Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#390253 by Sandythescamslayer Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:11 pm
*EXAMPLE OF EMPLOYMENT SCAM EMAIL* : Don't respond to emails like this. Don't contact this person. Don't let them know they are on this site.

Email from Elizabeth Moore <[email protected]>:

Hi Dear XXX ,
I am Elizabeth M., HR Department at Marg1n Ltd. We are currently looking for a "Administrative Assistant" to join our team and mentioned that you might be a good fit.

For these reasons, I would like to offer you the position. This is a part time position, and you would be reporting to our HR Supervisor department. Your annual gross salary will be $30,000. In addition, you will be eligible for additional bonuses and rewards.

You will be eligible for the benefits that Company offers, including:

- Private health and dental insurance plan
- Flexible work hours
- Work from home options
- Educational assistance
- 28 days of paid vacation days per year.

If you are interested, please respond.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have.

We are all looking forward to having you as our team member!

Dear XXXX,
I am pleased to extend the following offer of employment to you on behalf of Marg1n Ltd. We are currently looking for a "Administrative Assistant" to join our team and

mentioned that you might be a good fit. We hope you will enjoy your role and make a significant contribution to the overall success of Marg1n Ltd.
Please take the time to review our offer. It includes important details about your compensation, benefits and the terms and conditions of your anticipated employment

with Marg1n Ltd.


Marg1n Ltd is offering a part time position for you as "Administrative Assistant".

Working hours.

This is a part time position requiring approximately 10-12 hours per week. Your regular weekly schedule will be from Monday to Friday.

Compensation and Salary.

For Administrative Assistant position, Marg1n Ltd is offering a salary of $2500 per month. You will be paid on a monthly basis.


As part of your compensation, Marg1n Ltd is also offering a fixed bonus of $100-$1000 per each completed order in time.


As an employee of Marg1n Ltd you will be eligible for a list of benefits our company offers, such as: health, dental insurance and many more.

If this is something that interests you, please reach back to me.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Elizabeth Moore
Human Resources Supervisor
Marg1n Ltd


#394200 by general99 Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:26 am
Their site is assbled very good. It seems real. I also came into contact with them, thinking it was a real job offer.
After the first response by email, they claim that communications take place through Google Hangouts.
At first they make a phone call in English, very very clear, and then they start chatting giving all the explanations to get money from their customers.They are very professional, and they don't look like scammers. The promised bank transfer arrives after a few days, but in the end the customer (defrauded) makes the transfer of the transfer, through his bank.
Other email addresses: [email protected] - [email protected]

This is all the chat between us.

first thing I would like to ask you!

You have chat hangouts on your phone?

You need to install chat to your phone.

It is very important and is a major aspect of the operation.

Please do this.

you must have permanent access to the Internet, anywhere

2019-07-04 12:14:20 <unknown_103208116145897764000> now i give you a description of the work read carefully

2019-07-04 12:18:40 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Your work at home. Your home is your office.
in your probations period of 14 days, your task will be to receive and send payments to our client.
so! Now I will tell you
Our company is an intermediary! We are engaged in investments and as well as the sale and rental of mining equipment for cryptocurrency.
we receive an order from a client to buy a cryptocurrency mining equipment, and then our task is provide equipment and make a profit.
Or we received an order for a client’s investment, we have to invest his money correctly.
After that, we have to make payment. Send goods to client and received money!
Now I have a client, he lives in IT. He wants to buy a mining equipment.
At the time of the probations period, you will use personal bank account for payments. It is necessary that you could learn and check your competence. I hope you understand.
after that you need to invest money in Bitcoin for profit, following the detailed instructions.
After probations period 14days, you will receive a company corporate account for larger deals.

your job is to take care of payment and investment.

a probations period of 14 days, your salary will be $100-1000 of each payment !

After the probations period your salary will be $100-1000 of each payment and 2500$ per 1month

You are using client money! you don't use your money

For the first time, I will explain everything and help you. we will start gradually. it is necessary that you understand the essence of the work. a lot of information !

You have questions?

2019-07-04 12:30:13 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Do you have accounts in other banks?

2019-07-04 12:32:21 <unknown_103208116145897764000> If your account has any problems, we will not be able to use it. for example, negative balance, bad credit history. Are there any problems?

