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#422878 by Troy Platt Fri Jan 29, 2021 9:20 am
Arrived via USPS mail.

Hello Survey Agent,
You signed up for our survey task online a few days ago in which you filled in your name and mailing details to
evaluate participating retail
stores around you and get paid for your feedback. Your job is just to act like a regular customer and perform a
normal business transaction
while you conduct a simple survey/evaluation (without being noticed) and gather information about the quality
of staff, customer service
professionalism, behavior of staff and other issues at such locations.
Your 1st survey/evaluation will be on participating family of stores near you e.g. Apple OR Walmart. There have been
reports about, harassment of
customers, unqualified staff, slow processes, lapse in the services of some of their staff etc. This survey/evaluation is
necessitated based on reports
which their customers forwarded anonymously to the head office. Note that this is an undercover survey so it is
imperative that you keep confidential
so as to guarantee an unbiased survey.
Payment for your survey/ evaluation has been sent to your mailing address in for of a CERTIFIED CHECK.
You will be evaluating Apple store closest to you.
You will make deposit the check at your financial institution and wait for 24-hrs for the funds to clear into your account.
Survey Commission/salary $350
Purchase One iPhone 12 Pro Maxi Phone
SIM-free - $1,399.00 .
Storage size :512GB⁴
Colors: Pacific blue & Gold colors respectively
You are required to professionally conduct your survey/evaluation using the guidelines below (without being noticed)
while you transact like a regular customer to guarantee an unbiased survey/evaluation.
−Take down the address of the store location visited along with the exact time you step in.
−General outlook and neatness of the carpark and interior of the store.
−Are there hand sanitizers and/or other measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus.
−How easy was it to spot the product?
−How many cashiers can you count at the store?
−Note if the cashier who attends to you is wearing a name tag. If yes try and take down the name without being noticed.
−Is social distancing observed at the store.
−Exact time you step out of the store.
After completing your survey evaluation, you are to take a clear picture of the receipt, along with the phones
purchased as confirmation and send along with your detailed evaluation report. You will keep the phones as you will
be given further instruction on what to do with
It will only take you a few minutes to conduct your evaluation so I expect you to try to get it done promptly. Remember
this is an
undercover survey so it is imperative that you remain confidential. Apple stores do not like being evaluated so
you must remain
professional to guarantee an unbiased survey/evaluation.
TEXT ONLY Email; ([email protected])
Jonathan. Peyer
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