The scammer's basic kit; photos of widows and orphans, passports, certificates and court documents, all guaranteed 100% fake or stolen
#132087 by Linda2916 Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:49 pm

Linda — 08:53 PM
how long of a battle?
George — 08:54 PM
my mission?>
Linda — 08:54 PM
no her battle with cancer
Linda — 08:55 PM
but then we chat about yourmission after too
George — 08:55 PM
a year and half
Linda — 08:56 PM
wow - where you able to be with her?

George — 08:57 PM
yes but not all the times dear,i missed her so much,there was never a fight between us,but i guess God gives and takes
Linda — 08:57 PM
how old is your dtr?
George — 08:57 PM
15 and will be 16 soon
George — 08:58 PM
do you have kids?
Linda — 08:58 PM
so who is looking after her?
George — 08:59 PM
she is current with a care giver in Ghana,i will be getting when i return home.were you married?any kids?how many?

Linda — 09:00 PM
why is she in Ghana?

George — 09:02 PM
i had no one to look after her,i left her with her care taker and later had to go to her country to look after her mom,i had no one to take care of her so i decided she go with her and i will send for her i get home from this mission as am retiring
Linda — 09:03 PM
oh, so her Mom was from Ghana
George — 09:04 PM
no,the care giver's mom

Linda — 09:04 PM
George — 09:04 PM
anymore questions?
Linda — 09:06 PM
and how does your daughter like being there?
George — 09:07 PM
she complains at times,she said,there is too sun and its does not rain much and other things,but am almost finish i can get here
George — 09:07 PM
i know she does not like it there but very soon
Linda — 09:07 PM
how long has she been there?

George — 09:08 PM
17 months now
Linda — 09:08 PM
Linda — 09:08 PM
tell me about your mission
George — 09:10 PM
well,am in Iraq here looking to bring peace unto both us lives,we trying arrest all the bad people iin here honey,we go on patrol day in and out,we sometime get into shooting and thats where we do lost some of out soldier.i pray to God always to protect us all and bring us home safely
George — 09:11 PM
i know God most high looks and gives us life day in day out honey,and we are also doing out best to stay safe and strong to return home

George — 09:12 PM
am looking for a woman to spend the rest of my life with,i have no time to play games or to waste,i have so much to give my right one...
George — 09:13 PM
i understand you,am not as well,i dont go to church normally honey
Linda — 09:13 PM
okay, you keep repeating yourself - I am being honest with you, I am not a religious person

am George Moose [email protected]

and there was a bit more, but I think you get the gist of it - seems it's the same man - no mention of the cocoa business though. He told me he had to go to bed and rest for a little while as it 5am there and had to back to his post soon, but that was an hr ago and he is still online.

Linda :)

#140098 by rosie.hines Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:19 am
Wow - was talking to Piers Moose from late October until I saw this site last Friday night!!! (14/12/12).
Same guy in the pictures but this time is in Syria/Turkey - an Engineer in the Military....He is damn good at what he does thats for sure!! Had me sucked in completely for 2 months!!! Asked him on Saturday morning to show me Military ID or Skype me and he said he couldnt skype from the Army base but would do so when he got back to the USA in 2 weeks....and was going to show me military ID....That was Saturday ...havent heard a peep since...
Scamming dog!!! He hadnt asked me for any money - yet but am sure it wasnt far off. I reported him to the site he contacted me on and also to Facebook where his picture is up as Jake Moose.
Feel sorry for the poor guy in the photos -and his family
#140136 by began steele Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:13 pm
Rosie he is a LYING DOG too. I don't know what place a Military from US would be occupying in Syria just now but more noticeable is the matter of using Skype which is completely allowable to Military people.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.
#176851 by Skeptical45 Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:10 pm
Oh wow!!! I knew something wasn't quite right with this dude...just googled his name and this information came up!!!! Thank you!!!

From: "Moose Garry" <[email protected]>
Subject: More about me
Date: Wed, Jun 12, 2013 9:50 am

Let me tell you more about me am from a Christian family ,I attend
CATHOLIC Church...I am Very much considerate and thoughtful of others,
Absolutely i treat others as you would like to be treated,I don't lose
my temper very often .My Believe is that there's one woman out there
that can help me find that Love and affection again.Someone who is
Understanding, Kind, good sense of Humor, Loving, caring, honest,
sincere, passionate and affectionate, The Bible says" Seek the Kingdom
of God first and every other thing shall be added on to you" I've sort
the kingdom so I'm waiting for 1 of my other things that's my Dream
woman and i believe when i have a woman that is honest and caring, she
wouldn't hurt my feelings and emotion which i have for her.Most people
doesn't know what it take to hurt another once feelings and emotion
and how it feels so I'm not into playing games.

Cpt Moose

> ----- Reply message -----
> From: "Moose Garry" <[email protected]>
>> Subject: ABOUT ME ..
> Date: Tue, Jun 11, 2013 10:27 am
> I'm military my rank is Captain ! am very loyal man. I have one kid
> still in college ,I was in the army during the last 20years with much
> experience as i speak now am getting my retirement 25th of this Month
> , I'm station in Afghanistan – Kabul, I have been here for 2months now
> and I'll be finally home when i get my retirement . I used to train
> boys in the army and take patrol i like to listen to music and i like
> to swim, camp,shop and read and even dance is really part
> of my life and i cant do without listening to music in a day..and my
> kind of music is r and b and a a bit of jazz and hip hop too..well i
> don't really have lots of hobbies i do but at least i know how to have
> fun by myself or with others and i like to hang out with sincere and
> honest people to exchange ideas and get to learn about each others
> cause that's really the best way to build up ur own life to care for
> others and get to know a lot about them but i prefer hanging out with
> people i know i can trust and share a lot with. I am 6,2 tall average
> body type,blue eyes and white and gray hair , i will really love to
> hear more from you and hopeful get to know your motives and intention
> towards me cause i really would want to work towards getting to meet
> you in person and hopeful see what happens next...Have a lovely day
> and take good care of yourself and say hi to everyone over there and
> tell them someone beautiful is coming to your life soon lol..maybe or
> not it depends on your faith and the truth of your heart towards me I
> will look for your next email and hopeful you will be able to tell me
> more about you and lets get to get to know each other in a honest and
> sincere way,have a lovely day and take good care of yourself. Kindly
> send me more of your pics .
> Cpt Moose
#176892 by began steele Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:54 am
Right Skeptical. It's good.
Army officers have an education and yours is barely literate. Look at his email address and see the lie. I won't say openly because that's too easy for a scammer.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.

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