2019-07-04 12:33:23 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Is this a prepaid account? We do not work with prepaid accounts!
2019-07-04 12:34:35 <ME> NO. It is a current account. No reasonable limits in receiving transfers. For reasonable amount  I mean about 80.000 euro each incoming transfer.
2019-07-04 12:35:12 <unknown_103208116145897764000> ok
2019-07-04 12:35:16 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you so much 
2019-07-04 12:35:25 <unknown_103208116145897764000>
now you need to confirm your personal details and bank acc details 
2019-07-04 12:36:27 <ME> How?
2019-07-04 12:36:42 <unknown_103208116145897764000> "[email protected]" <[email protected]>

2019-07-04 12:38:50 <ME> Everything is correct. The Swift could be also XXXXXX or without the triple X.
2019-07-04 12:39:58 <unknown_103208116145897764000> щл
2019-07-04 12:40:00 <unknown_103208116145897764000> ok
2019-07-04 12:40:04 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you so much 
2019-07-04 12:40:25 <unknown_103208116145897764000> You need a few days to prepare! I think that tomorrow or after tomorrow you can start
2019-07-04 12:41:34 <ME> Thank you so much. I am very glad about everything. Surely we can have a good business relationship.
2019-07-04 12:41:40 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can be online tomorrow at 12-00?
2019-07-04 12:42:55 <ME> Yes we can. If I don't receive hangouts alert, please send email because it arrives immediately after you sent it.
2019-07-04 12:42:58 <ME> Bye
2019-07-04 12:43:28 <unknown_103208116145897764000> iam online tomorrow at 12-00
2019-07-04 12:43:33 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you so much 
2019-07-04 12:43:35 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-04 12:44:16 <ME> OK, see you tomorrow.
2019-07-05 11:51:24 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello XXXXXXXXXXX
2019-07-05 11:56:26 <ME> hello
2019-07-05 11:58:07 <unknown_103208116145897764000> How are you today ?
2019-07-05 11:58:26 <ME> Fine, I hope the same for you.
2019-07-05 11:59:12 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes 
2019-07-05 11:59:17 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you so much
2019-07-05 12:01:06 <unknown_103208116145897764000> There are many ways to transfer money

it is not limited to bank transfer

what methods money transfer do you know? 
2019-07-05 12:01:43 <ME> Western Union, Money Gram
2019-07-05 12:02:04 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we used sepa bank transfer

This is a pan-European system of bank transfers. working only in europe.

know it?
2019-07-05 12:02:38 <ME> Yes of course. In Italy and all europe we use it
2019-07-05 12:03:03 <ME> When I talked about bank transfers, I meant also Sepa Transfers.
2019-07-05 12:05:28 <ME> The Sepa Transfer (if made before cut off time) take only one day to reach the beneficiary bank account.
2019-07-05 12:10:43 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes
2019-07-05 12:10:46 <unknown_103208116145897764000> very good
2019-07-05 12:15:52 <ME> In Europe there is also a new type of Sepa transfers called Instant Sepa Transfer, that allows to move funds (until 15.000) in 10 seconds, if the banks ahve adhered to this new system.
2019-07-05 12:16:07 <ME> I have some banks that accepts this instruments. 
2019-07-05 12:16:19 <ME> Do you know it?
2019-07-05 12:18:46 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes
2019-07-05 12:18:52 <unknown_103208116145897764000> i know it 
2019-07-05 12:19:11 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Your work will be 9am-3pm

Is this normal?
2019-07-05 12:19:26 <ME> Yes it is.
2019-07-05 12:20:07 <unknown_103208116145897764000> oh yeah

you need to know

after 14 days probations period, you will get access to the bank accounts of our company and will manage payments.

so it is very important to go through a probations period is ideally
2019-07-05 12:21:05 <ME> Yes I know, you already said it and it is written in your emails.
2019-07-05 12:21:41 <unknown_103208116145897764000> let's reproduce the situation

in your bank account transfer 15000

your salary = 1500euro

13500 you must sent sepa bank transfer
2019-07-05 12:22:24 <ME> OK. It is clear.
2019-07-05 12:22:34 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I would like to know the limit of your bank account!

