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Subject: We need a Bitcoin seller(BTC/FIAT offer)
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We received this business offer from a real reliable source. If you wish to do so, please send a message directly to the following email and Skype address:

Skype ID:drmohammadfarivar8

Email address:[email protected]

Please do not forget to enter my name in the coordinators box.



We need a real seller of Bitcoins against the Euro or Dollar in a very heavy volume. The transaction will be processed through the banking system.

Both parties should exchange a KYC for the compliance of the banks involved in this transaction.

1. Procedures:

A-The owner of Bitcoin sends the address of his wallet from which he will make the transaction to the owner of Euro or Dollar for check in

B-The owner of the Euro or Dollar sends his CIS and Bank Statement to the owner of the Bitcoin

C- Owner Bitcoin will send 10 $ Satoshi from same wallet Bitcoin that his sent before to owner Euro or Dollar. Definitely necessary is balance wallet minimum 1000 Bitcoin and Transactions numbers into same wallet be less than 10.(mean the Bitcoin wallet owner must have less than 10 transactions have done on the wallet containing the Bitcoin)

D- The owner of the Euro or Dollar will transfer at least $ 1,000.00 from his previously announced account to the Bitcoin owner's account via the online banking or direct cash transfer account. Confirmation of this transaction must be approved by the Bitcoin owner's bank officer.

E- Buyer and Seller sign the agreement and register with respective banks. If requested by Buyer, Buyer and seller will share the screen of online banking and BTC wallet during live video call or face to face meeting; or provide a recorded video to each other.

F- Buyer will send MT199/799-RWA to Seller bank stating readiness to send the funds.(will come in agreement APPENDIX C )

G - Seller bank will reply with MT199/799-(RWA/UNDERTAKING) to Buyer bank stating readiness to receive the fund and fulfil contractual obligations according agreement number XXX. (APPENDIX C)

H- Buyer pays for the first tranche to seller’s designated bank account.

I- Seller confirms funds and credits the coins to buyer’s wallet.

J- Seller pays all commissions and discount by BTC/FIAT.

K- Next tranches will continue until contract exhausted.

2.Undertaking for payment Commissions for Coordinators and middle groups with letter head Bitcoin s seller Will be attached to the original contract and the Coordinators and middle groups will receive their Commissions by Bitcoins(BTC) directly from the Bitcoin owner. This amount (Commissions for Coordinators and middle groups ) will be deducted from the amount sent to the owner of the euro or dollar wallet and will be sent directly to the Coordinators and middle groups wallet.

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