If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#248723 by Terminator5 Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:05 pm
In my opinion 100% of these email job offers are scams . Real employers don't hire you without a face to face meeting . This editing scam , they eventually switch you into their" payments processor" , which is a money mule scam . Sorry to hear you waisted so much time with these low life criminals . Welcome to scamwarners your post will help other potential victims .

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.

#249885 by Shastamik Thu May 07, 2015 6:05 pm
I have never been happier to find this website!

See below:

originating email from: Bruce Brady ([email protected])
"assignments" from: Agata Larsson ([email protected]) TRADERA
Our actively growing company starts a vacancy of a texts proofreader for
everybody who speaks English fluently to help in dealing
with our exterior agents.

Your job responsibilities will include proofreading our business letters
and eliminating spelling and grammar lapses that might occur in the text.

The job consumes about 1-2 hours per day.
You may do this on your own time.

Payment tariffs for the job done:

Each 1 Kb. (1024 symbols) of text content is compensated by $5.

This letter to you is approx. 1 Kilobyte of size.

All in all, it will help you to make near $500-$2500 per month.

To apply for this vacancy you must meet our requirements:

*Country of residence: priority - USA, but Most important - you Speak English.
*Having a Computer

For more details about the job, please reply to [email protected] with the following information about you:

Full name:
Country, Region:

Look forward to hearing from you.
#252202 by turgilsa Fri May 22, 2015 11:37 am
Terminator5 wrote:In my opinion 100% of these email job offers are scams . Real employers don't hire you without a face to face meeting . This editing scam , they eventually switch you into their" payments processor" , which is a money mule scam . Sorry to hear you waisted so much time with these low life criminals . Welcome to scamwarners your post will help other potential victims .

I almost fell for this scam. Thank god for this site. Fortunately, I didn't lose anything but some time editing emails. I was dealing with someone calling himself Agata Larsson from TRADERA. The company is legit, he isn't.

Read it carefully as there are several rules that must be adhere to:

1. Redirect all e-mail traffic that you receive from our clients directly to us. *Do not under any circumstances reply to the messages or inquire for more information. Your relationship will be solely as the transaction processor, all administrative issues or otherwise will be handled by us. Any disregard of this rule will make our clients nervous and may cause them to stop any pending transactions. The average questions are usually about the pending sales or future sales, again this is our department, please keep in mind that one of your job requirement is to transfer any/all these inquiries directly to us.

2. Please make an attempt to check your e-mail account twice daily, preferably in the morning and in the evening. This is a very important position and it should show that you are available to us at least during the business day.

3. This is not optional. Please reply to all our email messages that we will send to you. Most of our transactions will depend on an answer back from you and we may have to stop a transaction if we cannot get in contact with you to verify your availability or clarify any errors.

4. Most Important Rule: Please have your phone with you during the business day. (preferably without a voicemail answering system).

5. Your position will be activated following a call from our company verifying your identity, the accuracy and operational function of the number that you have provided.

6. Your 1st payment will be 3-5 business days after we have activated your account. It takes our company approximately that amount of time to make a sale.

7. If you encounter any issues of any kind while working with us, Do Not keep it to Yourself, please inform us immediately of the issue and we will do everything within our powers to fix it.

8. If anything goes wrong during the process of a transaction, please report it immediately. Do not ever think that you will be blame, remember nothing is your fault by letting us know what went wrong; you will help our company do its job better and improve our systems and quality for our customers.

9. Please follow each daily instruction to the letter and without delay. Any delay on your part is a bad reflection on our company and slows down our processes. These have an effect on production which means poor profit for our company and for you.

10. If you are planning any trips that will prevent you from fulfilling your duties, please inform us 2 weeks in advance.

11. We count on you having both a responsible and respectful attitude towards this job and our team.

12. Please respond with any questions that you may have regarding our rules and this job. Also state any concerns or issues that you may have which might conflict or prevent you from doing this job. If you think that you will be unable to fulfill the required duties of this job please let us know. A declination will not affect your future with us in anyway, it is better to tell us now then to fail at the job later.

