Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#381366 by Sandythescamslayer Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:31 pm
*EXAMPLE OF EMPLOYMENT SCAM EMAIL* : Don't respond to emails like this. Don't contact this person. Don't let them know they are on this site.

from: [email protected]

Thank you for the reply and willingness to work with me and also for the wealth of information you have given about yourself. You will be starting the trial tasks Next week Monday ( 1/4/2019 ) and I am putting things in place for everything to work well. I will get back to you shortly with important updates.

- Picking up of paperwork.

- You will be handling a donation to a charity organization of which I am a Primary Donor.

The details of this will be highlighted in my subsequent emails to you.

You will also be sent upfront, your weekly payment which will be mailed to your address on file along with the donation to handle and a more detailed specification of duties for the week will be sent to you as soon as possible.

I have also been in touch with my associate and I have arranged payment to carry out the tasks stated in the job description to be mailed to you and will be expedited to arrive in 1-2 business days. These tasks have to be done on time and in the best way possible.

And Please note that every conversations and information's are kept confidential on the company system data base for security purposes. So i urge you to carry out every task given out to you carefully and respectfully.

Kindly acknowledged this message by sending an SMS/TEXT '' I received '' to my private mobile number +1 (209) 553-8720

Thank you so much for your time. Kindly make sure you check your email daily at least twice to three times in a day for regular updates.

A simple reply to my e-mail is greatly appreciated so that I'll know it was received.

Thank You!
Paul Larson.

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