Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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Those people are back, but this time they sent me an email from the company Weatherford International. With the same exact details you mentioned of training in the UK then being relocated to Houston, TX. Also, that they want me to complete this GATSA form, which I googled but could not find anywhere. Also, they asked me to buy insurance from a "Hendon Assurance".

I also got no interview of any sort, nothing in person and no phone interview either. Here are the emails and I hope they help other people realize those scammers and stop them. Just like I found this and confirmed my suspicion was in place when I listened to my gut. The email styles are very similar and pretty much say the same thing.

Email 1:
David Dyer <[email protected]>
Attention: XXXXXX XXXXX,

Weatherford International Inc. recruitment team has received your application for the HVACR Labratory Test Engineer job position applied.

Weatherford International Inc. is one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies providing innovative solutions, technology and services to the oil and gas industry. The Company operates in over 90 countries and has a network of approximately 1,000 locations, including manufacturing, service, research and development, and training facilities and employs approximately 29,500 people.

Weatherford delivers innovative technologies and services designed to meet the world’s current and future energy needs in a safe, ethical, and sustainable manner. Grounded by our core values and inspired by our world-class people, we are committed to being a trusted business partner to those we serve.

Attached in this email you will find Weatherford International online Questionnaire/Interview Document. Kindly complete the document with the required answers accurately and return same via email attachment for Evaluation on or before 16th July 2018.

David Dyer
Senior Recruitment Coordinator
Weatherford International Inc.

Comments: I believed it, but I found the email in my Spam and thought it may have been an accident that it ended up there. I looked up the David Dyer person and found his profile on Linkedin so I believed it and found out that he was HR for Weatherford. They attached an application form that I completed, but basically all information on there is from my resume.

Email 2:
David Dyer <[email protected]>

This is to inform you that your Completed Online Questionnaire/Interview
document has been acknowledged. Be informed that your application is
processing. After successful evaluation process via your personal
details provided, if qualified for the job position applied you will be
contacted by Weatherford Human Resource Manager Mr. Andrea Elgamal that
will brief you more about the job position and follow up with you on the
next step to be taken.

Kindly allow 2 working days for your application to be processed.

David Dyer
Senior Recruitment Coordinator
Weatherford International Inc.

Comments: They called me from a local number within the same city that I lived in a day later. The person had an accent and they called to say that they confirm they got my application.

Email 3:
From : Andrea Elgamal <[email protected]>
Attention: XXXXX XXXXX,

We appreciate the time and effort you have used presenting us with your personal details and following up our recruitment process till date. After due consideration and much attained experience work profile, Weatherford International is so pleased to offer you the Job position as HVACR Laboratory Test Engineer. However, be informed that we will be pleased if you would accept our employment offer to join our prestigious company on the stipulated date. You will find an attached copy of the employment agreement document on satisfaction with the content; you are to append your signature on the space provided for “employees”.

The signed contract agreement should be forwarded back to us via email attachment. On receipt of the aforementioned, comprehensive information or details concerning your relocation procedure will be communicated to you immediately via our relocation adviser.

Best Regards,
Andrea Elgamal,
Human Resources Manager
Weatherford International.
TEL: +447441393144
Howemoss Terrace Kirkhill Industrial
Aberdeen, Scotland AB21 0GR
United Kingdom.

Comments: After 2 business day, I get another email from the HR person named Andrea Elgamal.

Email 4:
From : Andrea Elgamal <[email protected]>
Attention: XXXXX XXXXX,

Your signed employment agreement has been acknowledged. You will be directed by Weatherford International Immigration lawyer Mr. Frank Carragha that will be contacting and assisting you in acquiring your British work permit certificate prior to your entering into the United Kingdom.

You are expected to keep us duly informed on your work permit process duly with the Immigration lawyer, so flight ticket arrangement will be made available earliest before your departure into the United Kingdom.

Best Regards,
Andrea Elgamal,
Human Resources Manager
Weatherford International.
Howemoss Terrace Kirkhill Industrial
Aberdeen, Scotland AB21 0GR
United Kingdom.

Email 5:
From: Frank Carragha <[email protected]>

Attention: XXXXX XXXX,
Kindly confirm receiving my email with attached Gatsa forms for work permit processing as directed by your employer. Do check your spam folder also, I await your response.

Frank Carragha

Comments: This was weird as this email had no attachments and this is when I start researching a Gatsa form as I have never heard of it before. I responded asking there is no document that was attached to his email. A couple minutes later, I get another email which is below.

