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#376624 by PaigeDoris Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:25 pm
I was contacted by [email protected] and [email protected] on separate occasions about fake job offers/opportunities. I was recently looking for a new job and was very active on several job sites. I believe these scammers somehow got my contact info from these sites.

the fake Dan at intuitive surgical was very thorough in his scam. He used the name of a real recruiter from Intuitive surgical and used the same info he has on his LinkedIn page. He also spent an hour doing an online 'interview' where he asked me questions in a chat application. After this one 'interview,' I was offered the position which made me realize it was a scam. After thorough research, I noticed information that was either out of date or inaccurate on the documents he had sent me. I confronted him on the chat application about this and he just started ignoring me. I am assuming that his plan was to eventually swindle money out of me somehow. Most likely by sending me a 'check' and then claiming the check was incorrectly sent for the wrong amount and then ask me to send someone else money to rectify (and then have the original check bounce). I found several other instances of similar things online.

An almost identical email was sent to me today from [email protected] about a job offer from Mercer Consulting Ltd. Both jobs were offering $35/hr to work from home doing administrative work. Both jobs are scams.

#376681 by Tim Atem Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:29 am
Thank you for posting. Can you post the emails they sent with the job offer? This will help warn others. Make sure to remove your personal information before posting.


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