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#376908 by Nanjobajo Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:59 am
Hi and thanks for your help .
I have received this message below and I need your help to know is it real or not and thanks in advance appreciate your help.

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World’s first Skill assessment based job portal @ 10th Generation


Just got the confirmation from the client.

Thanks for your response and thanks giving us the opportunity to get you the right job at the right time. is one of the top most leading job portals with millions of job openings in every possible field and role. We are directly tied up with more than 35,000 top notch companies for handling their recruitment directly.

Further, I have contacted you as some of the prominent employers have noticed your profile in our database and have shortlisted it for their requirement and that is the reason why I have initiated a call to you to validate your profile and to check whether your preferences in your job search would match our clients requirements.

For your profile, we have already short listed you for different companies. Kindly find the below mentioned details.

V Company: Medical Center
v Role : Psychiatrist
v Location: UAE
v Salary: 9000 to 14,000 USD Per Month Negotiation start up would be open from this level of basic pay )+ Employment visa + HRA – Family accommodation + TA + Medical Insurance + 2 free airline tickets to home town of employee and family + 45 days of leave annually and free Education– these allowances are as per the labor law.

Resume Forwarding:

Ø The above vacancies are internal vacancies and are not advertised in the public domain or global market because of the potentiality in the roles and responsibilities and also as the current employee working on these job roles are still physically available in the organizations and serving their notice period. So as your profile matches up to 95% to the client requirement, we shall forward your profile only to the HR of the company so that , it shall be concluded that you are finalized for the internal vacant position and we shall get an official approval about the interview scheduled for you.

Ø So if you are fine with the above you are supposed to register by paying an nominal premium amount as one time nominal registration fee and then you would be issued with an recruitment ORDER ID which would be posted on your resume and forwarded to the HR of the company , by which he would be clear about you getting short listed for the mentioned vacancies.



Internal Hiring (Resume Forwarding)


$150 USD

Why should you pay ?

If the vacancies are open in the public domain you are free to apply to them and for sure without any charges our company would forward your profile to the company HR directly, but at the current scenario the openings are internal hires as the current persons executing these positions are on notice period and hence the HR cannot publish the vacancy outside in the job market, So as they have already gone through your profile in our database and felt that it serves the requirement , they have given 95% relevancy to your profile and are highly interested to interview you and select you. So as you cannot apply to these unadvertised vacancies you are taking an service from our portal to forward your profile to those vacancies and schedule the interviews for you .

What are the benefits if I pay ?

· Your entire recruitment will be our responsibility.
We will be with you till you get placed into an organization.
· You would be hired immediately upon completion of your notice period.
· Your profile is not distributed like an pamphlet to cheap consultancies or placement. agencies who never get you professional job but only a job which is profitable for them.

· You will have 100% guarantee for your placement assistance.

So if you are fine, we can discuss on your mentioned dates and take things forward upon your reply.

Let me know your comments.

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Thanks and Regards,

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Right job @ Right time – Our commitment


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#376909 by AlanJones Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:31 am
Below is my reply to a previous post that you made asking if a role sent to you by a job site is a scam or not.

In that case, it should be very easy for you to verify if the job is real, as you should have professional contacts who can help you.

Locking this as there's no evidence either way that the the job is real or fake and you're in a better position than we are to find out.

The same applies here.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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