing..
How are you today? How is your weekend?

I also agree with you. Honestly I'm new in Singapore. So still find for some friends to have a chit chat for just some fun. Going back to her country? which country if you don't mind to tell me? I hope her mother will get healthy in this end of month of before this end of month.

opps... I'm sorry. I thought you are a guy.. But today I just read your mail and you say "I am a young lady".. Damn. I got a heart attack in the morning. It's really wake me up 100%.. lol
Should i call you ms? or just call your name? :)

You have a great story about yourself. and you must be a great consultant in finance. When do you get your master degree?

About me

I will wait for the photos for your flat in general and the room. Thanks.
Enjoy your weekend. Cheers!

her second email
hanks for your response.Am only interested in any one who is serious in becoming my flat mate as so many people has been contacting me concerning this remaining 2 rooms but i believe in first to pay and he/she will get the keys for immediate move in or reservation.Below are the recent photos of which i took from the apartment and hope you'll like them.The rent per room is still 570$,and you'll also make a deposit of 1000$ which will be refunded back to you at the end of your stay in the apartment if nothing is been destroyed after your stay in the flat.

The transportation system is quiet good as it is in a good location near train stations and bus stations too,it's also close to good cinema and grocery stores where you can shop for household items.The Apartment is lockedup for now because of the absent of the the lady i told you about because she left without telling me as she called and said it was Emergency and she also refuse to leave the keys to outsider as she explained that all her Certificate and cridentials and other valubale items which she mentioned to me are in the flat and wont want to lose them at the end of the day.

I would like to link you up with the lady has already moved in as you can verify things from her if you wish to know get any kind of avidence from her if you want.([email protected])Feel free to Contact her if you wish to before proceeding with me if you want Her name is Jacqueline.

Flat Amenities
A small fridge in each room
A big freezer in the kitchen
Each room has a big wardrobe
TV connected to a cable
Standard bed capable of sleeping two people
Private toilet and bathroom for each room
Washer/dryer for you laundry needs
Air-condition and fire place to keep the room cool and warm
Gas cooker and micro wave oven available in the kitchen

Utilities included in the rent:
Gas refill
Electricity bill
Parking space

There is also a washer and dryer in the apartment laundry needs,adequate parking.The 570$ monthly rent includes all the bills and services in this apartment because am not renting this remaining rooms out for the money sake rather because of my absent in the flat and i want good fellows who can take good care of the place in my absent as their's,that's what made us to bring the whole thing so cheap and affordable.

The details for the Contract which will be forwards to my Lawyer for him to prepare the Contract and the documents in your name.

(1)Your move in date......(2)Your move out date.....
(3)Number of Month/Month's you would want to pay for at the moment....
(6)Your full name........(7)Your phone number.....
(8)Full address where you would want me to send the keys and the documents for your move in to after the confirmation of your paymemt as i have told you above.....
(9)Your id scan for identifications.....

You're to read the contract agreement that will be send to you carefully before sigining to avoid making a mistake at the end of the day.

The apartment is located at:226A River Valley Rd, Singapore 238284

I'll be coming back to share the place with you guys after my Exams.

I've to drop now and wait to read from you while you have a pleasant moment and God bless,


Then I also send an email to her "FAKE" flatmat. her name is jacqueline besteman. her email is [email protected]. after I send email to jacqueline, she replied me like this.
Hi friend

My name is Jacqueline, i was so surprise to read from you , i was wondering how you got my email after reading your mail i came to understand that you got my email from Tan Jing wen my landlord, but all the same, i appreciate your concern about reading me here. Wow Tan Jing is a nice girl and a fun person to be with, with the look of things,I intend to move in back next month ending due to my Mother's health Condition, because i believe that my Mother will be better soon ok.I speak Dutch as i came from Holland, i;m 21 years Old But i study English in my formal University and i will stay for 9month and in fact i really enjoy dealing with Tan Jing Family. The apartment is so amazing, and Beautiful , i really enjoy the flat alot and i feel so lonely and i really want someone to come and Join me here, so are you coming over to Join me here ,guess you are a student , and which country are you coming from , i m from Dutch land , and i like to stay with different country men and woman so that i can learn there Language as well.

