Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#384818 by Raj-singapore Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:27 am
Al Zawali Construction, United Arab Emirates
27th Floor, Adia Tower,
211 Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates.

Dear Professional/Expatriate xxxxxxxxx

In line with your job application in our on going recruitment exercise in our prestigious company "AL ZAWALI CONSTRUCTION UAE" We are delighted to inform you that you have been given the opportunity to be part of our team. You have been offered employment as a PROJECT MANAGER which commences on the 28th June 2019.
Attached is the AL ZAWALI CONSTRUCTION UAE employment contract agreement and the AL ZAWALI CONSTRUCTION UAE employment form. On satisfaction of its conditions , please complete your acceptance by signing and returning the contract agreement and the employment form within 3 working days.

Your Employment Contract Agreement has a Family Status to it which simply means that all entitlement programs attached to the employment benefits every member of your family. The benefits and entitlements include and not limited to all flight tickets,traveling allowances, educational assist benefits for employee's children at his/her home country or here in United Arab Emirate, well furnished housing Apartment will be provided for you and every member of your family.

All offers of employment are contingent upon verification of personal identity and work authorization as required by the UAE immigration reform & control act of 2016. Further instructions and information will be communicated to you once we receive copies of signed contract agreement.

However, having received this agreement letter duly signed by you, we shall appoint you and your documents shall be sent to our immigration expert accredited to you in UAE. He shall stand for you in processing your entire traveling documents. He would help you to obtain your work / Labour papers and Visa to take off from your Country to UAE for your new career role.

We look forward to seeing you carry out your duties diligently and conscientiously, we wish you many fruitful years of service and very successful career with our company.

For any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to call
Thank you for your cooperation

Mrs. Sumera Hasan
Head, Human Resources Dept.
Al Zawali Construction, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971553104057

I got an offer from this company. They claim they got my profile via linkedIn. They sent to me a contract offer attachment as well which they mentioned in one clause as below;

ARTICLE 4. MOVING EXPENSE The employee will be reimbursed (paid back) by the employer for reasonable moving expense incurred only as a result of relocation or early termination of leases, storage charges: procurement of travel documents, immunization, work permit etc. Reimbursements shall be paid not more than fourteen (14) working days from submission of report / and receipt as proof of payments. The company has made this policy in order to avoid unnecessary financial losses caused by prospective employees because after paying for the employees’ work permits and employment visa, they cancel the employment offer due to the health reasons, family reasons, or a better offer from another company thereby, putting the company at loss.

Can anyone please verify is it scam or true ? They never contacted me in phone or person. All the communications through email only.
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#384832 by Photosensitive Mon Apr 29, 2019 3:42 pm
It is a scam. They will want money for visas, travel, training - whatever you are prepared to give them before they stop talking to you.

The website for Al Zawali Contruction Company (their spelling not mine) at says ....
Over thirty thousand(30,000) employees have worked at the company for over 10 years and nearly half of the 1000+ employees have worked at Al Zawali Contruction Company for more than five years.

However the website was created anonymously on the 2nd March this year and for 1 year only.

The website has a contact address but no telephone number. They do not name a single project they have worked on. They are pretending to be in the UAE but a legitimate company of this kind would never recruit direct via linked in / email.

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