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(Format may vary) Your PayPal account has apparently been illegally accessed, according to the evidence. Your account has been charged $500. 00 for the Target eGift Card purchase. After 24 hours, this transaction will show up in the automatically debited amount on Payment activity. Contact us right away at the toll-free number +1 (888) 224-8801 or go to the PayPal Support Center for help if you believe you did not make this transaction. Our Business Hours: (06:00 a. m. to 06:00 p. m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday)

It’s a phishing scam that baits customers with a real invoice sent directly from PayPal. That’s right, PayPal is enabling this ruse on its own site.

Why did it look legit?

It came directly from PayPal. (In Gmail, go to the email and click “more” and then “show original” to see the source. In Yahoo mail, just hover the cursor over the sender’s name and it will show the actual “from” address.)

Why is this PayPal scam so convincing?
Here’s what makes the scam so effective.

The invoices are real
The bad guys had piggybacked on the system to make it look like an official billing notice from PayPal. Even the emails from PayPal were real.

The “support” is plausible
The bottom of the notification lists a number or tells you to go online. This is the brilliant part: If you go to your PayPal account, you’ll see the invoice. So if you want an immediate answer, you’ll call the redacted number for information — and get through to the scammer.

There are many ways to fall for it
Gullible PayPal customers like me could fall for it in any number of ways. First, I could pay the real invoice voluntarily. But then I could also discover the scam and call the fake PayPal number only to have my password stolen. How clever.

(above text taken directly from article below)

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Do not send money (especially Western Union Money Gram) to a stranger on the Internet! It's a scam! No matter the reason! Don't trust them!

DO NOT tell a scammer his information is posted here or you know he is a fraud

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