I will advice you to rent the apartment because it is neat and clean,and very close to Public transport system, is a very Nice location and i really enjoyed my stay over there and also i really need someone who can share that place with me, because it is Big enough and the rooms and really nice and Big as well and i enjoy the new appliance that she fit in there Recently,Everything is really New there,and Park too , beside there was a Guy that rented it for just one month and he has finished his stay here and he has gone back to turkey,and i m the only one left there Now, but i m in my country and i will be returning back soon like i said before I wish to meet you also we can know each other more..Do you have a pet??i would like you to come with it,because i Love pets, if you don;t mind. and also tan jing and family are very Kind and Nice to me , which i have made family relationship with them and they Love the way i Keep the apartment so Neat and clean, Guess her mother is very happy about it, and i would Like to see her Mother too,Guess she is a Nice woman like her daughter,i Need to making other research with the Internet for now ok i will check my mail later to see if i have any mail from you, can;t wait to see you in Tan Jing apartment, Please can we share pictures together. i wanna Know you Ok and it is really fun here, Guess it easy Life over here...i m so sorry for my Late reply ok.


The scammers who called her self Tan Jing keep asking me to send the money online. But i refuse. I say nobody want to rent a room before see the room first. She also said like this.
Thanks for your mail , and i'm a Little bit slow for my Reply , Please i Just want to let you know that everything i Mention in my Mail is available in my apartment ok ,and as for Viewing i would Like you to come and View the apartment , but right now i m not around as i have mentioned on my previous mail , and the other Girl i don;t think she is back yet , because the last time i speak with her , she told me she is still talking care of Her Mother , Being the Only girl she is , so Pleasei want to know How serious you are in Moving into our apartment , and if not , please do let me know so that i can welcome others ok , and also i woild Like to seal up everything with you here asap drafting the Lease contract as soon as you have provided your details for it , and also i have talked to my mother about the payment , and she said that you can make Half payment of the total Money and when you Receive the Key and other document that Legalied you as a Bonefied flatmate of Mine, and you Must have Moved in then , you can send your Balance payment to us , Please kindly fill in this so that we can seal up everything here.

Your move in date......
Your move out date.....
Number of Month/Month's you would want to pay for at the moment....
Your full name........
Your phone number.....
Full address where you would want me to send the keys and the documents for your move in to after the confirmation of your paymemt as i have told you above.....
Your id scan for identifications.....

i look forwarding sealing the Deal with you soonest.

I get mad because this seems fake to me. But I'm still calm, and reply her patiently.. I try to get away for sending money, I say I dont have a bank account, how can i send the money. why dont we meet up first in the public area, and you guide me to your place. After see your place, i pay you, you give the key, and its done.
She keep try telling me to send the money online. I always ask her, when she will come back to Singapore.
almost forgot, she also say she in London now. Her family is also at london. this is the last email from her.
She said she doesnt want to talk with me again, because I yelled and get angry at her at email, but after that i say sorry. what a pity i think whenever I say sorry to her. But now i think she deserved my yelled and angry. LOL

Thanks for your mail, well i really understand your mail , and also you are afraid making payment without seeing someone , well guess i don;t really want to talk to you anymore , but i can see how interested you are in my apartment , well i can tell you to make half payment through western union money transfer to London , and we have the keys and other document that enable you as my potential flatmate, but before we go into this , we need to draft out a contract lease that enable you as my flatmate, so please provide me with your details.


I ever try to view the location by myself, and i go to river valley. I found the flat. But the flat is not belong to her, its belong to someone and I already ask the real owner. DAMN. Thanks God, I make a conclusion by myself. She is a scammers. And this morning I read this forum (thanks to my girlfriend for search), i can guarantee 100%, she is a scammers. Be ware guys, alot of scammers right now.
Never trust people who want to rent a room and tell you have to pay first. Its not a logic, we must see the room first before we rent. Thats all i need to say.

The funniest thing is, I send my own picture to jacqueline and tan jing. damn. jacqueline also send her pic to me. This is her pic.
Uploaded with


Uploaded with


Uploaded with

seems like London is the most powerful residence for her.
#127293 by hyperren Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:08 am
I contacted (and was contacted back) by "Frank Alex" and "Paul Klassen." Didn't think much of it at the start, until I got the second email, and red flags were raised.


I haven't replied to either message, and I haven't sent them any personal details, so that's good. Any ideas on what I can or should do next...? Cheers.
#127304 by Bubbles Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:36 am
Welcome to ScamWarners hyperren . The best thing you can do is stop communicating with this scammer / criminal. Nothing good comes from keeping in touch with a scammer.

Thank you for posting this information for others to find.

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

Rest in Peace 24 June 2015.

