If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#193932 by bakergal67 Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:29 pm
Wow, where to start...first of all my name is Vee, I am going to call myself that because I'm kind of afraid although I'm not thinking my scammer is all too intelligent being that he's STILL using the same name on the SAME Facebook account with the SAME pictures he used on me.
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006453256486&fref=ts His pseudo name is Scott Anderson. He has also gone by Anderson Scott.
Back in November I was contacted by a man on Facebook and for some reason I accepted his friend request although usually when any men who don't share a friend in common with me try to send me requests I deny them. It didn't take long to get sucked in. I've been in the middle of a divorce for over a year now and was feeling lonely. I thought at the time, what the heck, it won't hurt to talk to someone. Pretty soon the love letters began. I was dumb enough to believe that they were actually written by him but this guy follows the scam recipe by the letter. And, he used the "canned" fake love letters. I found that out after looking up romance scams. That wasn't enough to convince me of the truth. I kept thinking, oh maybe he just has trouble writing so I will give him benefit of the doubt. I didn't heed the warning signs though. At the early stages he hadn't asked for money yet. But, although he was supposedly a wealthy business man (civil engineer on oil rig which is a common persona these scumbags like to use), he didn't ever call me. I had to do the calling and often couldn't reach him. And, when I did reach him, he was sort of emotionally distant if that makes sense.
Pretty soon he proposed which is yet another part of the recipe some use. Supposedly was working on an oil rig in Nigeria (can I just say that I feel bad for the legit single men who have the misfortune of working on an oil rig in Nigeria, I did check and there are oil rigs all over including Nigeria lol I feel bad because I'm not sure the legit ones would be believed because of the scammers that go stealing identities).
I think it was few weeks before Christmas when "the accident" occurred. Yep, another part of the scam recipe, big old accident or illness. He fed me the lie of "well I'm having to pay the costs of the deceased crew member's funeral" blah blah. I tried to say no to sending money, he called me selfish, etc. I was so upset so said, ok, I can send a small amount. I mean like 40.00 I think. He finally accepted that. I think it was a slippery slope kind of technique, see if I would send a little bit and eventually more.
All along he'd be telling me how he couldn't wait to come be with me and he would be leaving there. Well, it was just before Christmas and he came up with some sort of story the very week he was to leave there about how he needed to carry on a certain amount of money (called a Basic Travel Allowance, trust me there is no such thing required of anyone to travel anywhere). When I looked it up online I found out there was no such thing but again, wanted to believe only the best and I even told him, there's no such thing. He told me, trust me. So, I sent him a couple hundred which I can't even believe I sent. He texted me as late as the night he was supposedly on the airplane travelling to my city. But, when I went to the hotel room he'd sent me "proof" of having booked, they had NO record of him. I knew then and there that I had been duped. I removed him from my phone, my Facebook, etc. First though I went through a denial time where I texted him multiple times bargaining with him even.
At the initial time I thought, oh well, I was scammed, big deal. I felt so much shame about having sent money that I only ever told one person (my legit, REAL fiance whom I met not long after this happened) about it. Well, what happened was I've struggled now with trust issues. This scammer took my emotions and deftly messed with them, stomped on them, without a care. I felt stupid. My trust issues really made it hard in developing a new relationship but with my new man, it's been a best friendship primarily and he's been wonderful and unconditional.
I've waited to post anything about this guy because I didn't have actual access to a computer until recently.
Life is now really good, I do have someone I care about and who cares about me.
The story doesn't end with the above account. I had read warnings that often the scammer will months later attempt to contact you again. Sure enough, one night at work I got a text from him, I didn't know at first who it was but he was full of strange accounts of how he'd gotten detained all this time (months & months) in "the Arab" whatever the flip that means lol. I basically told him where to go, and within 15 minutes had changed my cell phone number. I find it funny that he still uses the same phone number.
I work really hard to support me & my kids and find it disgusting when men can't work honestly to make money, but feel it's ok to steal and fake.
Anyhow, all is good but I want his pictures and his name out there.

#383890 by Ladye2001 Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:50 pm
Very interesting. 5 years later and I’ve got a suitor named Scott Anderson with a civil engineering background that seemed too good to be true...

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