Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#5035 by Jim Pooley Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:16 pm
The company's real - the rest isn't

From: Adams.W <costaclient>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 8:20 am


This is to inform you that we have offered you a part time job position in our satellite representative department as our regional manager, following our job search procedure; you were short listed in the initial listing in our job search directory.

Camira was founded in the 1980s by Jonathan Waights, a British artist who was a teenager - was apprenticed to a leading fabrics in a small village near Lisbon in Portugal.On arriving in England he set up Camira Fabric where he is still the principal artist. The company has built an impressive reputation over the years with an extensive portfolio and a number of prestigious commissions.Fabrics by Jonathan Waights are now on display throughout the world and his Product is often featured in fashion magazines as one of the best examples of the genre. We are not fully set up to go international and this is the main reason why we are employing Part time Payment officer in USA to receive and process payment on behalf on our company. Hopefully you can also add more experience to our business. Like we already stated in the ad you can earn more to supplement your current income as we are only offering you a PART TIME JOB


Camira is a small business firm situated solemnly in the UK. Over the years, we have come to realize that we have more customers in the USA than so many other countries which imply that we have more transactions in the USA when we compare our business transactions with other countries. This ought to be an improvement to the company but reverse is the case. We realized that most of our customers in United States of America are always offering the payment for their purchases with and Checks Local Money Transfer. We bluntly refused accepting this mode of payment because we pass through difficulties cashing these payments; this is because foreign checks take up to 25 to 28 working days to clear which certainly delays our business because we can not make any delivery until we confirm the payment.

Proposed worker must be reliable, well-motivated and well-executive, 18 years and above; must have access to internet, phone number. Must spend one hour on the internet to check and reply emails per day. Must have existing bank account where all payment must be cashed for security purpose. Must have ability to record every transaction information processed in case of emergency.

Your salary is based on commission for the first 2 Months and there after you will be promoted as the regional manager, and you will be entitled to $400 per week with is $1,600 per week with some allowances which will be made know to you later. Your commission will be ten percent (10%) of every transaction you process on our behalf. This implies that every $5000 you process, you stand to gain $500. You will deduct your $500 with any extra cost of sending the money to the company before sending the rest of the money to the company. "Cash In Hand" or "Cash at counter" is what we request this is to speed up our supply as we will not supply without receiving payments from our customers. Once you receive any payment, you will notify us, and then have is it cashed. You will have to send the money to the company via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram or wire transfer (depending the amount of money processed) as you will be instructed.

If you are Interested In this job and want to work for us,kindly send the information below to me by email to : [email protected].
Full Name: _____________________________________________________
Phone #: _______________________________________________________
Occupation: ____________________________________________________
Job Experience (If any):________________________________________
This transaction is risk free and legal to the USA Government.

Awaiting your response,
Hampton Mills,Mir field,
West Yorkshire,
WF14 8HE
United Kingdom
Best Regards

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