If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#214639 by Paladinexxl Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:15 am
I ran into a rental scam just today, and, thankfully, heard about you guys right before actually doing something I would regret. Upon researching your forums, I find it almost verbatim in some areas. Our discussion below:

"Today at 9:37 AM
----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Sam Peter Fowler <[email protected]>
To: xxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 11:58 PM
Subject: Re: Anfrage für Ihr Objekt 45856 auf Immonet (Immonet-Nr 23989650)

I deleted announcement because there are many people interested.
I must let you know that I can rent the property for maximum 10 years.
The minimum period is 2 months, but I’d rather like to rent it for a long term. You seem to be a very nice person and I can assure you we will not have any problems. Like I have inform you before, the price you shall pay for 1 month of rent will be 500 € and i want also guarantee deposit 1000 € (the guarantee deposit 1000 € you will receive back when you leave the house), with no extra taxes to pay. The money, I want to receive it monthly to my bank account, so I hope it will be no problem for you to wire the money .
I am willing to send you the keys so you can visit it and see it suits your needs. The delivery for the keys and viewing permit (signed by me), will be made with Remax Agency to make sure that we can trust each other.
I will explain the procedure if you are interested so please e-mail me as soon as you read this message because I really need to take care of this matter.

Thank you !

2014-08-13 13:30 GMT+03:00 Sam Peter Fowler <[email protected]>:

Ich habe Ihre E-Mail zu lesen über mein Haus.
Die Lage ist Paul-Gerardt-Ring 1, 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Niederrad

Auch sehr wichtig ist, die Versorgungsunternehmen (Wasser, Strom, Internet, Digital-TV,) sind in der Miete von 500 € enthalten.
Die Vorsicht ist 1000 € und Sie erhalten es zurück, wenn Sie ausziehen (Ich werde eine Frist von 30 Tagen müssen).
Nun, ein wenig über mich: Ich bin ein 52 Jahre alter Ingenieur aus London. Ich kaufte mir dieses Haus für meine Tochter während ihres Studiums, aber jetzt ist sie wieder zu Hause dauerhaft, also bin ich Vermietung.
Ich bin ein Tierbesitzer selbst, also werde ich kein Problem haben, wenn Sie ein Haustier im Haus behalten möchten, solange nichts beschädigt.
Leider haben meine Arbeit erlaubt mir nicht, jede Wander für die nächsten paar Monate, so dass ich nicht in der Lage, sich persönlich für eine Weile kommen und Sie zu treffen.
Dies wird jedoch nicht auf die Miete überhaupt. Ich kann Vorkehrungen treffen, um über einen Immobilien-Agentur kümmern uns um alles für mich.
Ich würde gerne wissen, wie viele Personen Sie beabsichtigen, das Haus mit zu teilen, und für wie lange. Alle weiteren Details über sich selbst wäre willkommen.
Also ich denke, das ist es jetzt, ich hoffe, ich habe nichts vergessen.
http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/hoous ... slideshow/
Freundliche Grüße aus dem Vereinigten Königreich!
Sam Fowler

PS: Wenn Sie in Englisch antworten kann bitte!"

In between these two message I emailed him back some info, will post that once I get into my wifes email account at home. Thankgully didn't give him TOO much info.....but...we'll see if it was enough to bring me into the game. At least I didn't lose any money.

Follow the link(it's safe :roll: ), it was a really nice place to rent. Now that I can reflect, it seems to be a bit much for a daughter who is studying, don't you agree?
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#214641 by Paladinexxl Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:59 am
Here was my response to his first email(the one in German):

"----- Forwarded Message -----
From: xxxxxxx
To: Sam Peter Fowler <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 7:08 PM
Subject: Re: Anfrage für Ihr Objekt 45856 auf Immonet (Immonet-Nr 23989650)

Mr. Fowler,
Good Evening! English is actually perfect, as I am an American Soldier stationed in Wiesbaden. My wife was who sent the first email. After seeing the slideshow of the house, I was very surprised at the size and the cost, so I wanted to make sure nothing was lost in translation. Is the monthly rent of 500Euro including the electricity and water utilities? Also, one of the more important questions for my wife is, what is used for the heating? (Oil, gas, etc..)
If we fall in line with what you are looking for in a renter, my family consists of 3 people: Myself, my wife and our 4 year-old son. We DO have a small cat (already housebroken), and no other pets. Non-smoking family (other than the smoke from our beloved grilling activities!!)I am 39, and "have been around the World", so I can personally guarantee you I know the value of honest, and open business relationships and friendships. I know how to take care of property that does not belong to me (including the lives of those under my care), and my loving wife is the expert of the family at taking care of all financial matters.
The 1000Euro deposit is no problem, and we would be extremely happy to know how, and when we can take a look at the house, and, if everything fits for both sides of the deal, how and when we can finalize a mutual contract!
I look forward to hearing from you/seeing you, have a great evening!

P.s. You can contact either my wife (at this email address) or myself at any of the below emails, and English is perfect for both of us!



Like I said, i gave a bit too much info(in hindsight), but at least I have my money!
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