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#1130 by HopkinsDAS Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:15 am
WARNING, the following fake job post was posted by an internet scammer, if you receive an email from Euro Wings GA or from their email address: [email protected] then BEWARE! - SP

Euro Wings AG is looking for responsible and conscientious applicants for the post of Guarantee Manager.

Eurowings Co. is a major wholesale supplier of electronics to on-line stores around the world. We offer our customers a unique sales pattern enabling them to exhibit and sale goods which are not in stock. Thus, warehousing and logistic costs are minimized.

Summarized description of Guarantee Manager responsibilities.
In the event guarantee case arises in connection with the item of the goods we supply or store at our warehouse the end user returns the faulty goods to on-line store. The on-line store, in its turn, sends the faulty item to the nearest Guarantee Manager who inspects the goods in order to establish external damages, makes the corresponding report and delivers the goods in question to the service centre for repair or specified outlet for discount sale.

Requirements to be met by the applicants:
- Age limit: 18 and older
- Listing, Selling items at Ebay
- PC user (MS Word, Internet, E-mail), Printer
- Personal qualities: honesty, precision, conscientiousness, industriousness, responsibility
- EU (Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Denmark) resident
- Stable internet connection at home.
- Prepare and process shipping documents: Slips, Bills of lading, etc.
- Follow directions and routines
- Knowledge of English (Basic)

Persons who will be accepted for this job will follow these simple instructions:

1. Receive the merchandise and payment for it from our partners to his/her residential address;
2. Report to our manager (every candidate will be included in manager’s lists)
3. Repack received items following the instructions our manager will send to you.
4. List and sell received items at Ebay.DE. (Powersellers will have double salary 60 EUR\box)
5. Receive money from our company for shipping and payment for each shipped out package. First trial month we offer 30 EUR/each shipped out box
6. Fill the forms and papers as it will be shown in our managers instructions (you will receive e-mail with instructions for each box).
7. Ship the package out using the specified shipping method.

Please, pay attention that applicants are not required to have higher education. If you have decided to apply, fill in the form:

Personal Information
First name:
Last name:
Postal zipcode:
Phone #:
Cell #:

And send an e-mail with your personal information to our Personnel Department: [email protected]

Please be free to ask us any questions you will have.

#1132 by ChrisSmith Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:23 am
Errrrr.... you won't earn a penny. In fact, if you fall for this one, you will be the one out of pocket by thousands. :evil:
Actually, as far as scam letters go, that's quite a good one. The end result will still be the same though.

And I have to admit, I absolutely love the candidate requirements:

Knowledge of English (Basic)

A pity that the scammer didn't follow his own rules!!! :?

#1134 by dlcooper Thu Aug 02, 2007 7:28 am
HopkinsDAS wrote:Please be free to ask us any questions you will have.

I am unclear as whether you were the recipient of this nonsense or whether you are actually the author of it.

Never trust a smiling duck.

#1137 by benjamin Thu Aug 02, 2007 8:31 am
It looks like a forum spammer judging by google results, anyway, he's put it in the right place

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