Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#396698 by Sandythescamslayer Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:05 pm
*EXAMPLE OF EMPLOYMENT SCAM EMAIL* : Don't respond to emails like this. Don't contact this person. Don't let them know they are on this site.

From: [email protected]


I have been extremely busy and occupied all through with some clients related issues here in Toronto, beside I was out of town to the remote area of Toronto, Ontario Canada for an exhibition that was why I couldn't get back to you earlier. You will be giving a trial tasks this week which I am putting things in place for everything to work well.

Here are key descriptions of the task.

- Picking up of paperwork.
- You will be handling a donation to a charity organization of which I am a Primary Donor.
- Bill Payments
- Printing of Invitations
- Gift Card Shopping.

The details of this will be highlighted in my subsequent emails to you. You will also be sent upfront, your weekly payment which will be mailed to your address on file along with the donation to handle and a more detailed specification of duties for the week will be sent to you as soon as possible. I have instructed my financial adviser to mail a certified payment check to you which will cover 400$ weekly paycheck and funds to carry out the tasks stated in the job description and will be expedited to arrive in 1-3 business days. These tasks have to be done on time and in the best way possible.

Kindly make sure you check your email daily at least twice to three times in a day for regular updates as I am currently in CANADA for an exhibition so we shall be communicating via email/sms pending upon my arrival on 28th for a preliminary interview face to face.

Send your FULL NAME and FULL ADDRESS(CITY,STATE,ZIP-CODE): include apartment # Mobile Number If available immediately if you are willing to work with me.

NOTE: Kindly acknowledged the receipt of this message by sending '' I received '' to my mobile number 312 631-0351 and A simple reply to my e-mail is greatly appreciated so that I'll know it was received, transparency and integrity, communication is very important in a successful relationship.

Thanks and Enjoy the rest of your day.

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