Gone, but never forgotten.
#138236 by Aurelia Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:59 am
I found an apartment in the rent is only 700 for a gorgeous 2 room flat and the 700 includes all utilities. When i messege the owner using his personal e-mail he mentions that he is a 50 year old civil engineer who is currently working in London because his company won a big auction on a construction project in UK and that he will be staying there for 5 years.

He mentions that he cannot show me the apartment himself and use a service called W.M Shipping LTD that helps people like him who wants to rent places but are stuck at a job elsewhere. He told me that I need to pay the one months rental and one month deposit costing 1400 to be able to view the apartment. The money will be bank wire transferred to the shipping company and then i will receive the key and lease agreement so I will be able to view the apartment. If I don't like the apartment I can just tell the shipping person that I don't like it and my money will be return. I was still asking question when he holds me to give me some data to start a process. I bought he won't start the process immediately since I was still asking question and still unsure but in the next e-mail he told me he started the process and i would get a mail from the shipping company.

I did receive the e-mail from the shipping company along with the tracking account number and I can open it. But when i wanted to research for the company all I found in the company main website, I cannot find date of the company elsewhere not even in wikipedia and there is no annual report of the company. The i search for fraud in the company name and there is some data even though the e-mail and owner of the company name is different the name of the company is still the same or very similar.

I asked the person about it and said I don't want to rent anymore because I feel that it is unsafe and the company might be a fraud. At first he tried to assure that it is not but when I said that I still don't want to he gets angry then say that he will sue me for the shipping cost that he have to pay. I e-mail him again because I panicked and he stills says he's gonna sue me. So i asked for the location of the apartment he give me an address but when I as for what floor and room number of the apartment because I wasted to see if it actually exist and ask his neighbors about him he got angry and said I was planning to get inside his apartment and said he will be going to the police to sue me. I'm feeling kind of worried because I don't know what's going to happen and if this is really a scam or am I going to get sue?

A friend of my roommate apparently experience the same thing except the guy is with different name but he also said that he was 50, a civil engineer in working in UK because his company won an auction and ask for her data and also use the same shipping company then when she does not want he was saying he was going to sue her too. She stop replying his e-mail after about the suing. But I'm still feeling kind of worried.

This is a scam right? or should I get a lawyer?
#138243 by vonpaso xlura Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:24 am
It's a scam. It sounds just like a scam script, and there's no way he can sue you, when all you've done is talk and decide not to rent. Could you post the emails, including headers and the name of the shipping company?

... ni los estafadores heredarán el reino de Dios. 1 Cor. 6:10
#138249 by Aurelia Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:48 am
This is the first e-mail

My name is Thomas Rolson and I received your email of interest for the rental of my apartment.
I'm looking for someone to live in the apartment, as soon as possible, because my company has won an auction for a big construction project in United Kingdom, London. I'm a civil engineer, so my accommodation period here will be about 5 years.
I would like to know a little something about you, like how many persons do you intend to live in my apartment, for what period, etc. I will tell you from the beginning that I don't have a problem if you are a student and I don't have a problem with pets (I own a little dog myself).
Now I am going to tell you something about the apartment and myself so we can get to know each other.
The apartment is exactly like in the pictures, fully furnished, renovated with taste and available from 2 months to 10 years. Also, very important, the utilities (water, gas, electricity, Internet, cable TV, parking space, refrigerator, microwave, etc) are INCLUDED in the price of SG$700/month for WHOLE APARTMENT. I have the option of sending all my furniture into storage if you want to bring your own (no extra costs).
About myself, I am 50 years old, I'm a civil engineer and I work for a large company in London.
You can move in the apt in the same day you receive the keys. The only problem is that I`m already in London because we started the work, but you don't need to worry because I have made all arrangements to rent the apartment from here.Let me know if you decide to rent my apartment.

This is the second e-mail

Thank you for all the info. The solution to view and rent the apartment is provided by a real estate agency "LTD SERVICE". They handle rentals for people with locomotory handicap , people who can't leave their jobs to show their apartments in person or for whatever valid reason . I have already signed a contract with them and and I have already paid for the service.
They will send an agent to show you the apartment in my name at a scheduled date (at your convenience ) . You will meet with the agent at the scheduled date and hour at the address of the apartment .
The problem is that the rentals company requests payment for the deposit month in advance to be sure that the client really has the intention of renting the apartment . It kind of makes sense since they handle abroad rentals and they send the agents all over the world .
I have already signed a contract with them and and I have already paid for the service so if you want to rent this apartment we will have to follow the rules of the rental agency .
I want to make 2 things very clear :
1) the rent for the first month + 1 month deposit that you have to pay in advance is 100 % refundable if you don't like the apartment ( if you want to keep the apartment the rentals agency will give me the money as payment for the deposit month )
PS: After this first payment throught the real estate agency , the payment will be made monthly to my bank account on a scheduled date (at your convenience).
2) the payment is a simple formality and by paying you are not obliged to rent the apartment .you are just respecting the policy of a abroad rentals company .
Now , in order to start the transaction I will need the following information from you :
a) your full name ( first name , last name )
b) your current address ( street name , street number , postal code , city )
c) your telephone number (mobile or home number )
d) rental period (period you want on the rental contract )
After I will receive this information from you I will go to the rentals agency 's office and complete the papers with your information .