Can you send 13500euro?

we select a client based on your sending limit
2019-07-05 12:23:21 <ME> I can send 50.000 euro each transaction by online banking.
2019-07-05 12:23:39 <unknown_103208116145897764000> very good
2019-07-05 12:23:50 <ME> So I can make more than one transactions.
2019-07-05 12:24:00 <ME> If I go inside bank, no limit
2019-07-05 12:24:27 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you 
2019-07-05 12:24:46 <unknown_103208116145897764000> sunday I will give you detailed instructions for your actions
2019-07-05 12:25:22 <unknown_103208116145897764000> if you dont have any more questions, can we talk sunday at 19-00?
2019-07-05 12:25:42 <ME> OK. Do you have some Sepa Transfers for next week?
2019-07-05 12:26:03 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes 

2019-07-08 11:47:05 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Now I will give you detailed instructions for work

please save them
2019-07-08 11:47:13 <ME> ok
2019-07-08 11:48:29 <unknown_103208116145897764000>
1) I give you the information and the exact amount of the sender's name.

2) The money will be in your account

3) I give you the recipient details for sepa bank transfer

4) you make a purchase ( do cash deposit)

5) Once you have finished, you should send me a scan of the formulation

After that, your Task will be counted as completed!
And you can proceed to the Second Task.

