If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#219861 by Odie85 Sun Sep 21, 2014 11:10 am
This person is a scam, be careful!
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Da: Robet Nicolas <[email protected]>
Data: domenica 21 settembre 2014
Oggetto: Re:Waiting to hear back from you

Have you told your mom and dad you want to be an aupair here in UK and what did they do for a living Yes you can take the public Transport too and sometime i can also take them to school my self .... yes you will be having Opportunity to attending an English courses You have nothing to worry about. you will be treated like one of the family and you will have 5 days to work in a week and 2 days as your off day that is Saturdays and Sundays. You will have the opportunity to do whatever you want to for your own good on weekends you will also be having your own Big room including your bathroom toilet kitchen and bedroom, Internet access and mobile and land phone so that you can make contact with your friends and family .i will like you to send me some of your pictures, so i can show them to the kids

I Have told my family Much about you and the kids can't wait have you here and i need you asap also the date you want to start and stay with my family is okay by me because,we are a busy family altogether.and since you are from EU you have to make a commitment to sign a Contract agreement with my family which i have written to you for clarification before you work with my family the rules that Governance my Home so that they will not be any problem with the Host family and the Aupair..

Moreover,I will like you to be aware that you have to sign a Contract agreement with my family..Has my family is concerning we will like to know your seriousness and commitment so that we will know that you have position yourself for the Job given to you..
It will be more safe for my family and you as the Aupair to sign a contract agreement,You have to sign a contract Agreement with my family because of the safety of life and property and we also depend on you since you are going to be our family aupair,so that the kids and my family property will be safe.Also your own life which i will not want anything to happen.
My family Lawyer as made us that before we employ an aupair we must make sure that he/she sign a contract agreement which he/she has to make a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT which will be REFUNDED Back to you as soon as your Contract End with my family.

Do you Undertake the Contract to be Sign so that i will send you my family Lawyer Email address..

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regard..

Robet Nicolas

You have to make the refundable deposit first befor coming to UK when you make the payment my family lawyer will send you the contract to sign and you will have a copy and i will also own a copy of it so when you are coming down to UK you can show it to them at the Airport and i will also be the one to come and pick you up at the airport i want you to let your parents know that you are secure okay there is nothing to worry about ....
You look lovely with a smile on your face.I have told much about you to my family and they can't wait to have you here and it is good for us as a family to have a sincerely and willing aupair to take care of our kids .The date you want to start with my family is okay with me and you will be very happy to be welcome as a member of my family

Do you Undertake the Contract to be Sign so that i will send you my family Lawyer Email address.

waiting to hear back from you

Robet Nicolas

#219869 by HillBilly Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:49 pm
Thanks for posting this Odie85 and welcome to scamwarners. Your 100% right, it is a scam. I hope you did not lose money to the scammer(s). Maybe others can see the scam format and be warned about it because of you now. :=)

There is a bunch more information about Au Pair scams in this forum if you'd like to learn more about them. :

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