Email 6:
From: Frank Carragha <[email protected]>
I am Frank Carragha the Immigration consultant recommended by Weatherford International UK LTD. As a non-⁠⁠⁠⁠UK national, you will need a work permit before you can take up employment in the UK. For your work permit application; I have attached the UK Home Office Work Permit application forms. Details of your academic qualifications and employment history should be provided in the form. All sections in the form should be filled except for Section 7, which should be left blank. I will provide the information needed in this section.

Filled forms should be provided with the following:
1, International Travelers Insurance Policy.
You should take one year coverage International Travel Insurance Policy, this a mandatory requirement by the British Home Office (UK Government agency responsible for the issuance and approval of work permit), this is because the policy proves you are medically fit to travel and work in the UK and also a per requisite to renew your resident/⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠worker's permit every year. Based on the new Home Office guideline, the accredited insurance company is Hendon Assurance UK website is in the United Kingdom. You are to contact them for the insurance policy via email at [email protected]

You are to apply for the following polices:
A. Repatriation or Emergency Medical Evacuation
B. Medical Treatment.
C. Death or Permanent Disability
D. Baggage Loss and Baggage Delay.

You will be issued a certificate after you have gotten their policy.
These documents are to be sent to enable me get your work permit before your date of resumption.

Note: It takes between 2 to 3 weeks for work permit application to be granted.
Once work permit is issued, the UK embassy in your location will invite you and you will be required to come with your international passport. Other logistics issues relating to traveling and accommodation in UK will be handled by UK Employer Weatherford International upon confirmation of your work permit.

Email 7:
From: [email protected]
Thanks for your interest in our travel insurance policy. Here attached our
application form and schedule of benefits. Kindly indicate a plan of
cover. According to the duration (181 and 365 days) and the plan of cover,
the premiums are as follows:

Plan of cover for A
Premium is £1350 pounds
Benefits are
1, Medical Expenses...............£5,000pounds
2, Death/permanent disability...£40,000pounds
3, Repatriation Expenses.........£3,000 pounds
4, Loss of Luggage...............£400 pounds

Plan of cover for B
Premium is £1630 pounds
Benefits are
1, Medical Expenses...............£30,000 pounds
2, Death/permanent disability...£60,000pounds
3, Repatriation Expenses........£7,000 pounds
4, Loss of Luggage...............£800 pounds

Plan of cover for C
Premium is £1980 pounds
Benefits are
1, Medical Expenses............£70,000pounds
2, Death/permanent disability...£100,000pounds
3, Repatriation Expenses.........£10,000pounds
4, Loss of Luggage...............£1200 pounds

Plan of cover for D
Premium is £2650 pounds
Benefits are
1, Medical Expenses.........£130,000 pounds
2, Death/permanent disability...£170,000pounds
3, Repatriation Expenses.........£15,000 pounds
4, Loss of Luggage...............£1600 pounds

Based on the British Home Office Specification, this is £5,000 pounds for
medical benefits. You are to choose from Plan A to B for single statues;
Plan C or D is for family statues. Indicate the plan of choice .The only
differences are
benefits payable as claims, Plan D has the highest amount, followed by C
and so on.
Photocopy of your international passport or driver's license photo page
should be provided as means of identification together with the filled
insurance form. Payment details will be provided, after these requirements
are provided.
Policy certificate is issued after payment of premium is made and a copy
sent to you through
electronic mail or speed post.
Cancellation rights (cooling off period)
You may request a premium refund provided:-
- You have not travelled on the trip
- You have not made a claim, or intend making a claim
To obtain a refund contact us at the address below. Any original documents
received, will need to be returned. Subject to us receiving your written
cancellation request,
we will issue a full return of premium and the
policy will be regarded as not having been taken up by you and will be
cancelled from inception. Please ensure the following information is included in your letter: Full insured name, policy number, address and daytime contact number.

Yours truly,
Wesley Fletcher,
Customer Care Unit,
Hendon Assurance

Comments: Finally, this is the last email, I get.
This is when I also end up finding of this website and realize I was being played. What should I do to prevent this? How do I report them? I am so mad right now and want to make sure nothing like this happens to me again or happens to others who are just looking for jobs.
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Thanks for posting. The best way to protect yourself is to be wary of any job where there is no real interview process, legitimate companies do not hire people based on a questionnaire or a chat over an instant messenger. Also be wary of any job that tries to refer you to a lawyer, travel agent or similar to arrange travel papers. is an email only domain that was registered at the start of this month. was registered about a year ago, by someone using a Russian privacy service to hide their identity - not something a legitimate company in the UK would be doing.

[email protected]
124 Balmoral Place, Aberdeen, AB10 6HP

The telephone numbers used by both Hendon Assurance and Weatherford International are UK mobile phones.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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