Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#191053 by HannahsDad Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:05 am
Benkroft Italia S.r.l. at is a fake company recruiting money mules.


The Prez Catone Palermo is here:

The job Financial Support Agent is here:

The holy grail of use of a business account Financial Support Agent (Business Account Holders) is here:

And here is the FAQ that makes everything obvious

Address: Via Nicola Mignogna 47 28046 Ghevio (NO) Italia
Tel: 02 565 665 20

In the process of being reported for fraud


#191232 by TerranceBoyce Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:21 pm
HannahsDad wrote:The holy grail of use of a business account Financial Support Agent (Business Account Holders) is here:

The significance of this particular comment is that a 'money mule' using their personal account will quite often only receive one payment before it gets shut down and closed by the bank/authorities. It was reported by the UK banking authorities that in eight months of last year they shut down 20,000 such accounts and it's most likely that the account holders were black-listed making it difficult or impossible for them to receive financial service from any other providers.

A business account is much more useful and valuable to criminals simply because it's much more difficult to spot unusual transactions among a greater volume of commercial transactions. The trouble is that the risk to the 'money mule' is very much greater as this news item reveals.

The criminals need an established company through which to launder high volumes of payments but the 'money mule' has nowhere to hide and is very likely to face prison.

A Redgrave man has been ordered to hand over his last remaining assets because of his involvement in £5.7 million worth of fraud........... was jailed last year for five and a half years at Ipswich Crown Court after being convicted by a jury of two offences of conspiracy to defraud.

The money mule loses his company, his freedom and all his assets.

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