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#432429 by Wiljames Wed Apr 13, 2022 9:36 pm
Dog walking employment scam - initial email from compromised account, casual request for information results in this emailed reply:

Glad to hear from you,

Your prompt email just after the text shows you are a punctual person. It's a good thing I found this platform to help reach out to you otherwise I am not sure how I would have been able to get in touch with a sitter not to talk to of employing one. Anyway, my name is Timothy Coppock. I am an HIV/Aids cure researcher/critical care specialist. I will be relocating to your neighborhood from Paris. Well at least I hope it's in close proximity to where you reside. I am coming down there to manage the health of the CEO of a private company. Hence why I need someone that will help in sitting my English bulldog.

Which city are you living in?

Hours and days are none specific and that would depend on your availability and flexibility. should you have other jobs I am willing to still accommodate your time schedule. My dog is so important to me. He was a gift from my late father. His name is Eddy and has a very soft temper, he is very playful and due to what I would be doing out there, I wouldn't have the time to walk and play with him. Kindly make known to me the days you would be available and time and we would work it out.

I am looking at 8 hours a week. You can decide to split the hours daily depending on how convenient it is for you each day. That simply means you can do 2 hrs. today and 1 hr. tomorrow and 2 hrs the next day. It's pretty much up to you. I am willing to pay up to $300 weekly. If you believe you are a good fit for this position and you will prove yourself to be a reliable and good person, I will give you the job.


Scam proceeds when he wants to mail a check to the victim, who takes $300 out of the (bogus) check and forwards along $2000 to a "housekeeper" for dog food via Zelle or Apple Pay.

Initial email from a compromised source:

From: [compromised work address]
Subject: Pet sitter/ dog walker needed. Pay is $300 weekly.

Hi, my name is [random]. I am a staff here in [company]. My uncle is moving to the school area and needs someone who can pet sit or and walk his English Bull dog 2 hours daily within 9am-11pm.Pay is $300 weekly. Kindly email him for more info [email protected]. You are to contact him with your personal email NOT work email so he can receive your email because most times I email him with my work email he hardly receives my emails.

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