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#212476 by CRAZYBOY Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:50 pm
the listing is 2 Iphone 5 for open bidding on ebay.but i decided to try my luck by massaging the seller and propose a offer to buy it now .the seller agreed my proposal and suggest me go through paypal without ebay to save some cost.i payed to invoice.so i bought the iphone without through ebay.i never suspect anything would go wrong from his ebay feedback review.then when i received the package i notice there is only 1 iphone .i massage the seller quite a few time to inquiry for where is the 2nd iphone... but no reply...for weeks.
then i try paypal refund....there is where he respond on time....and the process of claiming been review by payal.i submit all the prove but in the end...i was shocked with the end result because i only requested half the money to be refund since he given me half the goods but paypal ask me to send him back the iphone to get the refund,

the answer:
Hell no i not gonna send it back.he already scam me onces,..what happens if i send back the iphone and the seller cancel his credit card or whatsoever that are link to the paypal.this is a high risk when he get the phone and no money will be refunded to me. :yikes: :yikes: it will become a double lost to me.paypal only give me two choice.....send it back or cancel claims.in conclusion: i have no choice except to cancel the claim.
from my view the seller already preplanned all this where he had the advantage.

by the way here the info of the seller:
email:[email protected] / [email protected]
name:Abdul Basit
Address: 22 East India Buildings, London, London, E14 0DH, United Kingdom.

hopefully future buyer can avoid this seller...i learn my lesson quite a expensive one.

#220924 by Bryon Williams Tue Sep 30, 2014 6:19 am
The described transaction was taken outside of ebay. There is no protection and Paypal is not a bank.

You will always have to follow Ebay's rules for protection.

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