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#393262 by Michelle Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:07 am
From: "Garcia Olive" <[email protected]>

Thanks for the e-mail. Sorry for the late in the response. I'm
extremely busy at work. My name is Dr. Garcia Olive. Like i said (
Dallene ) my daughter is 11yrs of age. She is fun, loving, clean,
respectful and quiet. She speak English.

I'm having a Conference holding with UNICEF coming up at your area
next month and I'm coming with my daughter because i can't leave her
behind. I wont be able to go with her and that is why She will be
coming to you for the lessons so i want to know if the lesson will be
holding at your place or you will be looking for a convenient place. I
will like to know the day in a week you will be available for her
which will be 3 times a week but i prefer ( Mon, Thurs and Friday ) an
hour daily starting from 15th of November.

Meanwhile, i will love if Lesson schedule should hold in afternoon
and let me know the actual time of your availability as well in
convenience. Please kindly calculate the cost for the 3 days and for
a whole months.

As for the payment, My Sponsors will be responsible for all our
travel expenses and would like to make payment before our arrival.
They will be paying you through check in advance for the whole month,
that's why i will need the information so that the check will be
mailed out asap.

***Full Name:
***Street Address with apt # if you have any, City,State,Zip Code: ( Not POBox )
***Cell & Home #:
***Total amount for the whole month:

Meanwhile, I wont have much time coming online to check my e-mail
frequently, I will love if you could provide me the information i
needed in the next e-mail and ask any question you wish to know about
and i will definitely get back to you as fast as i can.

Nice in meeting you and I will wait to read back from you as soon as possible.

Dr. Garcia


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