Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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We are an Investment consultant here in West Africa. We work with
local small scale agro farmers by managing their agro export
businesses globally. Presently we seek foreign representatives,
(TRUSTEES) in our major countries of interest, who would, on our
behalf, receive payments from our various foreign clients and disburse
these as we may advise, often to accommodate payment of certain agro
related product items/machinery we may wish to import back to Africa
from such countries.

Our financial transactions do often range from Ten Thousand to two
Hundred Thousand American currency. By reason of the volume of funds
we expect to transact on in the coming months, we shall prefer that
the trust account be a corporate account. Note that for every payment
amount you may receive and disburse on our behalf, you shall retain
eight percent of these as commission due you/your company for services

Should you be able to represent our interest in this wise, then do
proceed to provide us your exact full names,company name work or home
address, telephone number and a copy of your valid identification. I
will call to discuss further.

Faithfully yours,

Daniel Amechi

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