see ya tomorrow

bye bye
2019-07-09 11:48:44 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello XXXXXXXXX
2019-07-09 11:49:14 <ME> Hello Elisabeth.
2019-07-09 11:49:16 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thanks for your punctuality
2019-07-09 11:49:41 <ME> thanks. It is my way of working and living.
2019-07-09 11:49:50 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I have a good news
2019-07-09 11:50:03 <unknown_103208116145897764000> client send money to your bank acc
2019-07-09 11:50:17 <ME> very good.
2019-07-09 11:50:29 <unknown_103208116145897764000> amount: 15785 EUR
your salary: 1600 EUR
you must send: 14185 EUR
2019-07-09 11:50:49 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please check your account
2019-07-09 11:51:15 <ME> OK. was the transfer already made? and when?
2019-07-09 11:51:54 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yesterday
2019-07-09 11:52:44 <ME> I suppose in the afternoon after cut off time, because it has not arrived yet.
2019-07-09 11:53:14 <unknown_103208116145897764000> sure 
2019-07-09 11:53:21 <ME> Can you give me details about the name of sender, his/her name? And do you have the slip?
2019-07-09 11:53:38 <ME> his/her country. sorry
2019-07-09 11:53:47 <unknown_103208116145897764000> it's not obligatory
2019-07-09 11:54:06 <unknown_103208116145897764000> this is our Italian client
2019-07-09 11:54:49 <unknown_103208116145897764000> after you get the money, i will give you the details for the transfer sepa
2019-07-09 11:55:18 <ME> Ok. As soon as I receive it, I will let you know.
2019-07-09 11:55:23 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can be online todat 15-00?
2019-07-09 11:55:36 <ME> Yes, sure.
2019-07-09 11:55:47 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you so much 
2019-07-09 11:55:52 <unknown_103208116145897764000> seeya late
2019-07-09 11:56:06 <ME> See you later, bye.
2019-07-09 11:56:37 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye
2019-07-09 14:30:12 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Iam here 
2019-07-09 14:30:15 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can talk ?
2019-07-09 14:34:50 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Please check your account
2019-07-09 14:47:41 <ME> I am here. I checked my account but nothing has arrived.
2019-07-09 14:47:52 <unknown_103208116145897764000> ok
2019-07-09 14:48:00 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can be online today at 19-00?
2019-07-09 14:48:11 <ME> Yes
2019-07-09 14:48:18 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you 
2019-07-09 14:48:21 <unknown_103208116145897764000> seeya late 
2019-07-09 14:48:28 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-09 14:48:31 <ME> Nothing about the slip?
2019-07-09 14:48:55 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we just need to wait and have patience
2019-07-09 14:49:16 <ME> ok. see you later. bye.
2019-07-09 17:58:56 <ME> Dear Elizabeth, I don't know if I will be available at 7.00 pm because I have a commitment, so I'm writing to you now. No SEPA transfer has arrived. Here are 18.00  and the banks are now closed. As a result there will be no credit on the same day.
2019-07-09 17:59:44 <ME> I hope to find the transfer tomorrow morning. Of course as soon as I have news I will let you know.
2019-07-09 18:00:03 <ME> Do you have any news from your side?
2019-07-09 18:29:51 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello 
2019-07-09 18:31:00 <ME>  Hello, I wrote you a message at 18.00
2019-07-09 18:31:13 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Thank you for your answer ! I think you will get money tomorrow morning. Could we have online tomorrow at 11-00?
2019-07-09 18:31:51 <ME> yes we can. no news from your side? Slip for example?
2019-07-09 18:32:54 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Transfer takes 24 hours! It was performed this morning. All we have to do is wait.
2019-07-09 18:33:36 <ME> OK. see you tomorrow, I hope with good news. BYe.
2019-07-09 18:33:45 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you 
2019-07-09 18:33:48 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-10 09:29:05 <ME> Good morning. Here it is 9.30 am, I checked my account but still nothing. Hoping it will be credited during the day.
2019-07-10 10:52:07 <ME> Dear Elisabeth, usually my bank credit my acount in the early morning. But till now nothing arrived. I know that the transfer can be put into my account during the day, but I want to ask if you are really sure about your client. 
2019-07-10 10:52:28 <ME> I mean if you are sure he made the transfer.
2019-07-10 10:54:24 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello 
2019-07-10 10:54:59 <ME> hello
2019-07-10 10:55:26 <unknown_103208116145897764000> How are you?
2019-07-10 10:55:45 <ME> fine, and you?
2019-07-10 10:55:55 <unknown_103208116145897764000> me too
2019-07-10 10:55:56 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please check your account!
2019-07-10 10:57:06 <ME> I checked 3 times this morning at 8.30 , 9.30 and few minutes ago. Please read my message before your greetings.
2019-07-10 11:03:55 <unknown_103208116145897764000> You will receive money during the day! if you do not receive money today, we will make a new transfer with a new client! please don't worry. Do you have any questions?
2019-07-10 11:04:43 <ME> No question. Thanks. See you later.
2019-07-10 11:05:28 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can be online at 15-00?
2019-07-10 11:06:01 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you
2019-07-10 11:06:03 <unknown_103208116145897764000> seeya late
