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#435785 by SRT Fri Aug 19, 2022 3:30 pm
Hello. I received a text message on August 16 from a company called Geodis, saying that I needed to set up a telegram account in order to have a job interview. I set up the account, and began a conversation via telegram with someone claiming to be Bruce Levine. There was even a profile picture associated with the username, (@geodisdesk), of a Bruce Levine, who appeared on Linkedin and other websites as the vice president of human resources at Geodis, so I thought it was legit. I was offered the job as a data entry clerk, and, the next day, I received a check in the mail from Total Safety USA, (supposedly a company that owed Geodis money), in the amount of $3,950.00.
I was to deposit the check immediately, sign an offer letter, (which did not have any addresses, phone numbers or names), and begin purchasing working materials with those funds. Even when I stated that I was uncomfortable with the fact that my working hours were not listed in the offer letter, and that I did not want to share my drivers' license, Mr. Levine assured me that it was not a scam, ("I cringe when I hear the word, scam."), and that this was a reputable, trustworthy company, and a great opportunity. I still had a bad feeling about it, so I did not deposit the check. On August 18, I informed him that I was not going to sign the offer letter, and he said that that was okay, "just take 500 dollars from the deposited check for your time spent online." I thanked him, but said that I was going to shred the check. His last message was "FADE."
I really, really think that this individual was posing as Bruce Levine, and was trying to do a check fraud.
I tried to contact GEODIS through their website, to inform them of this, but did not receive a response. I also contacted telegram about this at [email protected], but, of course, have not heard anything.

I just wanted to put this out there for others to hopefully be warned about this type of fraud. Thank you for reading.


#435787 by Arnold Sat Aug 20, 2022 9:36 am
Welcome to Scamwarners.
. Levine assured me that it was not a scam,

He would! It's a scam! Either the check is fake which you'll find out later when you're out of pocket. Or it's genuine and the job is money laundering, so it's you the police would come looking for. No genuine business recruited so casually.
Not sending your licence was good. It would enable the scammer to use your name with it as proof of id ntity.

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