Please confirm your understanding and acceptance of the job by answering with "I confirm" as a reply to this e-mail. This answer means that you assume full responsibility and are prepared to execute the rules (listed above) in working with us.

P.S.: We are starting to call you from the same day when we get your details. Please be reachable by phone to show us your serious attitude to the job.

Our phone is 18183091145, please add it to your visible list.
#252207 by HillBilly Fri May 22, 2015 12:40 pm
(818) 309-1145
O1 Communications Landline in Agoura, CA

Thanks, your comment has been submitted.
Recent Comments

A Web User5/5/2015
the people that are calling from this number running a scam. Their purchasing items with stolen credit cards and they're asking people to ship them to other addresses. We reported them to the police in our jurisdiction already.

They called me from this number because i was working with them and now when i have a big debt in my Paypal account because of them when i call they don't answer and the voicemail it is full.

February 11 by Shane Angerstein
Trouble is, when I answer the phone, they hang up immediately. Its the calls from 000-000-0 that do this. I also received a call from supposed Cardmember Services, and when I asked to be removed from their list, the man on the phone started saying obscene things to me. I told him I was recording his mouth, and he told me to stick the recorder up my ***! What a jerk he was!!! I reported the incident to the FCC, and they said they would handle it. I havent received any more calls from that number lately.

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Michiko Plasencia Michiko Plasencia Caller hung up without leaving a message.
February 11
Calvin Tiepelman Calvin Tiepelman My ID shows this number to belong to a William Farris. He has called twice.
February 11
Dexter Vonschriltz Dexter Vonschriltz If this number calls again, shall be reporting it to the phone authorities. NO CALLS WANTED FROM THIS NUMBER
February 11
Mavis Bowe Mavis Bowe call block them use codes ( 000 000-01) (100-000-0) (000 000-0) they work for me have not got calls in three months.
February 11
Iraida Aegerter Iraida Aegerter They just called my cell. �I believe my google email account has been hacked and don't know if this is coincidence or not, but I trust no one! �
February 11
Lura Remedios Lura Remedios I just got the same call! They want to bill me for $59.90 for 20 months for magazines I never ordered. First of all, why are they using the 800 555 1212 AT&T information number to contact people, where did they get my cell phone number, how can they say I automatically will be billed since I didnt respond to something they sent within 7-10 days and how do I find out whether they have my credit card number? When the lady said she could reduce my fees if I was willing to work with her, I said NO!! I then asked that she first send me a bill or something with my signature or an email saying I owed them money. SHE HUNG UP ON ME!! (01/07/2013)
February 11
Neoma Jolla Neoma Jolla This number keeps showing up in my call list and they never leave a message.
February 11
Darrell Ruegg Darrell Ruegg 5 posts by the same person with 5 different names. Looks like someone is off their meds. Now I know that you are going to try to convince me that you are all different posters, but that is not gonna happen, because of the fact that you can barely write a coherent sentence. So my guess is that there is no way you own a business. But in any case these posts will disappear into the trash.
February 11
Junko Pilibosian Junko Pilibosian Received call twice last Thursday, 4/24/14 and 4/10/14 it was regarding taxes. Dont remember the lady name; the call on the 24th was a man. I tried calling the number but it was not in service. She knew all the information I had sent the IRS; how can this be possible. Im worried at this point; I got a letter from the IRS stating they are still researching the information I sent and if I receive additional notices about my account to contact them. Calling tomorrow!

#253403 by mitdemherz Fri May 29, 2015 6:17 pm
I'm so glad I found this thread. When I got this offer i dug EVERYWHERE to find information. I was told the company was QXL, which I saw someone else posted Allegra. QXL is part of Allegra, and it's all listed on LinkedIn.