2019-07-10 14:46:43 <ME> Hello, at 14.43 no transfer.
2019-07-10 15:02:14 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Iam here 
2019-07-10 15:03:04 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Today I will find a new client for you and tomorrow he will make a new transfer! I can not contact the customer.
2019-07-10 15:04:30 <ME> Ok. Ehat sbout details? The new one is from Italy, too? And the amount?
2019-07-10 15:08:01 <unknown_103208116145897764000> tomorrow I will give the exact amount of transfer
2019-07-10 15:08:54 <ME> Ok
2019-07-10 15:14:38 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please be online tomorrow at 12-00
2019-07-10 15:15:01 <ME> Ok
2019-07-10 15:15:17 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you
2019-07-10 15:15:23 <unknown_103208116145897764000> and please dont worry
2019-07-10 15:17:30 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Have a nice day
2019-07-10 15:17:35 <unknown_103208116145897764000> seeya tomorrow
2019-07-10 15:18:13 <ME> Just a moment
2019-07-10 15:18:23 <ME> I have a doubt
2019-07-10 15:18:37 <ME> Are you still there?
2019-07-10 15:19:57 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes
2019-07-10 15:20:17 <ME> Can you use another of my account?
2019-07-10 15:20:32 <unknown_103208116145897764000> what bank ?
2019-07-10 15:20:48 <ME> Credit Agricole - Cariparma
2019-07-10 15:21:50 <ME> If yes, I must give you all details.
2019-07-10 15:22:27 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Why do you want to change your account?
2019-07-10 15:23:37 <ME> Because yesterday I sent a little amount from another my account, and this amount still has not arrived on BANK
2019-07-10 15:23:49 <ME> So my doubts
2019-07-10 15:24:41 <ME> And this is why I asked you to change account. Later I will send you the screenshots I made of BANK, where you can see that no amount has arrived
2019-07-10 15:24:45 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Please make a screenshot of your account!
2019-07-10 15:25:27 <unknown_103208116145897764000> BANK
2019-07-10 15:26:53 <ME> this the one of this morning
2019-07-10 15:27:23 <ME> And this is of yesterday
2019-07-10 15:27:52 <ME> if you want after our chat I will make another one, and send
2019-07-10 15:28:20 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please give me new data
2019-07-10 15:28:33 <ME> here or in email?
2019-07-10 15:28:41 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Name:
2019-07-10 15:46:18 <ME> see you tomorrow
2019-07-10 18:11:35 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I have good news! The money has been sent to your BANK account. Tomorrow I will give you a copy of the statement!
2019-07-10 19:14:03 <ME> Ok
2019-07-11 08:38:30 <ME> Dear Elisabeth, I just made the first check of today, but your transfer did not arrive yet. I wait for the copy of statement. Yesterday I made some little movements on my account just to check if everything was ok, and yes the account works regularly. I received also the little transfer of 20 euro of which I talked about yesterday. I am attaching also a pic of screenshot. Anyway for next transfers use Credit Agricole-Cariparma
2019-07-11 08:39:26 <ME> From this screenshots you can see the new 4 little movements and you can also see no other incoming transfers.
2019-07-11 08:39:59 <ME> ... ements.jpg
2019-07-11 11:53:22 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello XXXXXXXXXXX
2019-07-11 11:53:30 <ME> hello
2019-07-11 11:54:27 <unknown_103208116145897764000> How are you ?
2019-07-11 11:54:58 <ME> I could say quite good. 
2019-07-11 11:55:07 <unknown_103208116145897764000> fine 
2019-07-11 11:55:32 <ME> did your read what I sent this morning?
2019-07-11 11:56:39 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes 
2019-07-11 11:56:42 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you 
2019-07-11 11:56:48 <unknown_103208116145897764000> but dont worry
2019-07-11 11:57:06 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I am sending you a copy of the statement now
2019-07-11 11:57:13 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please wait 
2019-07-11 12:01:08 <unknown_103208116145897764000> you here ?
2019-07-11 12:01:41 <unknown_103208116145897764000> hello
2019-07-11 12:01:51 <ME> yes I am
2019-07-11 12:02:12 <ME> but not received the statement yet.
2019-07-11 12:02:33 <unknown_103208116145897764000> send it now
2019-07-11 12:02:38 <unknown_103208116145897764000> [email protected]
2019-07-11 12:04:45 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Pay attention to the date of payment!
2019-07-11 12:05:12 <unknown_103208116145897764000> The money was sent yesterday, but the date the payment was made was 15.07
2019-07-11 12:05:38 <unknown_103208116145897764000> the money was sent to your BANK account
2019-07-11 12:05:56 <ME> so the money will arrive 16 july
2019-07-11 12:06:12 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes on BANK
2019-07-11 12:06:14 <unknown_103208116145897764000> but
2019-07-11 12:06:42 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Today I am negotiating with a client, he wants to make a transfer to your new account.
2019-07-11 12:07:16 <ME> OK I hope this one will accept.
2019-07-11 12:07:21 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes 
2019-07-11 12:07:22 <unknown_103208116145897764000> sure
2019-07-11 12:07:32 <unknown_103208116145897764000> maybe you have questions?
2019-07-11 12:08:48 <ME> Do you know that a sepa transfer can be cancelled ? we are not sure CLIENT1 will make the payment until the money not arrive.
2019-07-11 12:09:23 <unknown_103208116145897764000> sepa cannot be

