Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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Admin Note: The domain is a legitimate website. The emails received do not come from them, the scammers are just using their identity and free email addresses.

Anyone getting email offers for online job from OKAY.CZ know that it's a scam. After completing several editing tasks for them (waste of time now) I was offered a position which asked for some information that raised some red flags for me so I googled their name and was lucky enough to have found a thread to Scamwarners that confirmed my suspicions. Below is the last few emails from them to me:

пн, 11 мар. 2019 г. в 08:08, SUPPORT <[email protected]>:
Hello Tony !

Your attention, please! Okay has made some changes in the way we will be doing business in order to improve
customer service and efficiency of transactions. Due to these changes, the position of document editor will be
temporarily suspended.

Please be assured that you will receive your proper and promised payment for the jobs you have already
completed and your funds will be delivered to PayPal in a timely manner.

As you have been an exemplary employee and have proven yourself to be responsible and reliable, we wish to
retain such a valuable individual in our employ. Therefore, we wish to offer you an alternative permanent
position that offers the possibility for career growth and a significant increase in salary.

The new position will not involve any additional time demands than did the editing position. Upon acceptance
of this position, we extend the following financial offer to you: A fixed salary of $1500 every month, plus a
5 percent commission for each completed deal. Most of our representatives earn an average of $5000 to $7000
every month!

Just as was required for the transcribing/editing position, you must have access to a computer, the Internet
and be available by phone on workdays. Further, this position also allows you to concurrently continue to work
at your regular occupation, if desired.

To accept this offer, please confirm the receipt and acceptance of our offer via email. We will immediately
send you the precise details of your new position and you will be able to start right away! We look forward to
your reply! Support
Hannah Pearcy SUPPORT <[email protected]>
Mon 03/11/2019 9:44 PM

The position is in details:
The work takes less than 1 hour per day (2-3 days a week).

The process is in the following:
1. We sell an item at auction and receive the payment from a buyer to your Paypal account.
2. We confirm the delivery of the item by providing the delivery proof such as tracking number and company.
3. Once the money is available, You will withdraw the money from your PayPal account to your bank
account to be able to take it for sending to us.
4. We will give you the instructions with contains a calculation, how to send the money to us and how much.
5. In the instructions You will see in details:
Your 5% commissions, paypal fees, transfer fees, and everything else necessary with it.
We pay all expenses ourself and You don't have to cover any of expenses.

You have a fixed monthly salary - $1500 USD and a 5% interest from each signle deal.
The interest is paid at once You accept the payment. A salary - once a month.



Full name...................:
Your phone number...........: (available any time during the day, with no voice machine)
Your Home address...........: (P.O.Box is not acceptable)
PayPal e-mail...............: (same as PayPal login) it should be Verified with limits lifted.
PayPal account creation date:

You need to send your contact details to our sales specialists e-mail address:

[email protected]

They will process your information and then contact You by phone to confirm the details of yours.


You should have 'Verified' PayPal account with transfer, withdrawal and receiving limits lifted.
The best way to lift any possible limits - contact PayPal and ask them to lift all of them.
We will pay You for editing earlier, the 1st payment accepted for a sale will include the payment for texts - $180.
We are waiting for the required details from You, then we will give You the rules for your studying and confirmation.

A phone interview with You and You will start working from the same day.

Please remember that You need to send your contact details to the new address that was given to You email:
[email protected]

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