I did a CRAP LOAD of research before I accepted (I am not bad mouthing anyone else when I say this). I had found tons of information on QXL, Allegra, Tradus Co., etc, first. All of those are legitimate companies, with legit sites, LinkedIn, and news articles covering their business. I also have been working as an ESL instructor, translator, and interpreter, so I figured hey, what's a little side editing going to hurt, it's experience.

Honestly, had I not been able to find as much reputable information as I did on the company, I probably would've ignored it. This one got me. However, I didn't send what I was transferred as cash like requested. I sent a cashier's check, and that's where crap hit the fan for me. The check was returned to me by mail, and I saved all of my emails. I think that choice was a saving grace. But now I am having a heck of a time with paypal, and at least sorting this out. I'm really kicking myself for getting scammed like I was. I've done a lot of reading on other scams (hobby if you will) and as I mentioned before, I only went with this BECAUSE there was so much reputable information out there.

I filed a complaint with the FTC about it. I left the email address and phone number they contacted me from in my complaint. I don't know what that will do, but I am really concerned. I can probably (more or less) rectify the paypal thing, but this is still ridiculous. They're getting smarter about the stories they feed people. And I do wonder what the actual companies being used know about this, if anything at all.
#253442 by mitdemherz Sat May 30, 2015 3:11 am
Oh, I know, I figured that out the hard way, but that was my point. They've wised up, and started hiding behind actual companies. If memory serves, the other companies that people have said they were told about are subsidaries of a parent company. It becomes an easy tripping point.
#253560 by HillBilly Sat May 30, 2015 10:53 am
mitdemherz wrote: When I got this offer i dug EVERYWHERE to find information. .....

I filed a complaint with the FTC about it. I left the email address and phone number they contacted me from in my complaint. I don't know what that will do, but I am really concerned. I can probably (more or less) rectify the paypal thing, but this is still ridiculous.

Its a good thing you did all the research you did, Mitdemherz. Depending on where you are you are physically located (The following are for US residents) you can also report it to the IC3 https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx , and if the US Postal Service was involved then also to the USPI https://ribbs.usps.gov/locators/find-is.cfm . You can also try to report it to your local police department, but often times they don't want to be bothered with an "internet crime".... you can't fight with them, but you can ask if they will at least make a police report to show a paper trail.

You failed to mention ( or I just did not understand) what you are concerned about, but chances are good there is no reason for concern on your part. At this point in time be cautious, as now your scammer will likely have 30 or more identity changes trying to part you from your money ( or in his mind, HIS money you stole from him). Not to mention he will probably also have a few buddies, each with 30 or more personalities trying to get you to part with your money to them. Delete any emails from him without reading them ( they will all contain empty threats, or apologies), block his # in your phone, and be extremely cautious about opening emails from people you do not know. Do not download any attachments from anyone you do not know ( hopefully that is already standard practice).

If you have some other concerns, please post them here. There are many of us that can help with just about anything scam related.

#254980 by mitdemherz Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:43 am
My concern with this was a discrepancy in my personal paypal account, but I have been working with them, too, trying to get everything sorted. It's looking like I got things sorted out, fortunately.

I haven't received any further emails or phone calls, but I have what was sent to me during this whole insanity. More just to cover myself in case I need the evidence. IC3 was suggested to me too by PayPal, but thank you as well for referring me that way. I am getting on all of this right now to get it squirreled away.

I'm just glad for the forum was here with the information so I could figure out what I needed to do. I was sitting on this whole thing trying to get some information. I've been on the phone with paypal almost daily trying to get this worked out. They're working with me thankfully, but it's been a huge headache. But thanks for having this site with the information in the first place to help people. It's been a godsend.
#254983 by HillBilly Sun Jun 07, 2015 12:25 pm
In all honesty, it is in your best interest to report this to the IC3. Just because you think you are out of the woods with PayPal is a real bad reason to justify not reporting it. The bottom line is, since you were involved as a willing participant, when and if the investigation comes across your name they could very well name you as a person of interest or worse. If, however you report it as a victim, then the chance of becoming a person of interest or even a suspect are greatly reduced. You really don't want to get involved with an investigation, please trust me on that.