2019-07-11 12:10:39 <ME> Sorry but a sepa transfer when made with online banking can be cancelled if made before cut off time. 
2019-07-11 12:11:01 <unknown_103208116145897764000> and ?
2019-07-11 12:11:39 <ME> Regarding the new customer and my other bank account (Credit Agricole). Is it Italian? And do you already know the amount?
2019-07-11 12:12:02 <ME> what you mean for "and?"
2019-07-11 12:12:10 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes 

2019-07-11 12:12:35 <unknown_103208116145897764000> maybe you have more questions?
2019-07-11 12:13:05 <ME> no. thanks. Keep me informed about the new customer.
2019-07-11 12:13:19 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yea
2019-07-11 12:13:23 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can be online tomorrow at same time 12-00?
2019-07-11 12:13:48 <ME> Yes, even if I hope to receive your good news before tomorrow.
2019-07-11 12:13:59 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you
have a good day 
seeya tomorrow
if you have any questions just ask
bye bye 
2019-07-11 12:14:10 <ME> Bye bye.
2019-07-12 11:58:54 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello Iam here
2019-07-12 11:59:15 <ME> hello, good morning
2019-07-12 12:00:22 <ME> You are very punctual.
2019-07-12 12:00:38 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you 
2019-07-12 12:01:24 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please check your account
2019-07-12 12:02:08 <ME> For what? Another transaction? or the Eurocolo one?
2019-07-12 12:02:57 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes 
2019-07-12 12:04:54 <ME> No transfer arrived. Sorry I don't understand if you mean a new transaction or the one of CLIENT1. You said yes but I don't understand.
2019-07-12 12:06:16 <ME> CLIENT1 is the one of yesterday of which you sent me the payment slip.
2019-07-12 12:12:39 <unknown_103208116145897764000> oh my god
2019-07-12 12:12:59 <unknown_103208116145897764000> the money was also sent to your second account!
2019-07-12 12:13:11 <unknown_103208116145897764000> amount: 13766EUR
your salary: 1400EUR
you must send: 12366EUR
2019-07-12 12:13:27 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I'll give you a statement now
2019-07-12 12:13:58 <ME> Ok. till now nothing arrived.
2019-07-12 12:14:28 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Please understand, money does not come instantly.
2019-07-12 12:15:08 <unknown_103208116145897764000> check your email
2019-07-12 12:16:36 <unknown_103208116145897764000> at the moment you should get two transfers!
2019-07-12 12:16:48 <unknown_103208116145897764000> for two accounts
2019-07-12 12:17:00 <ME> OK, I read the email. If it was made before cutoff time, it should arrive today, otherwise on Monday.
2019-07-12 12:17:26 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes monday 
2019-07-12 12:18:24 <ME> I have a question for you.
2019-07-12 12:18:43 <ME> Regarding the first transfer CLIENT1.
2019-07-12 12:19:52 <ME>  Eurocolo  have  arranged
the transfer on July 10th, but with payment on the 15th. Do you know why?

 Didn't they have the
funds available for the 10th? Or are they waiting for your answer? Or other?

In the description of the payment of the transfer, it is
written: ORDER HY 7544320.

Is it their cryptocurrency purchase? I ask you, only if in
the case my bank wants to know what it refers to.
2019-07-12 12:21:35 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I don't know why 15
2019-07-12 12:22:11 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Is this a problem for you?
2019-07-12 12:23:00 <ME> No
2019-07-12 12:23:37 <unknown_103208116145897764000> very good
2019-07-12 12:26:21 <unknown_103208116145897764000> do you have any questions?
2019-07-12 12:26:48 <ME> No. Thanks. 
2019-07-12 12:27:54 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can be online monday at 12-00?
2019-07-12 12:28:20 <ME> Ok I will. I wish you a nice weekend.
2019-07-12 12:28:40 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you so much 
2019-07-12 12:28:46 <unknown_103208116145897764000> have a good weekend too
2019-07-12 12:28:47 <unknown_103208116145897764000> if you get paid earlier, please let me know.
2019-07-12 12:28:52 <unknown_103208116145897764000> seeya monday \
2019-07-12 12:28:55 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-12 12:29:21 <ME> Of course I will let you know if money arrive earlier. Bye bye.
2019-07-12 12:42:32 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I know that Monday is a day off in Italy and the banks are closed
2019-07-12 12:42:36 <unknown_103208116145897764000> you know it ?
2019-07-12 12:43:07 <unknown_103208116145897764000> then be online tuesday
2019-07-12 12:43:12 <unknown_103208116145897764000> 12-00
2019-07-12 13:09:00 <ME> Oh i did not know. Ok for Tuesday.
2019-07-12 15:31:01 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Are you sure that Monday is a day off? I was informed that there is no holiday!
2019-07-12 15:31:19 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please be online on monday at 12-00
2019-07-12 16:15:40 <ME> In fact I checked but no holiday, fortunately.
2019-07-12 16:16:02 <ME> Yes i will be online at 12.00 on Monday.
2019-07-12 16:28:22 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you 
2019-07-12 16:28:25 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-12 16:28:47 <ME> Bye bye
2019-07-15 09:13:08 <ME> Dear Elisabeth, good morning and good new week to you. I know we 'll be online at 12, but I want to inform you that I already checked my account, but till now no transfer (13.766 €) arrived. It is very strange because it was made on 11 of July. It was performed by the bank on 12th, so this morning I expected to find it at early morning; but as said nothing. See you later.
2019-07-15 12:00:19 <ME> Hello? I am here.
2019-07-15 13:36:16 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello 
2019-07-15 13:44:29 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please check your account
2019-07-15 13:47:02 <ME> Checked. Nothing yet
2019-07-15 13:47:37 <unknown_103208116145897764000> give me 5 minutes
2019-07-15 13:47:56 <ME> Ok
2019-07-15 13:54:35 <ME> ... depenn.jpg
2019-07-15 13:55:14 <ME> ... %2Bdep.jpg
2019-07-15 13:55:30 <ME> Screenshots of this morning and few minutes ago
2019-07-15 13:55:42 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you so uch 
2019-07-15 13:56:17 <ME> Dear Elisabeth, what is the problem with G&S?
2019-07-15 13:56:26 <ME> CLIENT2
2019-07-15 13:58:01 <ME> You know “Sepa transfers” very well, so you know well that
if the transfer was sent on Friday 12 July, surely today it should have
arrived. Therefore, if it has not arrived, this means only one thing, namely that it has not been done.

