Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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*EXAMPLE OF EMPLOYMENT SCAM EMAIL* : Don't respond to emails like this. Don't contact this person. Don't let them know they are on this site.

This is an example of a bitcoin laundering scam.

If you are a victim:

You need to be proactive and go to the police and tell them that you are the victim of a scam.

Hi again XXXXX,

As update, I have presented to our Financial Department my pick for the job position, and the signed Contract. You are now legally registered with our Company. Starting today in 2 weeks, you will get your first $1,000 salary ($1,000 every 2 weeks).
I will be in Sweden for a few days, but that won't stop us from starting your training ... well not exactly training, but more a "learn as you go along with your tasks" curve.
You (and I) are part of the Investment Department, so, many of your tasks will be in regards to assisting our Department.

As you read in the Contract Annex, your job position is paid with $2,000/mo as basis salary, and up $5,000 from completing different tasks. This means that you'll get 2 types of tasks. The ones that are in regards strictly to your Assistant Manager position (like paying bills, invoices, salaries to the sales and marketing departments, getting in touch with some of our customers for feedback in regards to the sales and marketing campaigns, monitoring inventory and ordering merchandise based on demand and feedback from the sales and marketing departments).
And the ones, that are paid at the end of the day, on the spot, by completing tasks in the Investment Department. Our Upper Management is directing capital towards the crypto space (investing in cryptocurencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, crypto projects, crypto start-ups). Don't worry if this is all new to you, I will be with you every step of the way. For now I will introduce to you the crypto trading platform we use the most: We will set you up with an account and little by little I will teach you how to navigate the platform and handle the trades with our trading partners directly, especially when I am not able to be responsive. Again, all these info might be too much now, but I will be with you every step, guide you, and whenever you tell me we are moving fast, I will slow things down, until we balance the training procedure.

At the moment we encounter some extra capital from our sales department, from our colleagues in the field, that are being paid in cash. Our Financial Department is directing this capital to our Department. The sales team will send the capital to us, and then we will work together towards finding trading partners on the above mentioned platform.
The suggested infrastructure is for the sales team to deposit the cash, at the bank, branch, comfortable in range from their locations. For this task I am authorized to offer $200. Half ($100) at the beginning of the task, and the other half ($100) when it's finished. You are required to open a bank account with a major bank (so their branches are easily located by our sales team to deposit the cash from the sales they make).

After the account is opened, you will be paid with a percentage of 10% from every capital transaction directed to you and processed on the trading platform (on my instructions). Our Assistants earn up to $5,000/mo by simply processing the ongoing tasks.

For now, if there are questions, don't hesitate. I will be waiting for your reply.

Warm regards,
Albin Backman
+1 (262) 843-5993
Sweden Green Energy LLC
Regional Manager

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