You are welcome to do as you wish, I'm just suggesting an easier, softer way of doing things considering what may happen in your future.

#262668 by kscrikket Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:14 pm
Thank goodness for this forum, I was in the middle of the "we're closing the proofreader position" transition to "be our American representative" fiasco. I've "proofread" four text emails so far. The whole processing transactions sounded fishy... PayPal works in Poland, I mean, c'mon. So, now I've done free "work" and won't get paid because it's the front work for a scam. Dratitall.

[email protected] was my contact, supposedly for an auction site in Poland called Neo24. I was to be paid $30-40/day as well.

Here is the first email:

Hello xxxxxxxxxx
Thank You for your reply.
We have received your application for the work position.
My name is Kharif Tate.
I am a specialist of the Neo24 company and I will be your personal consultant.
First of all I would like you to study the details below and to make a decision about our partnership.
I am ready to answer all your questions if you have any.
Please learn each part of the position carefully:

We represent the American agency of a major European company Neo24.
For more information please visit our website: http://www.neo24.pl
For many years we have become the largest online-auction in Europe.
The number of our users has exceeded 15 million. Every day there are more than
1 million transactions made.
Currently we develop the North American market . The US economy is the most powerful
economy worldwide and their banking and payment systems work comfortably and stably .
All these factors provide a basis for profitable cooperation of American and European customers.
There is only one problem that must be resolved - the language barrier.
Every day we are in correspondence with our employees and customers from the United States.
English is not our native language. Furthermore, American English and European English
have a number of differences that can bring some inaccuracy in our communication.
Our correspondence has a business character and it is often associated with finances.
Any inaccuracies may distort the text and eventually bring to the complete misunderstanding
of the meaning worded.
We hope that you are a responsible person who can proofread our business correspondence.

Every work day ( Monday - Friday ) you will receive from us texts for editing to your e-mail.
You will have only 24 hours to complete them. But the job will take only 30 minutes minuts no more.
You can do this work at any time and in any text format convenient for you and use any program.
After you have finished editing the texts - send your corrections back to us.
Every day we calculate the amount of the text content and inform you of your balance.
It's very important that you will mark our e-mail address, because it's difficult to communicate
with you if you will not find our letters on time.
Please check emails from us every day and check all folders, because we send you emails every day.

1. You will be paid by $5 for 1Kb of text (1Kb = 1024 symbols).
You will receive about 8-10 Kb daily.
You can earn $40 to $50 daily. Every day we will inform you of your balance.
2. Payment is made once a month, the first payment is made in 30 days after you have started working.
(1st month is a test period to check your responsibility and communication skills, after this we may
sign a agreement with you. We will list everything in it such as Taxes, expenses, fees, interests and
everything else necessary to have a health partnership with You.
After the signed Agreement you will get paid twice a month. Career growth is possible.

3. We use PAYPAL system for payments. It’s very safe.
You do not need to provide us any of your personal information.
You should have a PayPal account (Verified ).
We will send you all payments on your paypal account.

We hope you find the work is interesting.
We are waiting for your reply and you will be able to start immediately.
Sincerely Yours,
Kharif Tate.

Here is the last email, trying to move me into the lucrative "representative" position:

Hello xxxxxxxxxx

May we have your attention please!

There have been some business changes in our company in view of the works to
improve the timely servicing of customer transactions.

Therefore, the job of the document editing is temporarily suspended. Please do
not worry about the payment.

We will pay for your services as agreed. (All that you have earned while working
with us, will be paid to your Paypal on time). During the collaboration you have
proven to be a good and reliable employee.

We appreciate the individuals like you and we do not want to make a pause in our
work with you.

Therefore we can offer you an other position to work corrently or for a long time
if you will like it. The position is with the possibility of career drowth.

