Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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Max Nada [email protected]

This is a fake company that is trying to steal money from people looking for employment.

Dear applicant ,
Thanks for dropping your application with us, Our construction company is a big world wide construction company (Marcobayl Construction Plc) with our headquarter based in UAE, we need apermanent Accountant to place at this headquarter . we have many
construction projects around the world .Presently we have been offered some construction projects in UAE to construct football stadiums, bridges, skyscraper buildings, . So that is why we are recruiting skilled workers in UAE and around the world to come work in our
Projects in UAE. We are recruiting general workers like bricklayers,builders, carpenters, electricians,plumbers , welders , boilermakers, pipe fitters, mechanical fitters , truck drivers, crane operators , Engineers ,Architects , Professional cooks , Marketers receptionist , Accountants
and others, but we are in urgent need of a Accountant. We need mostly full time workers but if you need to be a contract worker you please let us know . If you are ready and willing to work with us , then we can proceed .To be ready you must be able to answer the questions bellow :

1) your complete address?
2 ) your telephone number.?
3) What is your full name ?
4) What is your nationality ?
5) Do you have children ?
6) Do you smoke or drug addict ?
7) Do you drink alcohol ?
8) Can you drive (car, motorcycle, truck)?
9) Do you have a valid passport?
10) What is the position you are applying for ?
11) Have you ever traveled out of your country?
12) What is your current occupation ?
13) What was your last salary in you previous company ?
14) What is your expected salary to work with us?
15) How old are you?
16) Can you promise to do your best to the company if we select you?

We will be responsible for your flight (transpotation) if you are accepted as one of our new recruits , and will also be responsible for your housing after the first month of work with us . However, we will want you to get back to us
with your certificate of qualification for verification and possible job employment .

Yours Sincerely,
Recruiting Officer,
Tim McKaduna
Marcobay construction Plc

Good day <victim

We have gone through your information/CV and saw that you are
qualified to work with our company. In that case, you have been Employed to
work with our company in UAE.Attached to this mail is your Employment
letter and Contract of employment.

Your contract of employment contract endorses the following

Hours of work
Probation Period
Notice Period
Sickness or Injury
Confidentiality & Security
Supervision,Support & Training
Union Membership
Disciplinary Procedure
Gross Misconduct

You are expected to give in your best to the company as stated in your CV in order to keep your position,if the Company finds you as incompetent to the position granted you, we will not hesitate to demote you immediately.

Job Details:

Job : Accountant
Level: 5
Salary Per Month 15000dirham
Tax deduction: 2%
Actual Working Hours per Day: 8
Expected Arrival:
Salary payable at the end of each working week or monthly as requested by you . Your one month advance salary will be paid at the end of first work

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle or mentions Cameroon

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