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#399583 by Michelle Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:47 pm
ritz carlton.hotel

We have approved your job application as (Medical attendant) and we have forwarded your details to the Canadian immigration bureau. Therefore, download this attached Ritz-Carlton Hotel Application Form, fill the form properly and forward it to the Canadian immigration bureau with this email address below for your visa processing into Canada, below is the contact email address you will use to send the filled form.

E-mail: [email protected]

Kindly inform the office that you were instructed to contact their office by the management of Ritz-Carlton Hotel for your visa documents processing, they will definitely put response to your application.

Note; print the form out and fill it with pen, after filling the form send one copy to the Canadian immigration bureau with the email address given to you above for the further processing of your visa documents process to Canada

NB: print the hotel form out before you fill it, then after you filled the form scan it back and forward it to the above email address urgently and return a copy to us for documented. Meanwhile you will be checking your email very accurate all the time in other not to lose some massage regarding the process. Because sometimes sluggish network can put massage to enter into spam folder so for that reason you are advice to check your inbox/spam folder very accurate all the time to avoid missing of any mail.


Ritz-Carlton Hotel human resources department


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