The online Sepa transfers, can be arranged, you can also
print the receipt, but then they can be canceled the same day of the execution
and before the cut-off  (see this  link: ... ssi/53236/)

So having the receipt does not mean that the money will
2019-07-15 13:58:58 <ME> Can you ask CLIENT2 if there was any problem?
2019-07-15 13:58:58 <unknown_103208116145897764000> We need to wait tomorrow
2019-07-15 13:59:18 <ME> Why?
2019-07-15 14:01:00 <unknown_103208116145897764000> you have to get the money
2019-07-15 14:01:24 <ME> "Sepa transfers" have precise rules. If it was done Friday, it should have arrived today.
If it was not made Friday, then the receipt is false.
2019-07-15 14:01:31 <unknown_103208116145897764000> if you don't get the money, we will find another client
2019-07-15 14:01:56 <ME> It is quite sure I will not get the 13k.
2019-07-15 14:02:12 <ME> Because money would have arrived this morning.
2019-07-15 14:03:30 <unknown_103208116145897764000> XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX
DATE: 2019.07.10 16:10
IBAN: IT74E0326801607052295321720
€ 19204
2019-07-15 14:03:37 <unknown_103208116145897764000> how about it ???//
2019-07-15 14:04:20 <ME> This one, as you can read from the slip you sent, will be done today. So I should receive tomorrow.
2019-07-15 14:05:04 <unknown_103208116145897764000> ok
2019-07-15 14:05:12 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please be online tomorrow at 11-00
2019-07-15 14:05:28 <ME> ok. Thank you. Bye
2019-07-15 14:06:05 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-16 08:29:17 <ME> Dear Elisabeth,  CLIENT2 transfer did not arrived neither yesterday nor this morning, and I think there are problems with this one. Regarding the other transfer of 19.204€ till now (8.27 am) nothing yet. I will check later, because it was made yesterday so today it should arrive. See you later.
2019-07-16 08:30:45 <ME> ... %2Bdep.jpg
2019-07-16 08:31:31 <ME> ... 2Bjuly.jpg
2019-07-16 10:50:08 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello XXXXXXXXXXX
2019-07-16 10:50:47 <ME> Hello Elisabeth
2019-07-16 10:50:55 <unknown_103208116145897764000> How are you ?
2019-07-16 10:51:24 <ME> Not too good, because money did not arrive, yet.
2019-07-16 10:51:42 <unknown_103208116145897764000> on both accounts?
2019-07-16 10:52:20 <unknown_103208116145897764000> very bad
2019-07-16 10:52:22 <ME> Yes, I sent you previous message with screenshots at 8.30 this morning. See above.
2019-07-16 10:52:38 <unknown_103208116145897764000> 8.30 bank closed 
2019-07-16 10:53:23 <ME> Some of them open at 8. Anyway no money arrived till few minutes ago.
2019-07-16 10:53:35 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Today I will inform the main manager that you have not received the money
2019-07-16 10:54:02 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I have to sort things out.
2019-07-16 10:54:15 <ME> And I think that CLIENT2 not made. Instead the 19k one, it is probably it will arrive during the day
2019-07-16 10:54:56 <unknown_103208116145897764000> ok
2019-07-16 10:54:59 <unknown_103208116145897764000> need wait 
2019-07-16 10:55:25 <ME> ok. Let's wait today.
2019-07-16 10:55:35 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes please
2019-07-16 10:55:35 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can be online at 17-30 today?
2019-07-16 10:55:47 <ME> Yes we can.
2019-07-16 10:55:57 <unknown_103208116145897764000> have a good day 
2019-07-16 10:55:59 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-16 10:56:06 <ME> Bye.
