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#7825 by GomerPyle Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:32 am
I think this scammer has omitted the name of his company to try to avoid anyone google searching him.

This mail is full of meaningless and mangled English in an attempt to sound as if it is some sleek technical enterprise, when it's written by a low intelligence fraudster. Company name ? Country of Origin ? Salary ? Law Obedience ? - surely he means Legal Compliance, but that's not an employment competency, it's an obligation, unless the job calls for legal knowledge, but he already dug a hole he had to back down on when he mentioned insurance.

Absolute drivel. You'll get a counterfeit cheque and be asked to remit funds by Western Union before it has cleared, effectively buying waste paper for money with the likelihood of legal action against you by your bank.

Subject: Move on with your career: Manager (Remote, part-time vacancy; 2500 USD/month)

Dear Job Seeker,

Due to converge of our mutual interests within the boundaries of the employment process, we'd like to manifest provision of the newly opened entry, available for your immediate contemplation.

An expansion process, has inevitably triggered the underscored insurance company to form complementary positions within the market of operation.

We're providing a feasible opportunity to put your legal background to use in the insurance/accounting sphere. Undoubtedly, our ultimate aim is to bring the confort work environment, stimulating a reciprocal leap towards beneficial and justifying operating conditions.

Informational table is presented below, to briefly outline the opening.

* Benefits and privileges:

-Feasible career advancement opportunities.
-Extensive tutelage (probation period) for the first two months.
-Fixed payout, resulting in 2000 USD monthly.
-Outstanding reimbursement plan.

* Requirements:

- Accuracy and leadership in the assigned operations
- Interpersonal and communication skills.
- Swift decision-making.
- Honesty and law obedience.
- Proficient use of Microsoft Office.

* Primary responsibilities:

- Preparing invoices, compiling itemized charges and submitting bills concerning insurance reimbursement enquiries.
- Commencing insurance operations (reimbursement cases).
- Consolidating viable documentation, records and paperwork.
- This is not insurance sales position and you don't need to sell insurance, this is Money Manager vacancy.

If you want to apply please send all your questions and contact information ONLY to e-mail: [email protected]
We're looking forward to our further communication.

Julie Mathews. HR department.
ID: 95499118851347227

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Whenever payment is requested by Western Union you're dealing with a scammer

#8472 by The Enchantress Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:57 pm
Another scam job offer from Julie Walters.

Same mail address but this one includes telephone numbers.

Subject: Part-time long-term employment: Manager (Remote vacancy
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009

A venerable insurance company within the underlying market of operation,
is proud to announce yet another feasible entry for uprising accounting

Comfort working environment will most definitely justify the necessity to
excel in the vast sphere of professional goals, and thereof lay a firm
foundation for your career advancement.

Salient associates, with profound work knowledge, will assist you in
unwrapping avocation related techniques, which will best integrate with
the development and popularization of high-caliber insurance solutions.

Feel free to consider the prerequisites table right below, to amass the
important information.

-- This is part time work at home position and can easily combine this
vacancy with other work.
-- Your education and status don't matter.
-- You will receive payments (Direct Bank Deposits and wire transfers) from
client within United States and send it by instant payment sistem such as
Western Union. You will receive 5% of processed amount.
-- To start work with us you must only have basic checking account at any
bank. Your financial information will never be disclosed to third parties.
-- You can work 2-3 hours per day.
-- This is not insurance sales position and you don't need to sell insurance,
this is Money Transfer Assistant vacancy.
-- You do not spend your own money and there are no startup fees. All
charges for withdrawal or transferring the money will be deducted from
the payment.
-- We do not ask any personal information and we run business according
to laws of the United States of America.
-- Your fixed salary is 2000 USD a month + 5% from each payment
processed by you.
-- The main responsibilities will be to fill forms, receive and transfer money
from our clients at the United States to our couriers.

If you want to apply please send all your questions and contact information
at [email protected] . We're looking forward to our further communication.

Phone: (520) 762-7351
Fax (520) 844-0888
Julie Mathews. HR department.

Note search result on Julie Mathews;

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