If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!

#312886 by Jacksfork Wed Nov 23, 2016 6:58 pm
I just went thru the same scam. Thankfully I found this thread before I got into the meat of things.

I did the proofreading of letters step last week.

I was then offered the "representative" position because they were "pausing" the letter editing phase.

I went through the information process as wel as receiving the phone call to make sure I have a working phone number. They also had me take a screen shot of my PayPal home page to ensure that I have an activ validated account.

I'm a skeptical person and no search provided me a warning until I ran their email with only the domain and found this thread.

Here's the longest letter telling me the process they were expecting of me.

"This is the confirmation letter regarding your acceptance of our new offer.

This letter provides you with the details and our rules that will apply to
your new position.

Read it carefully as there are several rules that must be adhere to:

1. Redirect all e-mail traffic that you receive from our clients
directly to us. *Do not under any circumstances reply to the messages or
inquire for more information. Your relationship will be solely as the
transaction processor, all administrative issues or otherwise will be
handled by us. Any disregard of this rule will make our clients nervous and
may cause them to stop any pending transactions. The average questions are
usually about the pending sales or future sales, again this is our
department, please keep in mind that one of your job requirement is to
transfer any/all these inquiries directly to us.

2. Please make an attempt to check your e-mail account twice daily,
preferably in the morning and in the evening. This is a very important
position and it should show that you are available to us at least during the
business day.

3. This is not optional. Please reply to all our email messages that
we will send to you. Most of our transactions will depend on an answer back
from you and we may have to stop a transaction if we cannot get in contact
with you to verify your availability or clarify any errors.

4. Most Important Rule: Please have your phone with you during the business
day. (preferably without a voicemail answering system).

5. Your position will be activated following a call from our company
verifying your identity, the accuracy and operational function of the number
that you have provided.

6. Your 1st payment will be 3-5 business days after we have activated
your account. It takes our company approximately that amount of time to
make a sale.

7. If you encounter any issues of any kind while working with us, Do
Not keep it to Yourself, please inform us immediately of the issue and we
will do everything within our powers to fix it.

8. If anything goes wrong during the process of a transaction, please
report it immediately. Do not ever think that you will be blame, remember
nothing is your fault by letting us know what went wrong; you will help our
company do its job better and improve our systems and quality for our

9. Please follow each daily instruction to the letter and without
delay. Any delay on your part is a bad reflection on our company and slows
down our processes. These have an effect on production which means poor
profit for our company and for you.

10. If you are planning any trips that will prevent you from fulfilling
your duties, please inform us 2 weeks in advance.

11. We count on you having both a responsible and respectful attitude

towards this job and our team.

12. Please respond with any questions that you may have regarding our rules
and this job. Also state any concerns or issues that you may have which
might conflict or prevent you from doing this job. If you think that you
will be unable to fulfill the required duties of this job please let us
know. A declination will not affect your future with us in anyway, it is
better to tell us now then to fail at the job later.

Please confirm your understanding and acceptance of the job by answering
with "I confirm" as a reply to this e-mail. This answer means that you
assume full responsibility and are prepared to execute the rules (listed
above) in working with us.

P.S.: We are starting to call you from the same day when we get your
details. Please be reachable by phone to show us your serious attitude to
the job.!!!"

21.11.2016, 21:07

After reading this thread, I immediately sent them an email:

"Do not send any funds to me. You are PapPal scamming criminals. I'm glad I found this out before dealing with your lies.

I have reported this to PayPal and they are blocking any transactions from your "supposed" company and I will not accept any calls and am blocking your email.

Do not attempt to scam me any further. This is now a dead end.

Good riddance."

I then changed my PayPal email address to another email account that I have. I have contacted PayPal to make sure my account stays in good standing.

My skepticism also peaked when they told me they had to use "representatives" to send money to their Polish bank via my bank because PayPal only lets Polish companies receive $350 per month and this is how they get around it.

I was thinking money laundering and cash mule and confirmed it with this thread. I was considering doing this and acting dumb if ever investigated but after reading this thread figured I don't want to have any part of that. Glad I got out before getting more involved.

The contact information from them is as follows, from initial to last:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Phone number from their "operator" (an Indian fellow from a California number). +1 (831)540-1052
#317363 by Terminator5 Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:52 pm
If you received and than transferred or wired any money to them , than you need to report this on the IC3 website . You are the victim of a Money Mule Scam .

Blackmail / Extortion / Sextortion . Anonymous Victim Assistance .

Reporting Blackmail / Sextortion Scams and Fake Drug Purchase Blackmail Scams
#353962 by MasterJedi Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:45 pm
Here is an email I received. I am glad I found this website.
Hi, John ------!

Our fast expanding company is looking for a Business Correspondence Corrector who is fluent in English to assist in communicating with our international clients.
Your professional responsibilities will be reviewing our business text file and fixing spelling or grammatical mistakes.
The work takes approximately 1,5-2 hours a day. You may do it on your own time.

Pay for the services done:
Each 1 Kb. (1024 symbols) of txt content pays 5USD.
This message to you is about 1 Kb. of size.
All in all, it will increase your income up to 2,500USD per month.

To apply for this position you must meet our requirements:
- Country of residence: US
- Have a PC.

For further details about the post, please reply to this mail with the following details about you:
- Your First and second name;
- Country of residence and region.

Regards, Rosana Boyton

It is from an email address ending in wanadoo.fr
#378407 by long4short Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:43 am
Just want to post my email which brought up my suspicion and found this site:

From: Natacha Norvell <[email protected]>
To:<removed> to protect privacy
Subject: long TRUONG we still didn't receive your answer
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2018 08:45:28 +0300

Good afternoon,
Our quickly growing company is in search of a Business Correspondence Corrector who's
going to be fluent in English language to assist in communication with our international
customers. Your professional duties are to examine our company's textual content data
files as well as cropping and editing grammar mistakes.

This kind of work takes roughly 1-2 hours per day. This can be done during your spare

5USD for each 1000 symbols. (that is about 1024 symbols of plain textual content).
This letter is approximately 1 Kb.
Therefore, this should improve your regular monthly money flow of up to 2,500usd.

Required skills:
* Country of residence: states.
* A Windows or mac based Laptop.
* Attention to details and precision.
* Prior working experience in translation .
* Optimistic, result driven.
* Captioning translation experience a plus.

For further detailed infos, reply to this e mail with the following information:
* Your name (first and last)
* Country and region

With respect, Natacha Norvell

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