If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#180576 by backaren Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:51 pm
AdamW wrote:TWorse part is, I found them off a legitimate job search site.

Career Builder?

Since hearing from the alleged Ms Hoffman, I got another offer from another outfit from out of the blue that is distinctly different from other communications that usually come from those sources.

It came from [email protected], offering a position as "Check Assist Manager." Same broken English as Ms Hoffman's.

Caveat Emptor.

#180860 by @CBSiteSecurity Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:34 am
Thank you for helping spread a word of caution about these types of messages! Based on the information listed within your original post, the email in question does appear to be a spoof message designed to appear as if it came from a legitimate source or 3rd party company in order to lend its credibility. We recommend such messages be disregarded and any current or future correspondence attempts related to the message be ignored.

Do you mind forwarding a copy of the email in question to us? We would like to review the emails you've received.

To forward the emails or for more information about Online Fraud, we do offer a Fraud Page for Jobseekers:

Thank you.
CareerBuilder’s Trust and Site Security Team
#180866 by backaren Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:27 pm
@CBSiteSecurity wrote:Do you mind forwarding a copy of the email in question to us?

I'll send the original, but I'll need your address. I'm not going to install Outlook on my PC to do this.

Here's the text of what I received:

(*Note: My e-mail address is not the one shown. It was my error to not recognize this in the first place, as it's obviously a cover for a bulk mailing.)

From: [email protected]
Sent: Tue 9/24/13 4:11 PM
To: [email protected]

?? wh?m it m?? ??n??rn,

Dir??t ?m?l???r: S?l?s, ?r?ding ?nd L?gisti?s ??m??n?

??st ?itl?: Su??l? ?h?in ???rdin?t?r
?m?l??m?nt F?rm: Full ?im? ?nd ??rt ?im?, W?r?-?t-??m?
W?g? R?ng?: $62,800.00 - $86,300.00/???r. ?h? s?l?r? is highl? ??m??titiv? ?nd ??rr?s??nding with ????ri?n??
S???i?liz?ti?n: ??n?g?m?nt
??n?fits ?????g? ?v?il?bl?: ???lth, D?nt?l ?nd Visi?n Insur?n?? ?v?il?bl?; ??lid?? ??? ?nd ??rs?n?l D??s
R?l???ti?n N???ss?r?: N? R?l???ti?n r?quir?d

?n? ?f int?rn?ti?n?l f?st?st gr?wing distribut?rs ?nd m?r??t?rs ?f ?l??tr?ni? ?r?du?ts f?r th? r?t?il bu??rs is s??r?hing ? n?w ?m?l????s. ?h? v???n?? is r?s??nsibl? f?r m?int?ining ?l?s? r?l?ti?nshi?s with ?ll m?n?g?rs in?luding s?ni?r m?n?g?m?nt t? r?s?lv? d?liv?ring issu?s r?l?t?d t? th? ?ur?h?sing d???rtm?nt. W? w?r? ?l?s?l? with ?ur ?li?nts t? bring th?ir ?ur?h?s? g??ls t? fruiti?n b? ??nn??ting th?m with th? ????rt ?r?f?ssi?n?ls wh? will h?l? th?m m??t g??ls.

In this ??siti?n ??u w?uld b? su???rting th? ?ur?h?sing d???rtm?nt with ? v?ri?t? ?f t?s?s ?m?ng ?th?r ?ur?h?sing r?s??nsibiliti?s:
- u?d?ting f??tur?s lists
- ??n?g? th? d??-t?-d?? m?in r?quir?m?nts ?f th? ??m??n?
- W?r? with fin?n?? in ?r??ur?m?nt ?f s?rvi??s f?r ?l?nt ?ur?h?s?s
- ??mmuni??t? with v?nd?rs ?nd ??-???r?t? d?v?l??ing ?f s?f?t? st??? l?v?ls
- Dir??t n?w it?ms ?nd ?r?du?t lin?s
- Id?ntif? ?n? ????unting issu?s
- Su???rt s?l?s t??m ?dministr?tiv?l?

?h? minimum:
- ????ll?nt ?r?j??t m?n?g?m?nt s?ills
- ?bilit? t? w?r? in ?l?s?-?nit ?nvir?nm?nt; with limit?d dir??ti?n ?nd ??nst?nt initi?tiv?s
- ?bilit? t? multit?s? in ? d?m?nding tim?lin? driv?n ??siti?n
- ?bilit? t? w?r? ind???nd?ntl? ?nd ?s ??rt ?f ? t??m
- ?bilit? t? writ? r?utin? r???rts ?nd ??rr?s??nd?n??
- ?ust h?v? ????ri?n?? in fin?n?i?l d?t? ?nd id?ntif?ing issu?s f?r ?r?bl?m s?lving
- V?lid driv?r's li??ns? is n???ss?r?
- G??d ??m?ut?r s?ills, in?luding W?rd, ????l, ?d?b? ??r?b?t; ?????it? t? ?d??t t? n?w ??m?ut?r ?it ?s n???ss?r?

