Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#394961 by general99 Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:45 am
They are very well-prepared scammers who defraud companies by misleading them into believing that they have great profits from a (false) investment.
At the same time, through job search sites, Linkedin, Facebook and more, they search for Money Mules, with the deception of a job (false) and through these people receive the bank transfers made, in good faith, by the deceived companies.
Their sites are assembled very good. They seem real. I also came into contact with them, thinking it was a real job offer.
After the first response by email, the scammers claim that communications take place through Google Hangouts.
At first they make a phone call in English, very very clear, and then they start chatting giving all the explanations to get money from their customers(defrauted companies). They are very professional, and they don't look like scammers. The promised bank transfer (addressed to Money Mule) arrives after a few days, but in the end the customer (defrauded) makes the recall of the transfer, through his bank.
They have various websites all identical; obviously only the domain changes. The three domains are: - -

They use other gmail addresses in order to communicate via Google Hangouts.

Other email addresses: [email protected] - [email protected][email protected] - [email protected] -

#394962 by general99 Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:47 am
This is a part of the chat had with SCAMMERS.

first thing I would like to ask you!

You have chat hangouts on your phone?

You need to install chat to your phone.

It is very important and is a major aspect of the operation.

Please do this.

you must have permanent access to the Internet, anywhere

2019-07-04 12:14:20 <unknown_103208116145897764000> now i give you a description of the work read carefully

2019-07-04 12:18:40 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Your work at home. Your home is your office.
in your probations period of 14 days, your task will be to receive and send payments to our client.
so! Now I will tell you
Our company is an intermediary! We are engaged in investments and as well as the sale and rental of mining equipment for cryptocurrency.
we receive an order from a client to buy a cryptocurrency mining equipment, and then our task is provide equipment and make a profit.
Or we received an order for a client’s investment, we have to invest his money correctly.
After that, we have to make payment. Send goods to client and received money!
Now I have a client, he lives in IT. He wants to buy a mining equipment.
At the time of the probations period, you will use personal bank account for payments. It is necessary that you could learn and check your competence. I hope you understand.
after that you need to invest money in Bitcoin for profit, following the detailed instructions.
After probations period 14days, you will receive a company corporate account for larger deals.

your job is to take care of payment and investment.

a probations period of 14 days, your salary will be $100-1000 of each payment !

After the probations period your salary will be $100-1000 of each payment and 2500$ per 1month

You are using client money! you don't use your money

For the first time, I will explain everything and help you. we will start gradually. it is necessary that you understand the essence of the work. a lot of information !

You have questions?

2019-07-04 12:30:13 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Do you have accounts in other banks?

2019-07-04 12:32:21 <unknown_103208116145897764000> If your account has any problems, we will not be able to use it. for example, negative balance, bad credit history. Are there any problems?

2019-07-04 12:33:23 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Is this a prepaid account? We do not work with prepaid accounts!

now you need to confirm your personal details and bank acc details 
2019-07-04 12:39:58 <unknown_103208116145897764000> щл
2019-07-04 12:40:00 <unknown_103208116145897764000> ok
2019-07-04 12:40:04 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you so much 
2019-07-04 12:40:25 <unknown_103208116145897764000> You need a few days to prepare! I think that tomorrow or after tomorrow you can start
2019-07-04 12:41:34 <ME> Thank you so much. I am very glad about everything. Surely we can have a good business relationship.
2019-07-04 12:41:40 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can be online tomorrow at 12-00?

2019-07-04 12:42:55 <ME> Yes we can. If I don't receive hangouts alert, please send email because it arrives immediately after you sent it.

2019-07-05 11:51:24 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello XXXXXXXXXXX
2019-07-05 11:56:26 <ME> hello
2019-07-05 11:58:07 <unknown_103208116145897764000> How are you today ?

2019-07-05 11:59:12 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yes 
2019-07-05 11:59:17 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you so much
2019-07-05 12:01:06 <unknown_103208116145897764000> There are many ways to transfer money

it is not limited to bank transfer

what methods money transfer do you know?

2019-07-05 12:01:43 <ME> Western Union, Money Gram

2019-07-05 12:02:04 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we used sepa bank transfer

This is a pan-European system of bank transfers. working only in europe.

know it?

2019-07-05 12:05:28 <ME> The Sepa Transfer (if made before cut off time) take only one day to reach the beneficiary bank account.

2019-07-05 12:19:11 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Your work will be 9am-3pm

Is this normal?
2019-07-05 12:19:26 <ME> Yes it is.
2019-07-05 12:20:07 <unknown_103208116145897764000> oh yeah

you need to know

after 14 days probations period, you will get access to the bank accounts of our company and will manage payments.

so it is very important to go through a probations period is ideally

2019-07-05 12:21:41 <unknown_103208116145897764000> let's reproduce the situation

in your bank account transfer 15000

your salary = 1500euro

13500 you must sent sepa bank transfer

2019-07-05 12:22:34 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I would like to know the limit of your bank account!

Can you send 13500euro?

we select a client based on your sending limit

2019-07-05 12:24:27 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you

2019-07-05 12:24:46 <unknown_103208116145897764000> sunday I will give you detailed instructions for your actions

2019-07-08 11:47:05 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Now I will give you detailed instructions for work
please save them

2019-07-08 11:48:29 <unknown_103208116145897764000>
1) I give you the information and the exact amount of the sender's name.

2) The money will be in your account

3) I give you the recipient details for sepa bank transfer

4) you make a purchase ( do cash deposit)

5) Once you have finished, you should send me a scan of the formulation

After that, your Task will be counted as completed!
And you can proceed to the Second Task.

see ya tomorrow
bye bye

2019-07-09 11:48:44 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Hello XXXXXXXXX
2019-07-09 11:49:14 <ME> Hello Elisabeth.

2019-07-09 11:49:16 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thanks for your punctuality
2019-07-09 11:49:41 <ME> thanks. It is my way of working and living.

2019-07-09 11:49:50 <unknown_103208116145897764000> I have a good news
2019-07-09 11:50:03 <unknown_103208116145897764000> client send money to your bank acc
2019-07-09 11:50:17 <ME> very good.

2019-07-09 11:50:29 <unknown_103208116145897764000> amount: 15785 EUR
your salary: 1600 EUR
you must send: 14185 EUR

2019-07-09 11:50:49 <unknown_103208116145897764000> please check your account

2019-07-09 11:51:15 <ME> OK. was the transfer already made? and when?
2019-07-09 11:51:54 <unknown_103208116145897764000> yesterday

2019-07-09 14:30:12 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Iam here 
2019-07-09 14:30:15 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can talk ?
2019-07-09 14:34:50 <unknown_103208116145897764000> Please check your account
2019-07-09 14:47:41 <ME> I am here. I checked my account but nothing has arrived.
2019-07-09 14:47:52 <unknown_103208116145897764000> ok
2019-07-09 14:48:00 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we can be online today at 19-00?
2019-07-09 14:48:11 <ME> Yes
2019-07-09 14:48:18 <unknown_103208116145897764000> thank you 
2019-07-09 14:48:21 <unknown_103208116145897764000> seeya late 
2019-07-09 14:48:28 <unknown_103208116145897764000> bye bye 
2019-07-09 14:48:31 <ME> Nothing about the slip?
2019-07-09 14:48:55 <unknown_103208116145897764000> we just need to wait and have patience
2019-07-09 14:49:16 <ME> ok. see you later. bye.

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