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This is a work-from-home scam. Email address is [email protected] and the account uses the name Kristin or James Douglas in the initial outreach.

Thanks for responding to the job advert. My name is James Douglas, an Interior Designers, Decorators & Art collector with a large client base and because of my job I'm constantly out of the State. My former Personal Assistant just got married and moved to Canada. If you accept my offer, I will need you to take charge of my mail pick ups and drop offs as well as errand running during your spare time outside of work. The job is flexible so you can do it wherever you are as long as there is a post office in the area. I will pay for the first week in advance to run any errands, and will also have my mails/packages forwarded to a nearby post office where you can pick them from at your convenience.

All errands will be in your city/town so it is not a must you have a car, but if you do it might be a plus. When you get my mails/packages, you will be required to mail them to where I want them mailed too. The content of the packages will be business and personal mails. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me and you are to work for just 2 days per week (4 hours daily). You will be doing this for 3 weeks until I get back to town so we can formally meet and discuss about the possibility of making this arrangement long term if I'm satisfied with your performance. How much will you charge per week? Am willing to pay $500 weekly including gas and others expenses. That is not a bad offer is it? If you accept this offer please reply with the following details below:

Fill Job Offer Sign-up Form information's :

Full Name ? Address ? City ? Zip Code ?
State ? Age ? Sex? Cell number ?
Home number ? Current Occupation ? Best Time to call ?
I will be needing your service immediately, I will request your first week payment mailed to you along with the pay to run errands for me. Kindly get back soon and have a nice day.

James Douglas
PHONE : 707) 339-8462
E-mail : [email protected]

To my great surprise, I was hired on the spot!

How are you doing today? .Thanks for the details. I am writing to confirm to you that you have been shortlisted for the job. You will resume work with helping me on errands, sorting out my deliveries, shopping,and making payments on my behalf since I am not available . You will be properly briefed in order to carry out every task appropriately. I believe we've started the purchase with TRUST, HONESTY AND SOUND MIND....! Please assure me of your trust, honesty and commitment.
I would write you soon on what you are to do next.Kindly view the attachment below, they are some Art work samples we intend to purchase. Do not hesitate to notify me if you do not get the Payment latest by this week . Also, notify me if you receive this message so that i can be rest assured that you are still interested in the job and understand everything in this email then, i can let you know your first assignment.
Hope to read back from you soon to confirm you received my email.
Thank you.
James Douglas.

Attached were three images that are common in the "Booze and Brushes" type of evening art classes where participants paint a simple image. They were not very attractive images.

After engaging with the scammer, a check is sent out by tracked mail package (return address is the same as the delivery address apparently) and these instructions are given:
Once you receive the Check, Here is how to go about the transaction :- The financial officer has given strict instructions that as soon as you get this payment, take the payment to your BANK, Deposit it using your PHONE, or ATM MACHINE, or DEBIT CARD, with those method it wont take more than 30 mins to clear into your account, but if you cant use those method or you don't have access to do that then have the payment deposited into your BANK ACCOUNT. Payment will only take 24 hrs to clear into your bank account and once the payment has cleared, deduct your first week pay which is $500 and proceed to the nearest Mall around you to make payment for my latest Art Works/ Gallery shopping's we intent to buy in the attachment below. Please handle this once received as if it were your own! .I will pick the materials up from you when I return back to the states this weekend.
Total deduction: $500
That's basically all needed to do to complete your first assignment.Very simple instructions.
I will be waiting to read back from you Asap and i also have one more assignment for you to be done tomorrow. I want you to be rest assured that I'll never stress you at all in any assignment given to you and i promise to pay your fee weekly as we both agreed.
I will be expecting your call or text message as quickly as you received the package.
Honesty, loyalty and punctuality is my watchword.
Thank You and May the almighty God bless you.
James Douglas

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