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Dianne Shelton
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from: Dianne Shelton <[email protected]>
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date: Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 12:56 AM
subject: Vacancy.

Hello JobSeeker. An international company is recruiting responsible candidates to fill the vacancy of the Merchant Manager in different regions all over the world. The job is part time and home based, therefore gives you an opportunity to set a flexible work schedule that you will be comfortable with. It also comes with a set salary, which means a stable income. On this position you will be responsible for operating orders of those company's clients who for some reason can't get needed items directly from a seller. The following is required:
- You should be at least 21 years old and have a high school diploma.
- Essential English for applicants from all countries (ability to read and write the simple English text)
- Basic computer skills
- Ability to print documents
- Diligence and ability to meet deadlines
The scheme is simple:
- Receiving package from a shop
- Pick Up package at UPS / FedEx location if necessary
- Repacking it if necessary
- Forwarding it to the new address
The job would be considered as completed once the client has received the package. For every finished job you earn a fixed fees. There's won't be a trial period. Right after signing the contract with our company you become a part of the team. If you're interested in this position offer please contact our PR-Department. Simply reply to this email and one of our assistants will contact you shorlty.

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