You are encouraged to work with the fixed salary $ 1500 every month plus 5%
interest from each completed deal. So your income will be about $ 5000 - $7000
every month.

The new job will not take you more time than editing of documents. You should
have access to computer and be available by phone during the working day. So you
can combine collaboration with us and your main job.

We expect from you the confirmation about the receipt of our offer and we will
immediately send you the precise details to learn more.

We are looking forward to your reply!

Sincerely yours,
Last edited by Bryon Williams on Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:22 pm, edited 1 time in total. Reason: Removed personal information.
#276182 by brams Tue Nov 24, 2015 6:35 pm
I had the same thing happen to me. I did not get to the point of being offered a different "position" because I received a second email offering me the same position, but from a different email address, after I had already started. They claimed the company I was working for to be Pixmania, which is a Russian auction site. I'm glad I researched this, since it was clearly not legitimate. The two email addresses used in this scam were:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Hopefully this will help someone else avoid the same thing!
#276183 by Bryon Williams Tue Nov 24, 2015 6:39 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners,

Can you please post the emails sent to you. Some people may search for the content. This will help them avoid the scam.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen. https://www.odmp.org/
#312388 by MIdunca Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:48 pm
I'm so glad I found this website before I was scammed. I received the same "text corrections" word for word from a company called EMAG.PL . I did the 5 corrections believing I was going to be paid and this was an answer to prayer for a job. They also informed me I was being promoted to representative and text corrections were no longer necessary. They seemed so legit, especially because the girl emailing me the tasks was responding to my other emails. EMAG Support, Paulina Koval [email protected].

This is what they sent:
The position is in details:
The work takes less than 1 hour per day (2-3 days a week).
The process is in the following:
1. We sell an item at auction and receive the payment from a buyer to your Paypal account.
2. We confirm the delivery of the item by providing the delivery proof such as tracking number and company.
3. Once the money is available, You will withdraw the money from your PayPal account to your bank
account to be able to take it for sending to us.
4. We will give you the instructions with contains a calculation, how to send the money to us and how much.
5. In the instructions You will see in details:
Your 5% commissions, paypal fees, transfer fees, and everything else necessary with it.
We pay all expenses ourself and You don't have to cover any of expenses.
You have a fixed monthly salary - $1500 USD and a 5% interest from each signle deal.
The interest is paid at once You accept the payment. A salary - once a month.
Full name :
Your phone number : (available any time during the day, with no voice machine)
Your Home address : (P.O.Box is not acceptable)
PayPal e-mail : (same as PayPal login) it should be Verified with limits lifted.
PayPal account creation date:
You need to send your contact details to our sales specialists e-mail address:
[email protected]
They will process your information and then contact You by phone to confirm the details of yours.
You should have 'Verified' PayPal account with transfer, withdrawal and receiving limits lifted.
The best way to lift any possible limits - contact PayPal and ask them to lift all of them.
We will pay You for editing earlier, the 1st payment accepted for a sale will include the payment for texts - $160.
We are waiting for the required details from You, then we will give You the rules for your studying and confirmation.
A phone interview with You and You will start working from the same day.
Thank You
EMAG team.
P.S. Please remember that You need to send your contact details to the new address that was given to You email:
[email protected]

I sent vague information to the email. I didn't give full name and address because I am the paranoid type. and figured if they were real they would email back requesting me to complete the info.
It was after that I found this website and immediately shut down my Paypal account (I opened a separate Paypal from mine that had little info on me and was not connected to any banks, again i'm paranoid.)
I just got an email saying I was hired and they'd be contacting me soon for an interview. I emailed back saying they were scammers and not to email me again. There response was to confirm my words but I refuse to email them anymore. I am also getting a new number, just in case they sell my number to scammers and telemarketers.

I only lost time and hopes of getting a legit at home job.

EMAG is a legit sales website! The scammers just used their name to make it more believable, and did it ever.

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