Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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From: lite surgeon < [email protected] >

Subject: Re: Vacancy: Administrative

Dear candidate,
Surgeon Litate Autos AND COMPANY EQUIPMENT together with the express recruitment company under Mr. owned B.ROZELLE President / CEO.Williams Grant & SONS HOLDINGS is a trading company which is in the rental, sale and service of electric trucks, forklifts and material handling equipment associated and various types of batteries for electric vehicles that can be readily adapted to the customer's specific requirements for the Americas and selected locations in Europe. We seek that payment managers manage our payments
customers in the UK, USA, Canada other European countries

The international money transfer tax for legal entities (companies) in the UK is 25%, while for the individual is only 7%. It makes no sense work that way, while tax for international transfers made by a private individual is 7%. That's why we need you! We need agents to receive payment for our textiles (in money orders, check or bank transfer) and to resend the money to us via Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer. Thus, we will save money due to tax cuts.

1. Receive payment from customers
2. Cash payments in your bank
3. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage / pay on Payment processed.
4. The balance payable after the deduction of percentage / pay to any of the offices where you will be contacted to send payment will be transferred by Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer).

10% of each transaction! For example: you get $ 7000 by check or money orders on our behalf. You will cash the money and keep $ 700 (10% of $ 7,000) for you! At first, your commission will be equal to 10%, but then increase to 15%!

You do not need to leave because it will work as an independent
direct contractor of your home office. Your job is absolutely legal.
You can earn up to $ 3000- $ 4000 per month depending on the time you will spend for this job. You do not need capital to start. You can do the job easily without leaving or affecting your present job. Employees who strive and work hard have a strong possibility to become managers. Anyway, our employees never leave us because of our excellent working condition.

This position does not require any educational qualification but a
bachelor's degree or very good high school record will be an added advantage, no experience is necessary, but should be able to speak their language fluently and understand an extra language will be an added advantage.

There are also some questions I would like answers to.
an. you smoke ?
B. You have an addiction problem?
W. you have a criminal record?
d. you have a case pending against you in a court?

The individual must be highly motivated, sensitive, being a meticulous person is an advantage adicional.Se you are interested please fill out the form below employment

Employment Form
* First name..
* Last name....
* Home address .....
* City........
* Postal Code...
* Parents .....
* Telephone........
* The e-mail........
* It was......
* Current Occupation .......
* Work experience (optional)
* Women
* Marital status........
* Nationality ....
* Bank name.........


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