?h? ?n? m?nth tr?ining ?r?gr?m will ?ff?rd ??u th? ?n?wl?dg? ?nd h?l? ??u b? ?m?l???d.

?ll ???li??nts ???l?ing f?r j?b ???ning must b? ?uth?riz?d t? w?r? in th? Unit?d St?t?s, must b? ? US N?ti?n?l, must b? ?v?r 21 ???rs ?f ?g?. ????gr?und ?nd drug s?r??n r?quir?d.

?? find m?r?, ??u sh?uld r??l? b??? t? ?urr?nt ?m?il ?nd might ?tt??h r?sum? with bri?f ??v?r l?tt?r in?luding w?g? v?lu?.
#181960 by joekodak Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:30 pm
AdamW wrote:They got me as well. I made 3 purchases all over $5,000 with no problems then bam! Now my credit card is at -$14,000. Same person, Debbie Hoffman. I saved all emails and spoke with my credit card company because they flagged my account. I don't know if I'm more angry or embarrassed. Ohh and now I'm 14 grand in the hole. Worse part is, I found them off a legitimate job search site.

Did you stop the shipment?
Did you mail it and to where.It take time to get thru customs and can be stopped and return back to you.
USPS or UPS or Fedex all those shipment can be stop as you are the shipper and you sign for it.
I got my stuff back.
#271332 by Hua2pan Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:51 pm
Ok. I guess they're back in business.
I just got a Purchasing job offer from ACR Trade. But it just didn't make any sense to me. The company's location is Switzerland but the IP address is from Russia. So, I kept looking and I found your previous posts.

I Don't really know where to report or confirm this information

On Oct 14, 2015, at 3:10 PM, Steven Drake <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks a lot for your interest! Application and job description are attached;

This is a countrywide job, you could work from anywhere in the United States.
Salary starts at $6,150.00 monthly, plus you will be getting 7% commission after each order.

If you are interested - please fill in the attached application or apply with your resume.

PS: We are new to the U.S. market, and do not currently have enough operators to answer all phone calls.
Your personal manager will call your for a brief phone interview before we start; appreciate your understanding.

Have a nice day,
Steven Drake, Human Resource Manager
ACR Recruiting Group
#271340 by Mike Wilson Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:44 pm
The domain was registered 2015-09-17 by a registrar in China and the content is hosted in Russia. The site only has a home page and does not list any physical address or contact telephone number.

A website for a legitimate company would have contact information and information about the company posted in public view.

Domain ID: D177437698-LROR
Creation Date: 2015-09-17T16:25:17Z
Updated Date: 2015-09-17T16:36:24Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2016-09-17T16:25:17Z
Sponsoring Registrar:Bizcn.com, Inc. (R1248-LROR)
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 471
WHOIS Server:

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle , PayPal friends and family option, or mentions Cameroon
#292382 by Jody L Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:18 pm
MKW TRADING Gmbh sent me a an email offer for a purchasing manager. The company is out of Switzerland and a home office in NY. Doesn't seem right. The offer tells me to accept and it even had 3 attachments, which make it look legitimate. The address in Manhattan NY is a Condo Building. There is nothing on google other than a website in Switzerland. I smell a rat. Doesn't seem right. They said I would not talk to someone for the first 2 weeks of working and only be available by email or phone until my trail basis of employment is over. The offer is good money, but I have never been offered a job without an interview or speaking with someone. The description is buying merchandise such as lap tops, cameras, games and shipping the overseas. Has anyone else received this?
#292383 by Jody L Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:20 pm
Bryon Williams wrote:Welcome to Scamwarners,

It is a scam. Thank you for the update.

Byron I just received a job from MKW Trading Gmbh. I just posted what it was all about. Does not seem legit!!
#292582 by Sammyw Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:48 am
Well , I received the same offer from Mkw trading with a Swiss based location and a affiliated address in NY by a Oliver Martin from their HR department 2 days ago. The offer is a good job with a $2900 biweekly salary for the 2 weeks probation as a purchasing manager and the after $3200 biweekly plus commissions and bonus. Who wouldn't accept a great job as such offered, but I researched it on my own and found out that it's a spoof, and a scam. Furthermore, I asked my lawyer to look and investigate the company status and he is working on getting me some answers which I will post here after. Be careful do not accept any offers, and by the way this site is awesome.
#292602 by Terminator5 Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:15 pm
Frequently these " Money Mule Scammers" will steal the name of a legit company and run the scam via email . Please post the emails they are using along with any websites and addresses they claim . Posting their recruitment emails will help warn other potential victims of this money mule scam .

Daniel 8 :25

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