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#382200 by Michelle Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:27 am
From [email protected]

Dear Candidate,

We have shortlisted you for an interview at AMERICA REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (ARDC) USA.

Hence, we request you to email your CV to us directly and provide the following details below:

1. Full Name---------------------------------------------------------------------
2. Current Location-------------------------------------------------------------
3. Nationality---------------------------------------------------------------------
4. Name of Current Employer/Institution-----------------------------------
5. Current Position---------------------------------------------------------------
6. Three Positions you Target with us?--------------------------------------
7. How soon can you Relocate?-----------------------------------------------
8. Current Monthly Salary US Dollars Equivalent?------------------------
9. Expected Salary in US Dollars Equivalent?------------------------------

Good luck! As you take steps in the right path to build your career with us.

We are currently conducting direct hiring exercise for all Positions and other few noted positions available at our NGO, AMERICA REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (ARDC).

You will be notified upon review of your whole submitted details if you emerge successful.

The Human Resource (HR) Department will contact you if your questionnaire Application Above has been duly filled with relevant information after due evaluation.

Good luck and best regards.

David Moore/Director,
erican Regional Development commission


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