2019-07-16 17:01:56 <ME> ... ly%2B3.jpg
2019-07-16 17:02:17 <ME> Dear Elisabeth, still nothing at 4.15 pm
2019-07-16 17:28:38 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello
2019-07-16 17:29:39 <ME> Hello
2019-07-16 17:35:27 <ME> Are you there?
2019-07-16 17:38:55 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes
2019-07-16 17:39:18 <unknown_103208116145897764000> still empty?
2019-07-16 17:39:35 <ME> yes. do you have news?
2019-07-16 17:41:10 <unknown_103208116145897764000> give me time i will write to you as soon as possible
2019-07-16 17:41:23 <ME> ok.
2019-07-16 17:54:15 <ME> I made an appointment after 6 pm and I have to leave. I will read your messages later. Sorry.
2019-07-16 18:39:46 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Iam here 
2019-07-16 18:42:15 <unknown_103208116145897764000>
I don't know why you still haven't received the money
This is problem
2019-07-16 18:43:22 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Our security service has initiated verification of these payments!
2019-07-16 18:46:38 <unknown_103208116145897764000> for the  verification   to succeed, we need to wait :( 
2019-07-16 18:47:46 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I think I can answer tomorrow
2019-07-16 18:48:01 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please be online tomorrow at time 18-00
2019-07-16 18:49:11 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you
2019-07-16 18:49:22 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-16 19:19:56 <ME> There is no other explanation, because the Sepa transfer
takes only one day to arrive. And according to the receipts you sent, the first
one (CLIENT2 13k) would have arrived on Monday 15, and the other one (CLIENT1
19k) today. As they did not arrive, it means they were not made. Are you
customer reliable? Because especially with regard to CLIENT1,  at the
beginning said it had paid on July 8th (see your 8th communication), but after
3 days you sent me a bank transfer receipt , presented (only) the 10th, with
payment the 15th (????). Very strange, and in fact……the payment has not arrived.
2019-07-16 19:20:55 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Yes, we are investigating! maybe a client is a fraudster
2019-07-16 19:21:00 <unknown_103208116145897764000> seeya tomorrow
2019-07-16 19:22:25 <ME> Dear Elizabeth, when I accepted this par-time job, I was
hoping to earn enough money.

On July 4th you told me I was starting a 14-day trial
period. This period expires in 2 days, and I still have not seen any payment in
my accounts, but above all no profit for me. It's not my fault, but I've been
checking my accounts for a week without finding any credit.  I hope tomorrow you will give me good news.
2019-07-16 19:24:10 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I hope too
2019-07-16 19:24:17 <ME> See you tomorrow. Bye.
2019-07-16 19:24:47 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-17 11:07:42 <ME> Dear Elisabeth, just to inform you that nothing arrived neither on BANK nor on redit Agricole-Cariparma. Now it is 11 am. Please this afternoon at 18 because at 18.20 I have to go away.
2019-07-17 17:31:06 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello XXXXXXXXX 
2019-07-17 17:31:23 <unknown_103208116145897764000> still no money?
2019-07-17 17:34:59 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Can you send me a screenshot that the money did not come to your account?

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