The scammer's basic kit; photos of widows and orphans, passports, certificates and court documents, all guaranteed 100% fake or stolen
#412862 by Jegors Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:23 am
International scamming parcels from Kuala Lumbur to London at 2018 years.
I live in Banbury United Kingdom.I am disabled deaf.
Conclusion of cheated people unknown to me, i transfered money via Western Union to the Malaysia by name Mikhael Bana, address: Suryopultran KT 2 No26, Ft24 Kraton Yogyakarta Country: Indonesia by name Rozaimah Binti Kamarudin Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 50450, country: Malaysia. 7,500 (GBP)
Company called is "[email protected]"
The next events that preceded the transfer of money developed by next followed.
In social media i meet with acquaintance at august 2018 years, which was registered under the name is Bright, 47 years old from Malaysia, city Tanjung Tokong, between us rewriter. Bright talking me that his name is Kelvin. His email [email protected], phone: +61474732348 skype is kelvin.bright9 profile indicated Australia,city Sydney.
Hi written me on skype, that he had been in United Kingdom several times.
After he was busy, that he meet with another persons with someone...Kelvin Bright talked me when i will got parcels, after he will arrived in UK.
01 november 2018 He sent me package by shipping company "[email protected]" on my address parcels with clothes,shoes,ring,perfurme and cash 50,000,000£. Shipping Company from Asia, Europe, Middle- East & Australia.
He used “Express delivery”.
05 november 2018 received e-mail from company Citi link "[email protected]" Delivered agent Assign by courier name is Mr. Nick Thomas.
Head of Customer Propositions.
11 november 2018 Paid: 580,00 GBP(UK)
First time i got message by name Mkhael Bana, didn't understood why is mistake name? Who is Mkhael Bana?
I asked Kelvin Bright on chat skype, it's a scam?
He answered NO, he talked serious words.
Shipping Company "[email protected]" answered me that Mr. Mikhael Bana is chief accountant and he is the one monitoring the accounting department.
12 november 2018 got e-mail by shipping company "[email protected]"
That ORDER was cancelled by reasons, inside box was opened due to delayed and was found An Expensive Diamond Box inside the parcel with OTHER VALUABLE ITEMS. Courier said that need to pay penalty 1,950 GBP for storage about parcels need to have for INSURANCE CERTIFICATE Diamond Box with other valuable items.
15 november 2018 Paid: 1,950 GBP By name : Rozaimah Binti Kamarudin, Address: 117 Jalan Ampang, 50450 ,KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia.
20 november 2018 got e-mail shipping company "[email protected]"
Company talked me that need to pay more amount of 1,750,00 GBP(UK). As couriers promised delivery tomorrow 16:00 pm.
20 november 18 years Paid: 1,750,00 GBP(UK) By name: Rozaimah Binti Kamarudin Address: 146 Menara Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 50450. Country : Malaysia.
21 november 18 years got email by shipping company Citi Link “[email protected]
As couriers promised delivery parcels tomorrow by at 22 november 16:00 pm evening might be finished.
22 november 18 years received e-mail shipping company Citi Link “citi_link[email protected]” that parcels cancelled, got message by my name is arrested in Malaysia by reason in parcels laying cashes 50,000,000£, need paid penalty 6,500 GBP for safety parcels, if not possible pay the full all the amount, that need necessary paid for INSURANCE CERTIFICATE safety of the parcels 3,800 GBP.
Kelvin Bright call in company “[email protected]” with Ministry of Home Affair, and agreement to pay 3,800GBP for safety parcels. I didn't understand it's scam.
25 novembers 2018 years Paid penalty: 3,800 GBP By name: Rozaimah Binti Kamarudin. Address:146 Menara Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 50450.
Next days couriers written message to me, that by phone THE MINISTRY have said that I am free and NO JAIL for me anymore.
The next days company talked me, that THE MINISTRY said need still pay amount of 2,700 GBP for safety parcels INSURANCE CERTIFICATE.
But company called by phone with Kelvin Bright and decided with problem,and talking me that Mr Kelvin Bright paid amount 2,700 GBP.
But the next days 6 december 2018 call me Kelvin Bright, also called unknown number (NO number). I talking Kelvin Bright,I cannot take tube, i bad hear. I asked Kelvin Bright why is costs very many amount of, it's not scam? He answered NO.I was thinking it's fraud, but couriers said that need paid ASAP.
After I got a email by name Priscilia Mark [email protected]
She written to me: "This is solicator for the United Kingdom Government in associated with Malaysian Government regarding the violation of the rules governing the money laundering punishment and they are hereby need you to get back to us as much as you can via this is e-mail address".
UK Ms priscilia.
Kelvin Bright stolen my seven photos in social media and company "[email protected]", Priscilia [email protected] " blackmails my photos. I report police actionfrauds.
No parcels niitherto got it from since. In skype rewriters had deleted! I supposed that scammers cheated to me which came to my trust and captured of my family's money by deception.
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