I somehow stupidly gives him all the date because of all the excitement.

This is the e-mail from the W.M shipping Ltd

Dear ---------------,

We are glad to announce you that you have a merchandise in custody at W.M. Shipping LTD. Please visit for details on your package. Your tracking (account) number is: 5FF44839D5. You will use it to track your merchandise online.

Merchandise: Keys and Lease Agreement
Price: SG$ 1400
Payment type: Bank Wire Transfer
*The shipping taxes has been paid by the seller.
Service: W.M. Shipping LTD
Estimated Transit Time: 3 - 5 days
Description of Goods: Keys and Lease Agreement
Declared Value: SG$ 1400
Tracking Number: 5FF44839D5

Name and address of shipper: Name and address of receiver:
Name: Thomas Rolson
Address: 303 Deansgate
City: Manchester
Zip Number: M3 4LQ
Country: United Kingdom
Name: ----------------------
Address: ---------------------
City: Singapore
Zip Number: -------------
Country: Singapore

What is the next step?
Make the payment to our bank account.

How do we use your deposit?
The money deposited with us will be only used as a warranty. Please understand that the funds will NOT be passed to the seller until the merchandise is delivered, signed for and accepted by the receiver - the maximum testing period you can select is 5 days. Only then, and after your confirmation we will be allowed to forward the funds to the seller. We use BANK WIRE TRANSFER for this deposit. In order for you to send the money to W.M. Shipping LTD agent using Bank Wire Transfer you only need to go to your bank and fill out the form that the operator will provide you there. Follow this steps:

1. You must send SG$ 1400 via Bank Wire Transfer to our Bank Account:
Name: W.M. Shipping LTD
Bank Name: Barclays Bank
Bank Address: 2-4 Aldermans Hill Palmers Green, London N13 4PH, United Kingdom
Account Number: 33913678
SORT CODE: 20-98-21
IBAN: GB 71 BARC 20982133913678

2. You must provide payment details.
Once the payment was sent, provide us [email protected] the scanned copy of the payment receipt from your bank.
Upon receiving these details we will verify them and if confirmed we will start the shipping procedure. You will be able to get up-to-the-hour info on the exact location of your package while in transit.

3. The merchandise is shipped. W.M. Shipping LTD will verify that you receive the merchandise. You have 5 working days to inspect the merchandise and after authorize W.M. Shipping LTD to send the payment details to the seller. If you refuse the merchandise, our Team will ship the merchandise back to the seller. Then you will receive a full refund.

4. Seller receives payment.

*NOTE: We inform you that are more option to make the transfer:

- Urgent Transfer
- Normal Transfer

Please choose "Urgent Transfer" option (you can ask your bank for this option, so they can speed it up), otherwise it will take 15 working days for the money to reach our account and the shipping could be delayed.

We are looking forward to receive the payment confirmation and the scanned copy of the payment receipt from your bank, within the next 24 business hours.

Thank you for using,
W.M. Shipping LTD

Copyright © 2012 | W.M. Shipping LTD - All Rights Reserved
This is his reply when i said i do not want to rent the apartment

This is his e-mail when i decided to not rent

Let me know your decision

If you decide not to pay ,i will take all legal actions to get the money that i paid for shipping from you around 200GBP

Let me know.

This is his e-mail when i ask for the floor and room number...he gave me an address but refuse to give me room and floor number

floor and room number???
you want to enter in the apartment or what???
you said that you only want to view the zone where the apartment is located

Hmmm i will contact the police today because something does not seems right.I will contact also my lawyer so i can start the procedure to get the money for shipping back from you

the guy seems furious don't he.

The e-mail of the guy: [email protected]
The website of the shipping company:

some fraud data that might connect to the shipping company ... layout=102 ... -scam.html

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