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Essar Transportation Network at

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But given that it is registered, hosted, protected in the Ukraine it probably needs a bit more publicity.

About Essar Transportation Network

Essar TN is one of the leading international logistics companies specializing in all kinds of machinery, industrial and mining equipment. We provide reliable supply chain solutions including transportation, integrated logistics services, warehousing, heavy-cargo forwarding, project logistics, and import/export consulting services. From 2010 the company has passed to the international financial reporting standards (IFRS).

Essar TN launches innovative services to impress our clients with efficient and sophisticated logistics support and high level of equipment (we use speed controls and anti-slip technology). We create the best solutions that provide a sustainable landed cost and service levels.

Our advanced approach along with the attention to detail is the continuous improvement with high quality service that is significantly higher than industry standards. We use our years of experience to create and implement global supply chain solutions because we love what we do.

Essar TN, in its 10 years history of operations in the CIS market, has gained a reputation for being the Project Logistics Managements Company of choice by EPC, Oil & Gas and Mining companies in the region.
Recently our team has handled another massive turnkey project of 3 mills for a gold mine in South-East of Kazakhstan. Originating in China, the total weight of each mill was about 650 tons. Due to well-coordinated team efforts of our specialists in
China and Kazakhstan, the shipment crossed the border and delivered on project site Just-in-Time. At destination, the cargo was swiftly offloaded under our project specialist supervision so that our customer could begin installation operations right away

Career with Essar Transportation Network Co.

Extended throughout the world (EU, Asia, US) Essar TN becomes one of the fastest growing international companies. We are on the way to expand throughout the United States and Canada markets; that is why the most important step is to find qualified and appropriate applicants to perform forward logistics solutions.
By means of our updated training program, we increase the number of potential candidates, as the training materials and highly experienced and motivated managers provide the strengthened arrangement of prospective employees.

We guarantee you competitive salaries, comprehensive benefit package, the international experience with lots of travelling possibilities, diversity of positions and career growth.

Your confidential resumes are highly expected at [email protected] (For Joseph C. Lingard)

If you have some hesitations or questions you may also use: +1 646 583 3135

Corporate Headquarters
Rosebery House, 70 Rosebery Ave., London EC1R 4RR, United Kingdom
Telephone: 44 20 3286 6825
Email: [email protected]

EU Department:
The Edge, Clowes St., Salford, Manchester M3 5NA, United Kingdom
PH/FX: +44 161 298 6825
E: [email protected]

1 Old Hall St., Liverpool, United Kingdom
PH/FX: +44 151 324 6825
[email protected]

565 Ave. du Prado, 13008 Marseille, France
PH/FX: +33 4 91 81 6825
[email protected]

AD: New World Tower, 18 Queen's Rd. Central, Hong Kong
PH/FX: +8 52 8191 6835
[email protected]

1221 6th Ave., New York, NY 10020, United States of America
PH/FX: +1 646 583 3135
[email protected]

426 Rue Sainte-Hune #100 Montreal, QC H2Y 2K7, Canada ON M5B 2L9, CANADA
PH/FX: +1 514 947 3135
[email protected]

Created anonymously 23rd October 2016 for 1 year only (Ukraine)


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