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*EXAMPLE OF EMPLOYMENT SCAM EMAIL* : Don't respond to emails like this. Don't contact this person. Don't let them know they are on this site.

From Betty Wilfred <[email protected]>

Thanks for responding to our post inquiry regarding the Caregiver. My name is Betty and my Mom is Christine , she is 58 years old and recently had a limb surgery. she's been taking little steps to walk again but still need support which is why I need someone to take care of her and help with some light chores as we are relocating. I would be needing your service from Monday through Friday which is 6-7 hours daily, from 9am - 3pm. Or let me know your available time.

My Mom is a wonderful person and full of life, she is so interesting to be with. I will be needing your services for long term on and willing to offer you $25 per hour with benefits as compensation for trustworthy and honesty.

If you accept this position, I will arrange for your first week upfront payment to be sent out to you so that i can be rest assured of your availability for the job and quit the search. Let me know if you are okay with this and i hope you understand my concerns.

If this employment opportunity is acceptable by you, the information below is required for a confirmation and further proceedings to take place:

Full Name:

Full Address: (Street name,State,City & Zip Code)

Apt #: (If Available)

Cell phone number:

Available hours:

We would be arriving on the 15th of this Month but just before the date, we would have some assignments for you such as purchasing an

electric wheel chair for my daughter and one other needed items in order to work with my Mom, which is very important to get before

our arrival but i am the one that will pay for the wheel chair.

NOTE - She just had a surgery on her right knee and wouldn't be able to walk for for a while, this is why we need to get this wheelchair

before our arrival. All we ask of you is your total honesty and sincerity, I await your response as regards this employment offer and the

requested details.


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