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#4735 by chevyk10darlin Wed Aug 27, 2008 2:54 am
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Subject: Read and Lets Work together
Scammer Name: Lewa Johnson

Hello My Real Name is Lewa Johnson and not Alfred Natalian!

I know this might sound strange but its true.I wanted to scam you before to make a living and I am really sorry about that but now i felt there is need because we could work hand in had and you could assist me and get $300 every week,what i want to tell you in this email might sound funny but i want to assure you that it is not something that would not get you into trouble like the one i wanted to involve you in.

All you need to do is send out my fake checks to my client in form of a letter with the ups/dhl/fedex account number i will provide for you,I will be sending you about 500-1000 copies of my preprinted checks,But Before you receive any parcels from me containing the checks, You will need to pick up about 200-500 airwaybills and envelopes from the courier service we will be making use of for the drop off preferrably dhl and UPS from there store or drop off locations. Then i send you the checks,list of my cleints to be filled on the airway bills as the recepient's also an account number and sender details to also be filled and use to get them out.E.G after filled all the you will then put in 3-4 copies of the checks in the envelope attached the airwaybill filled to the envelope, then process to drop them at any drop off box close to you,Lastly On each airwaybill is a tracking number which you will copy and email to us along with the recepient's name as soon as possible.

It barely takes 3hrs of your time any day you recieve parcels which happens to be any 2 days of the week, but we will inform you before hand.You will be paid $300 weekly, Via western union money transfer,In order to start up and give you more details on this kindly email me this details below.


I want to assure you that you would not get into trouble with the law cos i will explain better to you if we can get to communicate via yahoo messenger or on phone, This is just brief but if are interested in the job,give me a phone number i could reach you on so that we could talk better and if you have got yahoo messenger,pls add me,here is my yahoo id so we can chat,i am always on this chat id( [email protected] ). Do you have a computer and printer at home?I promise that you would not regret this job but we need to
talk seriously preferably via yahoo messenger but just provide me with a phone nos i could reach you on.Will expect your reply ASAP.

Lewa Johnson


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