Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#61296 by A.B. Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:48 pm
We are accepting applications for qualified individuals to become Secret

Job Description;
- You will receive funding for the assignment.
- You will receive the Instruction for your assignment via email on the
location and details of the assignment.
- You are to complete the assignment as fast and discreetly as possible.
- You will be asked to visit a business location to conduct business be it a
restaurant, shopping store etc.

Payment Terms;
You will receive a flat sum of $200 per assignment. The company will furnish you
with all expense needed for the assignment and any other expense incurred during
the course of executing your assignment.

Note: You are to follow all instructions given to you to the fullest.

Kindly send your information in attachment to proceed on first assighment to:
=> [email protected]

Full Name:
full Mailing Address (not P..O.Box please):
Zip Code:
Cell Phone:
Home Phone:
Marital Status:
Best Times To Call:
Present Job Status/Position:

It's fun and rewarding and we look forward to working with you.

Head of Recruitments

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#187455 by alldnsane Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:49 pm
Another one just like the OP's post. This one is also using "" as the origin and a reply back to a account.

*Original Message*

from: David Moyes <[email protected]>
reply-to: [email protected]
to: [email protected]
date: Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 11:16 AM
subject: + MS_ Opportunity

David Moyes <[email protected]>
11:16 AM (4 hours ago)


You will be assigned to visit a shop.
You need to "pretend" to be a normal potential customer who is looking for a particular service or product.
You will then finish an on-line questionnaire to share with us your customer experience.


17 Years old or above
Can speak local language well
Can read and write english.
No experience needed like shopping


You will get $200 for each assignment.
Most of the time you will only need to spend 20 minutes on the visit.

Give me your information for register :
1. Name :
2. Physical Address :
3. Citys / states / countrys :
4. Zip Codes :
5. Phone :
6. Gender :
7. Ages :

Thank you for participation.

David M
Regional Manager Int.

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