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#45904 by Janez Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:27 pm
I received an email from an online friend who is a demonstrator of Stampin up. While Stampin is a ligit site there have been scammers who have sent emails to the demonstrators. The following is a warning to anyone who works for ligit sites selling things. Below is the email I received from my friend..

Thought I would show you this =
I sell for a company called Stampin Up and lately alot of demonstrators have received emails wanting to purchase
items with a cashiers check -
One lady posted this on the Demonstrator side of Stampin Up asking if it could be a scam
Alot of people responded yes it is so at least people are aware of what to look for
I told her that as soon as you see car accident or out of the country its a scam !!!!

Below is the email that was sent to the demonstrator mentioned above.

Thanks for your reply,

How are you doing, I'm happy you respond back to me.I am hearing impaired that is the reason I can't call you. Well i just want to talk to you concerning your representative dealership on Stampin Up.I want to deal with you in purchasing this items with you not with the company, cos i am new on internet and this product was introduce to me through my best friend late last year and the woman died on motor accident last month, i don't have much experience on buying or purchasing item through credit card and don't operate a credit card facility .I am currently out of town for a business trip and i want someone that will be my product supplier so that's why i want to buy this items with you direct.i want to purchase this item below,So kindly look on your site if the item is still available on sale there and get back to me with the total cost of all.

- 5 quantities: 12x12 Linen Album Post
- 5 quantities: 12X12 Textured Card Stock - Brights Collection
- 4 quantities: Designer Series Paper Patterns Stack - Brights Collection
- 4 quantities: Good Times Simply Scrappin' Kit
- 5 quantities: Love Impressions Rub-Ons
- 5 quantities: Designer Buttons - Brights Collection
- 5 quantities: Dotto
- 4 quantities: Crop-A-Dile

kindly let me know if there is a discount to it, and also you don't need to worry about the shipping.As for the payment, i will be paying you upfront for the order with a bank Certified check,The payment will FULLY CLEARS your bank before the pickup. And when you receive the payment you can then proceed on making the order for the items i mention,or you can order the items down now.kindly get back now with your.

1.Full Name
2.Contact address(pls no p.o box)
3Phone number
4.Total amount of the order
for payment and let me know the Total cost for the order as well .Looking forward to read from you hope fully soon. So you are to get back to me with your full information to mail out the check payment to you.
Thanks and best Regard..

I mark in red just a few of the warning signs that this is a scam. Chances are "Kim" will change her mind once the check has been deposited and will want the person to send the money back via westernunion or moneygram. Remember never send money to anyone who you have meet online.

Never send money

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#60101 by latrischler Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:05 am
My mother (a SU demonstrator also) just received an email similar to this. She realized it sounded like a scam, so I did a search and found this thread. I am pasting the letter she got below in case anyone else searches this out. The wording sounds so strange, and there are many spelling errors, which tips to a scam! :) She says she is giving her full name and address for contact info, but then it never was included.

> Hello,
> How are you doing today..I will like to order some products from you
> ...Please kindly let me know if there is a discount to
> it, and also you don't need to worry about the shipping because I will
> ship with Fedex which I can arrange for a pick up from
> you...

> Meanwhile,I dont have a credit card so if you dont mind, I will send
> you a United States check for the products and will
> prefer you received the payment first before ordering cos it will be
> send via mail, pls Get back with your full name and
> address so that I can mail out the Check asap
and the Fedex can come
> for pick up at your destination,, looking forward to
> here from you hopefully soon....Below are the list of products I want
> to order and my full name and contact address if
> needed...
> 1 of the BIG SHOT DIE-CUT MACHINE with the code 113439
> 1 of the Color Caddy with the code 104335
> FYI: I'm only willing to issue the Certified Check as i do not make
> use of credit card anymore
> cos there as been alot of problem trying to make use of it if you
> understand what i mean, and the payment will be mail out to
> you by monday morning, because i need to fixed my car this weekend,
> But i promise am gonna mail it out to your address first

> thing on monday morning, and deliver to you the next day, probably
> Tuesday or Wednesday morning, If there is no
> delay from the courier .Let me have your mailing contact address
> information for mailing of Payment, such as :
> Name:
> Contact Address (not
> City:
> State/Zip code:
> Phone Number:
#172089 by Creative5 Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:57 pm
I received an e-mail from Christine Hall to place a Stampin Up order. It sounds very much like the other ones. I was very close to saying yes and have the person send me the certified check. But then she said her boss would send it. That was weird and a red flag. I cancelled doing anything from there. My husband checked the phone's area code and it was from California with a Chicago address of a coffee shop. A total Scam. I did give my address. I hope they don't send me anything.

This is the original e-mail I received.

I hope my message finds you in good condition. I'm interested in the stampin'up products. I will like to know if I can make my other through you. Please get back to me as soon as you receive my email . Please send your cell phone number to me so that I can communicate via email and SMS with you.

I'm disable (I'm deaf and I can't speak) But I can reply to your emails and SMS immediately,But will prefer you reply here.

I will await your prompt response.

This is the second e-mail:
Hello ,
Its a pleasure to read from you. I got your contact from and I would like to purchase these Items with your assistance, I'm new on this and I don't operate credit card. Below are the list of my order :

Item # 132730 ( Bundle Clear Chalk Talk ) $37.25
Item # 132729 ( Bundle Wood Backyard Basics ) $42.25
Item # 134743 ( MDS DWNLDV WHAT TO WASHI BUNDLE) $36.95
Item # 128616 ( Stamp Set Wood It's a Wrap Occasions ) $27.95
Item # 125598 ( Big Shot Die Framelits Labels Collection ) $26.95
Item # 134533 ( Bundle Seeing the Possibilities ) $35.95

Please get back to me with the total price for all the above items , Let me know if there is a discount on every product. Meanwhile, I'll send Certified Check for the payment of the products. So get back to me with your full name, cell phone number and physical contact address,not P.O box please course I intend mailing out payment via FedEx or US Postal service because they don't deliver to mailing address.

Here is my mailing address :

Christine Hall
5809 S Ellis Ave,
Chicago, IL 60637
(562) 977-3360

Get back to me soon so that I can make arrangement on how the payment will be mailed out to your address..Thanks and hope you have lovely day.

Thanks for your correspondence.
#172097 by vonpaso xlura Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:14 am
The writing in all of these messages is clearly that of a West African. The reason he doesn't talk on the phone is not that he's deaf but that his accent would give him away or even be incomprehensible to you.

Most likely the check is forged (there are people who think they have at-home payroll jobs but are actually forging checks for scammers) and, as Janez guessed, the scammer would tell you to forward money to a shipper (who is just another character played by the scammer) by Western Union or MoneyGram.

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